Paper Example on Stakeholder Management: Key to Successful Change Projects

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Date:  2023-09-28


Stakeholders in change management projects are arguably the most difficult elements to deal with. Crucially, stakeholders always have an interest in any impending change and on how it is bound to affect their functioning in the organization. Anything that does not align with their interests is bound to face resistance from the onset.

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Most change projects often fail to see the light of day owing to unfortunate or a lack thereof of stakeholder management. It is, therefore prudent to understand all the stakeholders and considering all of them in any plans or activities that are due. As such, to realize the success of any change project, all stakeholders ought to work harmoniously (Marquis & Huston, 2011).

Identify both the internal and external stakeholders

In the healthcare sector, internal stakeholders involve persons who are already working for the organization at different capacities. They include board members, members of staff, volunteers, donors, etc. On the other hand, external shareholders involve persons that are a beneficiary of the services offered by the organization or are affected by the organization's work. They include patients, partners within the community, those who are served by the organization but do not directly access the organization's services, public and private sector leaders, etc.

Summarize the benefits of the change project

The benefits of the change project can be classified into two, i.e., those that benefit the organization and those that benefit individuals. For the organization, since change is a process that is usually planned and managed before its implementation, there is bound to be motivation to see out the entire process (Morris & DeLapp, 1983). Further, the organization is bound to be more efficient and effective in its functioning, as well as aligning the use of resources in the organization. The overall impact of the change can be assessed; as such, any possibilities of their being a failure in the change project are significantly reduced. It is possible to expect inevitable challenges and work towards mitigating them appropriately. When the staff or employees are fully involved, their confidence is bound to increase, and they can offer services effectively while motivated.

Concerning individuals, an effective change project brings forth a seamless transition within the organization, without necessarily interfering with the morale or productivity of the individuals. Furthermore, involving the staff allows addressing any concerns that may arise owing to the changes. When done and managed appropriately, there's bound to be minimal resistance. A general improvement in morale, cooperation, collaboration, and effective communication is witnessed. Those working for and within the organization have a chance to affirm their loyalty to it (Marquis & Huston, 2011).

What are the benefits and challenges associated with internal and external stakeholders?

Amongst the advantages of internal stakeholders include increased productivity, a decrease in employee turnover, positive changes based on involving all employees, improvement in supplier relations, etc. As for external stakeholders, the advantages include an increase in the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty and seamless customer experience.

The challenges associated with internal stakeholders can best be summarized in the fact that different stakeholders often play different roles in the functioning of the organization. As such, to effectively manage them, all their inputs ought to be considered, and this could prove to be a daunting task. With regards to external stakeholders, their inability to cope up with the changes could disrupt an organization's functioning (Morris & DeLapp, 1983).


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