Creating References and Citing Sources in a Research Paper: Guide

Creating References and Citing Sources in a Research Paper: Guide

Published by on 2021-04-12 09:49:12

A list of materials used is a must-have component of any academic paper. All learners are obliged to add references to their research papers. Otherwise, it won't be accepted by a tutor. Moreover, there are a lot of distinct quotation techniques that make students experience a lot of problems formatting their papers. In this post, you will find a detailed guide on formulating references and citing sources in a research paper that will help you create any paper with no fuss.

Why Use Citations?

The primary aim of the bibliography is to bypass plagiarism. By quoting origins in assignments, students mention the origin of knowledge and respect intellectual property rights.

Since learners research separate origins of knowledge and form their opinion, based on the reviewed research paper citing sources, they need to identify original materials in essays. In such a case, the bibliography is evidence that supports a particular point of view. It also helps readers discover the original papers containing more specific data regarding the reviewed problem.

Due to these reasons, learners have to be familiar with references and sources. Citing origins in research papers, they don't violate intellectual property rights and support their findings.

How to Write References for a Research Paper

Every formatting style has a lot of nuances and instructions that should be followed strictly. Even though basic quotation parts are similar, a paper can be formatted in different ways. The large difference in reference styles appears since various disciplines use different paper formatting. Scroll down and discover how to quote origins in diverse styles professionally.

APA Style Citation

APA formatting style of a research paper is needed in papers on behavior and social sciences. The bibliography in this style is to be written on a separate list. Every academic paper reference should contain an author's name, date of publishing, title, and more.

All the references in a research paper must be arranged in alphabetical order. If a source's author is unknown, its title should be used for arranging the source. Note, it's essential to avoid articles and conjunctions.

In-text quotation in APA papers consists of two components: a surname of an author and a year of publishing. Also, it should contain a page's number in case of direct citing. If a writer applies parenthetical citation, a page number shouldn't be specified.

MLA Style Citation

This form of quoting refers to the Modern Language Association. It is applied to essays in liberal arts and humanities. The bibliography in MLA research papers is a dedicated sheet named the Works-Cited List.

References are to be sorted in alphabetical order, just like they are in the APA formatting style. An MLA reference should look in the following way:

  1. Author surname
  2. Title
  3. Other information
  4. Publisher
  5. Publication year
  6. Location

An in-text quote in an MLA paper must correspond to a reference in the bibliography. Quotes can be added in different ways. Students can build them into text naturally by specifying a publishing date only. If a piece of text is quoted directly, an in-text citation must include an author's surname along with a publication date.

Chicago/Turabian Style Citation

These quotation forms are the same. Therefore, they are presented as a unit formatting style these days. The literature page has to be separated. Every source must have the next structure:

  1. Full name of an author
  2. Title (should be italicized)
  3. Location
  4. Publishing date

In-text citations can be formatted in two different ways. The author-date form needs students to specify an author's name, a publishing date, and a page number after writing a quote.

The second format, footnotes, needs learners to add references at the bottom of each sheet. The footnote quotation must consist of an author's surname, an italicized title, and pages.

Harvard Style Citation

This quotation style is used in essays on economics. The list with citations should imply all the data about sources used. The list should be double-spaced. All the sources are to be sorted in alphabetical order. Every reference in a research paper must consist of an author's surname and initials, year of printing, title, edition, and place. The title is to be italicized.

In-text quotations in a Harvard paper must have a surname, an announcement date, and a page number or a range of pages. A surname that is specified in a quote shouldn't be repeated in the citation.

Concluding Words

Since citing in a research paper is standardized by strict rules, there are a lot of digital solutions that help learners generate mentions in a few clinks. Using online generators, learners can specify a link to a textbook, website, or any other scholarly article and choose a formatting method to generate quotations simultaneously.

There is nothing wrong if you use online instruments for citing sources in a research paper. However, always double-check the generated results to avoid any possible formatting problems in your writing assignment.