Abraham Lincoln's Biography

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Abraham Lincoln was the America's sixteenth president and was born in the year 1809 in February at log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky. He served as a lawyer and America's political leader. Abraham served the United States during the period of Civil war, which was the bloodiest war, which led to greatest political, constitutional, and moral crisis. In so doing he managed to abolish slavery and strengthened the United States Federal Government

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Abraham has educated himself through many struggles, and he managed to become a lawyer in Illinois. Abraham Lincoln was appointed to the Illinois House of Representatives and served for eight years. In the year 1846, Abraham managed to secure a seat at the United States House of Representatives where he made tremendous efforts in opposing the Mexican-American war and in modernizing the economy. After finishing one term, he went back To Illinois where he resumed his law practice.

In the year 1854, Abraham resumed his political career, and he participated in forming of the new Republican Party. During the campaigns for the US senator in Illinois, he participated in very intense politicized debates together with his rival and opponent Stephen Douglas who was a Democrat. Lincoln spoke highly on the war against slavery. He, however, lost to Douglas. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was nominated as the presidential candidate for the Republican Party despite the delegates preferring other candidates. Abraham, however, received very low support from South, which upheld slavery. He however received maximum support from the North and gained enough votes and he secured the presidential seat in the year 1860.

When Abraham was elected as the president, he formed a very strong cabinet, which included some of his party rivals such as William Seward, Edwin Bates, and Salmon P.Chase. His cabinet was his strongest asset, as he would use it to fight the incoming civil war.

According to (Nicolay, 34) Abraham's victory however did not go well with the Southern states despite the efforts to bring the North and South together. His victory led to seven states from South to withdraw from the United states, and they formed what was known as Confederate States of America before he could even move to the white house. To top it all the United States troops refused to move from Fort Sumter after the Southern Stated seceded. This inspired a Confederate attack on Fort Sumter, which prompted the North to back the union. Being the majority leader for the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln decided to confront the radical Republicans who thought the South should be given a harsher treatment, the copper heads who were the anti-war Democrats, and those who had seceded and wanted him assassinated.

Lincoln decided to pit those opponents against each other. He used his oratory powers and carefully planned a political backing. His main championship was for republicanism, liberty, nationalism, and democracy. He got two million dollars from the treasury to purchase war materials; he did not wait for permission from the Congress. He also called for seventy-five thousand to volunteer for the military service and adjourned the habeas corpus. Any suspected sympathizer for the confederate would be arrested and put in prison (Masson Boyd, P44).

As the civil war went by, he continued to make complex moves to bring an end to slavery. These complex moves were such as the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. Abraham made efforts to protect the escaped slaves, and finally, he pushed for the 13th amendment to the constitution which completely brought an end to slavery. Abraham sought to unite the nation through a policy of national reconciliation, but even before a political debate would ensue, Abraham was assassinated.


On April 1865, Abraham Lincoln was shot. A Confederate sympathizer known as John Wilkes Booth who was a well-known actor at Washington D.C. assassinated him. He lay unconscious for almost nine hours and was pronounced dead the following morning. He was ferried to the Spring field in Illinois where he was put to rest. Worldwide scholars and the public as one of America's greatest president have ranked Abraham Lincoln.

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