A Fruit Juice Company Analysis

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A company is a discretionary conglomerate formed and structured to carry on commercial related activities. It can also be defined as an entity that engages in business (Business Dictionary, 2018). During the presentation, I will introduce the fifteen members of my company, and then proceed to provide a distinctive layout of the company. My company of choice is the Fruit Juice Company where we handle the production of five types of juices namely; the immune booster which is a combination of orange, lemon, and ginger. Next is the tropi-kale juice which is a mixture of kales, banana, and avocado. Then there is the anti-oxidant blast which constitutes of blueberries, beetroot, and strawberries. The fourth type is the green goddess comprising of celery, cucumbers and green apples. Finally, the fifth healthy and flavor-filled juice is the ginger-zinger which is a combination of carrots, lemons, and ginger. I chose this business model because juicing is an evolving concept currently underway with many market makers who are in anticipation of its price elasticity.

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Company Outline

My company is located near our local town, approximately a half hours drive. I chose this location for the purposes of balancing the distance to be covered when accessing the raw materials and the ready market for my products.

Reasons for Choosing the Fruit Juice Company

The reasons for choosing the juicing idea mainly springs from my love of juices and the need for healthy feeding. In the field of marketing today, juice making is quickly turning into an asset that has had an opportune moment in market penetration. It is different, cool, easy to make and realizes huge profit margins. For many decades, the Coca-Cola Company has been enjoying the monopoly with its fizzy and soft drinks enterprise churning out one type of different drink after the other. It has, however, become a global issue since fizzy and or soft drinks do have harmful tendencies towards health and hence different entrepreneurships have sprung to make up for the deficit of healthy and wholesome drinks. The world is evolving in such a manner that people are looking for healthier ways of living and nourishing juices are one of them.

Historical Overview

The juicing company began in the year 2016 after I realized that a lot of peers suffered from bulimia and had little to no alternatives in terms of healthful, clean and invigorating juices in my neighborhood. I began the company as a sole proprietor making only one type of juice; the immune booster. I came up with the immune booster in an effort to aid the bulimic teenagers in my community. The splendid combination of oranges, lemon and ginger worked miracles and the feedback was both positive and encouraging. Working from the house, I used a small mixer and could only produce three liters of juice per day.

This soon changed after my clients demanded more and a variety of different blends of juices. The trend changed and the launch of the four types the anti-oxidant blast, the green goddess, the tropi-kale and ginger-zinger took precedence. In the beginning, the business was a trial and error to which I quickly learned the ropes turning my company into a brand through the word of mouth. Skimming through the pages of history now, I am a bonafide proud owner of a fifteen member association with I included.

Mission Statement

To achieve my vision, I have set a couple of objectives which are to assist in their realization and this entails; to diversify the business model into a nation-wide campaign. Second is to ensure the maximum use of raw fruits and raw sugar cane as the main raw materials for the juices. Lastly, is to encourage and sensitize the youth on the importance of healthy living.


The management style of my choice is Collectivism which is defined as the degree in which the management supplies for and encourages an employee's collective restructuring and representation (Leat, 2012). In so doing, the managerial executives are empowering the employee to freely express him or herself at the work front, presenting brand new ideologies which would work for the benefit of the firm.

How to Motivate Employees

In motivating my employees, I would first create a conducive and friendly work environment where respect, goodwill and genuine care would flourish. By doing the above few, studies have indicated that what the employee will do after that will come by naturally (Podmoroff, 2016). Any employee would work hard and be productive when they enjoy their manager's encouragement and appreciation.

Secondly, availing of recreational activities for employees is quite important as it supports team building and enhances better working relations. At the same time, honoring of the best performing employees with gifts, awards and pay rise will serve to boost the morale and job confidence of the rest of the staff into working harder so as to attain the rewards and recognition such as the employee of the month title.

How to Handle Staff With Different Cultures

Since most companies are made up of employees from different cultures, my company is no different as I am a culprit of a similar scenario. A culture is at best described as a plainly humanistic effort construed to adapting into varying situations which require an individual to transfer his or her coping mechanisms to the upcoming generation (Moran, Harris, & Moran, 2011). In order for effectiveness, the concept that culture is learned is very important. The fundamental question is however how? In a bid to understanding my employees' cultures, there is need to understand their culture's doctrines and dogma which would suffice. Efforts should be made to understand their language and communication too, their food and feeding habits, up to their dressing code and appearances.

