Advertising and PR Paper Example on Panasonic

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Sponsorship by Panasonic

Panasonic in its history has sponsored some events both local and global, and among them are:

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First, Panasonic firm has been sponsoring Olympic Games with both digital audio and video equipment, for example, digital video camera, flat screen TV, professional audio and video equipment and DVD recorder (Garde & Rigby, 2012). Also, Panasonic has as well served as Official Host of Olympic Games Broadcast Supplier of Equipment for some past games. For example, Panasonic started in 1984 in Los Angeles the first time it sponsored Olympic Games as professional sound system supplier as well as a huge video display in the main stadium. Also, another example was the promotion event at Vietnam to welcome New Year 2018 where a lot of activities were carried out to mark the day (Prendergast, Paliwal & Mazodier, 2016).

Another Panasonic sponsored was the Programme of Young Change-Makers+. Panasonic pledged in supporting young sports leaders' generation around the globe (Jensen & Turner, 2018). This programme develops inspirational young leaders participated in the Youth Games as Change-Makers by offering funds on grassroots projects. Also, Panasonic sponsored Rugged Product Adventure at Four 2014 Spartan Race Events in Massachusetts, California, and Vermont. In these events, Elite athletes of Spartan Rob Barger and Brad Fredrick competed for World Championship by wearing Panasonic Camcorder A500 4K capturing resolution of Ultra HD (Inuwa, Kawo & Bala, 2018).

Consequently, Panasonic sponsored Academic Excellence of National Tournament. This is a high school national academic competition in Florida and is run by the Department of Education. Sponsorship by Panasonic is done yearly. Additionally, Panasonic sponsored Major League Baseball of New York Yankees. This sponsorship names Panasonic as "Official Trimmers and Shaver's of Yankees New York for 2017, 2018 as well as 2019 baseball seasons. This sponsorship as well marries premium brands which enabled it to expand its market brands (Weeks, Humphreys & Cornwell, 2018).

Finally, Panasonic also sponsored back-end systems of entertainment for airlines (Giannopoulos & Munro, 2018). For example Emirates Airlines, the company showcased a service of in-flight television by allowing its fans are sitting in seats of airline and then watch a live match feed play in the US Open through a seatback display of widescreen.

Promotional Tools


Newspaper advertisement appears together with its usual editorial content. It displays ads utilized by businesses as well as corporations in the promotion of goods plus their services. This is a prudent form of advisement used not only by Panasonic firm but also other companies. It is a tool that reaches out many people who can read and write. A newspaper is a tool that would be used as a reference since when one user cannot be distorted easily but can be reread again and again.


Panasonic uses radio to promote its products and services. The company pays radio stations for airtime and, in the swap over, and then radio stations broadcast the Panasonic products to its potential listening audience.


Panasonic uses commercial TV stations to promote their products. TV advert is a span of programming television produced and paid for by Panasonic that conveys a message, usually to market its product and services. It is meant to capture visual images to viewers that would be at long last being attracted to them to make decisions to purchase.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is used by Panasonic in promoting its products. This is among the elements used in the promotional mix. However, sales promotion utilizes both non-media and media marketing form of communications for limited as well as for a pre-determined time to raise the demand of the consumer. For example, Panasonic uses contests, freebies, coupons, loss leaders, premiums, prizes, and rebates, product samples and among other items.


Panasonic used seminars to enlighten the public about its products. Its sales team go out to teach people in various parts of the world about their products and services.

Personal Selling

Panasonic uses personal selling to promote their products to the public. People go out with its product and sell directly to the buyers as shown below.


In the history of Panasonic, it has been in every year organizing various events to promote its products. This event happens in some nations where its products can be sold in new and existing markets; for example, the promotion event at Vietnam to welcome New Year 2018 where a lot of activities were carried out to mark the day.

Interactive Campaigns

For example, 2016 May 19, Panasonic global marketing initiatives taking into account Rio Olympic of2016 in which Paralympics themed commercial televisions as well as web campaigns featuring soccer player to promote products. In the scope and disposal of this initiative, Panasonic offers an online podium to share Neymar enthusiasm for 2016 Rio Olympics.

Factory Tours

The firm in sometimes makes factory tours to promote its products in which it reaches out many customers who built interests to purchase its products.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is used by Panasonic as a form of advertisement strategy designed to promote its products and services in an unconventional manner with the small budget to pay out (Modic & Damij, 2018). It entails high energy as well as thoughts focusing on covetous public attention in more memorable and personal level.


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