A Company Overview of Francis Ford Coppola Winery Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-05


The company was started in 2006, and it is located in Geyserville, California. The company's top level management consists of a president, senior vice president of marketing, vice president of marketing, chief information officer, and an interactive director. The company engages in the production and selling of wines. The company's mission statement is quality, authenticity and pleasure.

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Nevertheless, the company core values include innovation, integrity, passion, respect, embracing change, and teamwork. Also, the company employs more than four hundred people in various areas such as production, marketing, sales, hospitality and viticulture. Apart from wine, the company offers other services like performances, swimming, games, food, music as well as dancing.

Environmental and Customer Analysis

The company targets customers from all walks of life irrespective of age as long as they can enjoy all the pleasures provided by the company. The company provides its customers with a mix of performances, wine, food, music, games and swimming. A mix of these activities provides customers with a unique experience where they have a lot of adventure.

Further, the environment at the winery is an ideal location where individuals can explore the natural wonders of the area, for instance, relaxing surroundings. Nonetheless, the company has invested in innovation where its customers can shop gift items and wines via an online platform. The retail space at the company offers customers with a variety of products from all over the world, for instance, vintage items.

Competitive Market Analysis

The company exists in a service industry; hence customer service is an essential part of its daily operations. The company exists in an industry where companies benefit from increased flow of customers. Hence, during high season, a majority of the companies invest in training seasonal and temporary workers. The ultimate goal of a service industry is customer satisfaction; thus increased profits. Therefore, firms have to adopt strategic methods such as employee care programs, customized service, faster response to customer needs, innovative hotel facilities, superior quality and proprietary technology.

SWOT Analysis


The first strength of the company is a good reputation. The company was founded by an iconic figure; Francis Ford Coppola. Hence, this draws significant attention from individuals across the world in that they wish to see what he started. Secondly, the company has unique features that give customers a variety of tastes and preferences. The company has tasting rooms that grants clients with the experience of tasting a wide selection of wines and spirits. Also, there is a playground that includes swimming pools for a group of friends or families.

Moreover, the company holds annual events like checkers, bocce ball, chess and backgammon. Nonetheless, the organization has a restaurant that offers a unique menu, for instance, various dishes with their personal meanings as well as stories written by Coppola himself. Further, the company provides unique programs such as reward programs where customers are allowed to earn points and later redeem them for various rewards. All these features make the organization an ideal place for vacation.


The primary weakness affecting the company is employee turnover. It is evident in the organization that a majority of the employees are dissatisfied with the current management. Recently, the employees have expressed concerns about the company failing to value them. The company lacks a proper incentive scheme; this has resulted in lack of motivation and lower productivity amongst employees. More so, it is evident that the company has continually received low social media ratings irrespective of winning the winery of the year 2017. In 2018, most of the ratings are below 3 out of 5 while in 2017 it was mostly above 4 out of 5.


The company has the chance to become one of the best wineries in the future. However, to achieve this, the company has to focus more on customer service and employees. Typically, employees belong to the internal environment of a business, and unlike external variables, internal variables are controllable. Besides, one way of improving the customer service is through employee satisfaction. Customers interact with employees, and when employees are not satisfied they can pass the stress to customers. However, if employees are well treated, the service delivery goes up; this translates to higher ratings. More so, when a customer is satisfied, loyalty increases. Therefore, in the long run will have increased profits.


The company faces a threat of reduced profits. The company turnover is 1 to 2.5 times of an employee's salary. The increased turnover has resulted in the company hiring new employees who lack experience. Further, this has forced the company increased cost due to recruitment process every now and then. This might result in the company losing customers to rival companies. The company operates in Sonoma county where are around 424 other wineries. Therefore, losing customers to these wineries could prove a difficult task in recovering them. Additionally, increased turnover can result to loss of top management to rival companies.

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