Role of Women in the Company

For the longest periods of time, women have not been tasked with taking entrepreneurial jobs as their place was mandated to be in the house taking care of her children and her husband. In the twenty-first century, however, this concept is fast fading as more women are realizing their potential and prowess for business.

The society at large is as a matter of facts advocating for the employment of the female gender in many companies which are run and operated by the male gender. With the continual empowerment and consistent encouragement of women to take up administerial roles the call has been heeded. Various women have immersed themselves in career paths and professional arenas that were previously male dominated (Gunter, 2017). These professions include accounting, managerial positions, senior executives and a myriad of high profile jobs.

Having women in my Fruits Juice Company has enabled the business scale even greater heights than it was incapable of achieving earlier on. The above is attributed to their shrewd and concise advice, views and opinions on separate subjects that the company has had to address. Their input has been priceless and invaluable as they perceive the business from two points of view; the intelligent and the feminine aspects.

A female also possesses a different set of skills as compared to her male counterparts which make her invaluable to an organization. In a similar scenario, I have had the privilege of being a witness to this as the female employees would suggest ways of increasing sales to which the male gender would be totally oblivious of. A good example is when Karen, one of the female employees proposed the addition and use of beetroots back in the year 2017. Karen's vision was the creation of a healthier and stronger juice in which the beetroot would be indispensable. Today the anti-oxidant juice is the fastest selling commodity for the company. It was quite an ingenious suggestion that I picked and made into a reality.


My business falls under the Primary sector of the economy where the retrieval and access of raw materials are eased as I do not have to ship in resources for my business. All that I need is readily available in the local market.

In the distribution of my final products, I have employed the services of an employee Jack, through whom the merchandise is redistributed in an organized frequency. What he does is stock the juice parlor shop, pack and transports the juices to ordering customers. Our services are door to door as we do house deliveries and also one of the employees is set to remain at the Company shop to oversee the smooth running of sales.

In ensuring quality in the juice making, packing, selling and distribution, I have taken the time to track and monitor mistakes and or errors which the employees make and hence make the needed corrections. Secondly, I have dedicated my time to the business by training the employees on how to use the juicer and to maximize on profits. The juicer can be slow at times hence they need to exercise patience as this will yield better returns. I have also organized a committed working quality team that embraces the value and importance of making the most hygienic drinks within the block. In so doing, I have managed to maintain the long-held tradition of producing salubrious drinks.


As stipulated earlier on, the target markets are the youth and teenagers more so the bulimic and anorexic ones. It is quite peculiar since the company has however experienced lesser drawbacks and higher margins in retailing.

Product Branding

Our juice cups have the logo and the branding message that 'health is wealth' imprinted at the front and the back respectively. While conducting viral marketing, we as a company have maintained loyalty to our products as consistency and being true to the brand creates unparalleled trust from fellow businessmen and wholesalers redistributing the company's products.

Pricing Strategy

As a young and budding enterprise, the correct pricing of items is tantamount as it insures the company against losses and cutbacks. The right pricing also increases profitability by considerable margins as market penetration is possible because, with the correct pricing, one is able to beat competitors who may otherwise have inflated pricing.

Secondly, the correct pricing will greatly bring an improvement in the company's cash flow system because a great sale enables a business to fulfill its capacity and maximum utilize resources. Also, it is important for a thorough analysis of the marketing pricing to undertaken as it is the key to establishing the required target audience. A good example is Walmart which is a low priced supermarket targeting a wide audience while Tesla, a high end, and costly provider are made to target specific customers and shoppers. In my pricing, I have taken the Walmart approach as my audience is broad and my pricing low.


In advertising, my business partners and I had the huge task of appealing to our target audience as we were well aware these were the first objectified persons we had to influence. We, therefore, had to quickly learn the importance of coming up with an eye catchy and memorable signpost. We equally had to find ways of connecting our customer's desires towards the products we were selling. This was not an easy task, however, as we had to link our customer's conditions to their juice containers, cups, and bottles. We also had to ensure that each customer gets the relevant message of which we greatly emphasized on each glass, cup or bottle sold. The message being that health is wealth and must be guarded jealously. The decision on where and when to advertise was also feasible as we could not move from one location to the next undecidedly. The door to door marketing strategy was more viable as we relied on the word of mouth for the growth of our business.

Logo and Slogan

In the running of any consortium, a slogan is a vital component o...

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