A Rhetorical Essay on Gun Control

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Date:  2021-03-31

Even though the gun control legislation in the UK guarantees citizens the right to have arms, it still gives several restrictions on the same. Thus, individual efforts to legal ownership of guns have always been thwarted by the enactment of the legislation. At the same time, those who are granted permission to possess them are often restricted to the type of guns they should own; all these in the name of enhancing security and preventing misuse of arms by civilians. However, this issue is debatable since the legislators are not justified in enacting it.

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Apparently, prohibitions and control over the possession of firearms deny law-abiding citizens access to arms for their personal defense and their families. Considering that not all citizens can afford to stay in well-secured areas with maximum police protection, the less fortunate are forced to settle in insecure localities. In essence, this is a discriminatory act since the poor end up being the primary victims of crime. Therefore, even though the gun control legislation applies to the entire population, the less fortunate in the society end up to suffer from regular attacks by armed robbers, since they only experience a little police protection contrary to their richer neighborhoods.

Often, those who support gun control tend to argue that if it is not enforced, the mentally unstable individuals or violent persons will get an opportunity to possess them and even bring them to public places. Thus, such a case could trigger severe harm to innocent people by the said individuals as compared to instances where there are legislations barring people from possessing firearms. However, this is just a scapegoat as there are all laws stipulated to bar most of the said persons from possessing any weapons.

In a nutshell, effecting gun control has numerous drawbacks that include violation of several individual liberties. Thus, it is pertinent for the legislators to consider lifting up some restrictions, but ensure that a background verification of any person who desires to possess a firearm is always conducted to assist in keeping them out of the hands of those who ought not to have them; for instance, the lawbreakers and the mentally sick.


3. Quality of Life Questions: What else does Sara need to consider in this situation? Where could you help her find information?

Question: Now that I am in this situation, what do I need to do?

Where to look: Health and Quality of Life Outcomes Journals

Question: How can I turn around the situation?

Where to look: British Journal of Wellbeing

Question: Is it possible to regain my normal way of life?

Where to look: Journals of Positive Psychology

Part Two Gather Facts

For some of the questions you asked, youd probably need to talk to Sara. However, others could be answered with research. Using the questions you asked above, do an Internet search to gather at least 3 relevant facts to help Sara make her decision. For each of these 3 facts, find 2 different sources that state this fact. Provide the link to each of the websites where you found your information.

Question: Now that I am in this situation, what do I need to do?


No matter the situation, life is always important. Identify other things you consider important.

Remember that which you cherish, the goals you set, and your possessions.

Focus on that which you havent fulfilled and would have request more years of life to ensure you fulfill them.

Website #1: http://www.springer.com/medicine/journal/11136

Website #2: http://www.springer.com/social+sciences/wellbeing+%26+quality-of-life/journal/11482

Question: How can I turn around the situation?


The mindset plays a significant role regarding an individual's feeling on any circumstance.

Stay positive about the situation no matter how hard it is to take.

Remember, many people have also been in a similar situation and most of them have been able to overcome it.

Website #1: http://www.springer.com/psychology/journal/41042

Website #2: http://www.britishjournalofwellbeing.com/

Question: Is it possible to regain my normal way of life?


Always be happy regardless of the situation. Happiness is key to a quality life.

Relate with others in the usual way which initially you use to.

Being active will also help you overcome the situation and thus you will be able to have back your normal way of life.

Website #1: http://hqlo.biomedcentral.com/

Website: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/17439760.asp

Part Three

Make Your Case Now that you have gathered facts and are leaning more one way than another, you will want to surround these facts with empathetic statements that take into consideration what Sara might be thinking and feeling. First close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you are Sara. What do you think she might be excited about? Scared about? Wondering about? What kind of suffering do you think Sara might experience if she takes your advice, even though in the long run it might be good for her? Open your eyes and being to compose your empathetic statements. Here are some ideas (you don't have to use these specific ones in your final writing/video, just fill in the blanks to help you get into that frame of mind; you can be convincing however you see fit).

If I were you, I would probably be feeling sad, shocked, and scared about how I would face my friends and family after finding myself in such a situation. I would be wondering what the society will take of me and whether they would show any love towards me. On the one hand, I understand that you'd probably rather be happy and excited because you have found someone in me who is ready to assist you and knows how you feel about the entire situation. I've done some research, and this is what I've found out so far. That doesn't mean that you can't achieve your goals, needs, and even lead a quality and healthy life. I can show you the resources I used if that would help.

Sara's Case: How to Rebuild Herself Towards a Better Future

Many a time, people are faced with hard situations, which may make them lose hope in life to the extent that they even contemplate suicide. The individuals often develop such thoughts as they feel neglected or segregated since they are in the circumstance mentioned above. Thus, it is important to help them rethink on the quality of their life as well as its meaning. This analysis will look into Sara's case, and help her rebuild herself towards a better future, after being in the situation.

First of all, we have noted that certain rhetorical questions are most likely to be ringing in her after finding herself in such a circumstance: Now that I am in this situation, what do I need to do? How can I turn around the situation? Is it possible to regain my normal way of life? Thus, any help accorded to her without possibly shedding some light on these three rhetorics may not assist her to overcome the situation fully. Therefore, to start with, Sara needs to understand every fact about these questions and, more importantly, she should recognize that the mindset play a significant role regarding a person's feeling on any circumstance. Thus, she should stay positive about the situation no matter how hard it is to take if at all she is to lead a better future. Notably, she should also that taking the step to identify all that is essential to her life is very crucial as it is critical towards strengthening her quality of life. Again, she should not forget that happiness is key to a quality life; thus, staying happy betters her health and helps her forget about the situation.

Nevertheless, Sara cannot fail to feel sad, shocked, or even scared about how she would face her friends and family after finding herself in such a situation. Indeed, she would be wondering what the society will take of her and whether they would show any love towards her. Thus, it is prudent that I assist her to be a bit happy and excited by showing her that she has found someone who is ready to help her and understands how she feels about the whole situation; this itself would be imperative towards making her focus on a better future. In a nutshell, it will also be vital to let her have a look at some research about individuals who have been in such a circumstance and how the have been able to deal with it. As a result, she will be able to understand that she can still achieve her goals as well as needs and even lead a quality and healthy life.

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