African Nations' Business Enterprises Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-22

Student Reply 1: Francis Biwott

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Africa is taken to be the second largest continent in the world. However, in business activities, it is rated to be less advanced thus most people are doing their activities with low income. The SSA countries are among the states with poor coordination and conduction of the business. The technologies in most countries remain to be a threat to the extent of poor innovations and incentives. It is advisable that, for any business enterprise there should be a high assessment of the environment to establish the well conversed technological advancements (Feranmi Akeredolu N.d). It is therefore advisable to critically assess the environment was are in and its impacts on the business activities. The situation remains a crucial challenge in the growth of business enterprises in the SSA countries. Notably, Kenya is given credit on the improved penetrations of networks that have helped in the growth of them as a whole.

The social makeup of Africa is considered to be diverse on the extent of having different backgrounds. These diverse backgrounds are sometimes prone to challenges, for example, Kenya in 2007 fought over presidential elections. South Africa has is faced by xenophobic attacks that aim the immigrants (Madichie, 2015). African states should be able to avoid background differences for its prosperity and economy to increase.

For Africa to improve, it should improve its health and competition to increase the markets of SSA nations. Corruption is one of the factors that hinder competition thus most incentives of different states does not complete its interventions. The corruption in SSA is considered to be real therefore as a firm there should be the adoption of an intolerant and corrupt policy to create a useful need.

Student 2 Reply: Lina Baquero

Tanzania is taken as an example of one of the nations in Africa that have improved economically. The social factors of Tanzania on poverty issues have reduced and thus increase of standards of living of the citizens. The economy also has risen from 2012 to 2016 with a significant increase. The economics of Tanzania can meet the rules of the people's earnings which help in increasing the income levels of its individuals. On the technological advancements, the networks have been improved by increasing access to technology. The availability of phones has helped in boosting the market penetrations of products and services thus crucial in the transfer of goods and products.

The regulations of Tanzania have been well synthesized on the charge of levies on the buildings and public premises used. The rules of the public and private sectors have been merged to increase on productions levels of agriculture.

Various environmental problems affect the business enterprise. They include the social, economic, and technological advancements. The other factors looked into immensely compose of the regulatory policies and competitiveness. For achievement of a good business enterprise, the competition and technology should be boosted to aid in improving the sale of products and services that help increase the levels of incomes (CIA the World Fact Book). The economic context of a given nation should be looked into and worked on by improving on the technical terms and ways of taxing the citizens of a specific country. The regulatory policies should also be examined into by helping the different local citizens from paying more charges (Greg Curtiss N.d).


In conclusion, the African nations still need to work hard to realize the different potential of business by impressing the new technological advancements. Also, the environmental challenges should be looked into to reduce the poor networking of business enterprises.


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