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According to the results, I am 83% open-minded. The reason for this is because I usually love novel experiences, and I also prefer to see things in new perspectives (John, 2009). In the part of consciousness, the results gave me a percentile of 99. The reason for this is because I individuals can rely on me, and am also good at organizing myself. (John, 2009). According to the results, my percentile in terms of extraversion is at 98. The reason for the result is because I am very outgoing, am also energetic, and a social person. (John, 2009). In terms of agreeableness, my percentile is 88. According to the results, the reason for that score is because I have a good nature. I am supportive and a courteous individual. (John, 2009). Finally, in the case of negative emotionality, my percentile was at 28 because I usually am in a relaxed mood (John, 2009). I am in agreement with the results, except for the case of open-mindedness, because my trust is that I am a more open-minded individual.

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Personality Influence on Leading and Following

My personality influences the manner that I lead people and the way I follow. According to Cox et al. (2010), regardless of how an individual got raised, they can still own their style of leadership. However, one of the main aspects that help in the growth of the leading and following skills is self-discovery. I have discovered myself through the help of the analysis above, and I have learned that I can become a good leader and follower.

The concept of open-mindedness will enable me to make decisions and to consider the opinions of other people. Consciousness will also help me since I am well organized, and thus I have the quality of a good leader. The results gave me a good percentile in extraversion percentage, meaning that I am outbound and social, a skill that gets considered as necessary for leadership. I also have a good percentile in agreeableness, meaning that I am an efficient follower since I can listen, agree, and be supportive. I also scored well in terms of negative emotionality, saying that I am relaxed, good quality for a leader and a follower.

Contributing to Effective Leadership as a Follower

Followers are essential in the leadership of an organization. The reason for this is that without followers, there will be no leadership (Lipman-Blumen, 2005). My open-mindedness state will help me contribute as a follower in an efficient leadership. The reason for this is that I can reason about many ideas, that I will present my views to the organization's leadership, and help the organization grow. My good score in agreeableness is an indicator that I can become a good follower. I can follow my leaders without arguments, and respect them, hence help them in their role as leaders. I also do not contain negative emotionality, meaning that I am relaxed and thus ready to follow.

Encouraging Effective Followership

As a leader, I am open-minded. The skill will help me in taking note of the ideas of the people who follow me. Thus they will not feel left out. By doing so, I will encourage more followership in the organization, since followers want leaders who consider their ideas. Also, my extraversion skill will help me inspire effective followership. The reason for this is that since I am social, I will talk with followers, and encourage them to become active followers.

Quality to Improve

I want to improve my open-mindedness skills. To become an active leader and follower, I need to become more open-minded. I need to become more creative and original. The expertise will enable me to lead others and also become an active follower of my leaders. The improvement will be a benefit to my organization and me because it will have the ability to come up with more new ideas that are original from the rival organizations. Thus, my organization will be more successful, and so will I.


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