A Litareary Essay: Description of Ordinary Things

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Date:  2021-04-15

Key description

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The object lying on the table is a key. The key's color is of silver-plated brass. The profile of the key portrays age; brass on the outside, and silver on the inner side. Its head looks like a mesa and is flat with about ninety degrees drops on each side of the key resulting in three moguls that are duplicated on each end. There is a straight drop that results in a significant thinning of the key. The straight drop reads axxess+ in a box that is relatively rectangular encompassed by diamond gradient which is controlled by both edges which are smooth and stripped of its silver coat exposing the brass bone on its underneath. Also notably, the shaft appeared much sharper and jagged just as the Sierras. Further, the brass notes look liked ice-capped peaks which fall and rise. The flat section of the key still appears immaculate having a silver dressing which extends to the top with the least discoloration. There is a solid groove that has a shallow incline on one side and a steep face on the other side that cuts across the center of the body of the key ending at the tip of the key. It depicts a boat like an outline that reflects brushed chrome in the middle. On the right corner, the number 68 is seen to have been underlined, as opposed to the rest of the key's center. It seems to have been adorned in a brass coat making it stand out from its background. Moreover, it is a perfect mechanism for the lock it was made to close or open, but it illustrates the innovation of the creator, illustrating what it was made to do. At the front of the key, I see an embedded writing that identifies the country in which it was manufactured. The key has three teeth. The teeth form serrated surfaces that are rugged and probably interlock with the surfaces of the padlock during the process of opening. The teeth provide both a functional and visual difference between the particular key and any other key. The key's tip tapers outwards and has one avalanche-like grove on the side with the name made in the USA and other two grooves at the edge with the number 0089n.

Description of the key in the morning

The wake of the new day dawn makes the sun's gentle orange hues stroke the cliffs as well as the beneath sands. On the edge of the road, where the cliffs begin there lays an object that is small enough to be a coin, however, it has enough shimmer to be a blade. The object which is glistening is lifted from its resting place. The object is the key. The side that is facing the sun is shiny and smooth with its edges revealing brass while on its borders from regular use. The side facing beneath is coated in oil. It appears greasy and has sand on every crevice and is rough to feel. But the suns rays touch it and unveil an orange shine which resembles the keys silvery coating creating an image that is similar to that of an ocean in the dawn.

Description of the key at night

The fall of the evening welcomes the entry of a summer moonshine that lingers above the city. The moon is least noticed because of the many lights pouring out of every streetlight, door, window and sign. No wind can be felt; rather there is an occasional draft from passing vehicles. On the sidewalk, there can be seen a lusterless and dull key. It has been scratched off by constant footsteps always rubbing it against the rough concrete. The brass on its surface is now riddled with numerous scars, the brass which at a point was covered in a glistening silver coating, that overlap without any traceability. The once sharp and serrated teeth are now almost edgeless. No glow or luster can be seen. Instead, there is dirt in every crack. What can only be noticed from the key is a faint streak of silver that runs through the keys center; this is mainly caused by the harsh treatment of the town. The key now feels gritty just like sandpaper leaving a slick and dusty residue in the cracks.

Description at a station in Washington

A gadget sits at the top of a cubical pillar that is made of concrete. The city appears relatively empty and untidy. As the wind picks up, the wind slowly fades away, revealing the dusty street that is riddled with all manner of garbage ranging from empty bags to cigarette packs. The bulk of the station from street level to the bungalow is touched by daylight. Few portion of the outdoor location has been exposed. Some scents of urine can be felt in the morning air. Conversely, in the evening the aroma of spilled beer, vomit, fish, ash, and firecrackers stimulates the noses. However, it is the whiff of boiled piss on the metal that has been sun baked which invigorates the senses.

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