Types of Article Reviews: Examples and Tips on Writing

Types of Article Reviews: Examples and Tips on Writing

Published by on 2021-04-07 07:45:43

Students often have to write papers. Some of them require investigation of certain phenomena, structural analysis, and comparison of several sources. But some tasks require a little more. For example, you will have to analyze the author's postulates and ideas and point out certain patterns or inaccuracies. All of this is part of an article review. Let's move on to a more detailed definition.

What Is an Article Review?

This is a very complex and challenging assignment typical in colleges and universities. Generally, students will have to analyze a specific essay or any other type of paper. The main feature is that you do not need to conduct additional research and search for new data. You just need to analyze the types of review articles and answer those questions that the writer has already raised.

Such a task is interesting because you have to analyze each paragraph and statement in search of strong arguments. Such a task requires an understanding of the subject and the topic that you got. It should be remembered that such paper has a clear structure and is divided into certain types. The nature of your work depends on it. Let's move on to the main types of such tasks. 

What Types of Article Reviews Exist?

This is the most important part since many students think there are so many of these papers. But this is not true. You will be surprised, but you will have to face only three types of tasks during your studies. But don't expect it to be as easy as walking in the park. Here are the types of article writing:

  • Narrative
  • Evidence
  • Systematic

The first type of assignment, the narrative one, is aimed at analyzing the author's experience. You have to study those statements and theories that you find. Try to understand the essence of what is written and form your arguments. This will be important for a full review.

The second type of paper, evidence, requires not only analyzing the context but also confirming the correctness of the author's words. Your job is to generate evidence and determine the overall message as well as the integrity of the research. Any confirmatory factor will be valuable to your assignment.

A systematic review requires not only studying the topic but also summarizing the data that you find. You have to analyze the author's key issues and track the systematic adherence to the methodology. Such paper takes a lot of time and effort as you have to analyze a lot of data.

Examples & Formatting

Typically, you will have to face journal, research, and science article reviews. The first example aims to assess the advantages and disadvantages of publishing and interpreting the main postulates. You will need to demonstrate the article's value and determine how competent the author was in his or her statements.

A research article review is a fundamentally different type of assignment. You have to evaluate the author's method, his data and draw a critical parallel between the statements and the result. Such a task requires an understanding of the methodology and comparison of scientific facts in the context of one article.

So, two types of review articles are left behind. Now let's talk about the third option. Science article reviews imply an in-depth analysis of the topic which involves analyzing data on the background of research and the results obtained. You have to analyze scientific articles and summarize all those postulates that the author wanted to emphasize.

Regardless of the topic, you should understand the specifics of formatting. Let's look at the types of formats for writing such papers. Typically, your professor should provide you with clear requirements. The most common styles for such papers are MLA, APA, ASA, and Chicago. The logical sequence begins with the author's name and initials. Next, you should include the dates, links, and years of publication. This is important for the bibliography.

Tips for Writing All Types of Reviews

There are some general tips for an article review writing and doing great with this type of assignment. First of all, you need to concentrate on a specific topic. It is best to choose something interesting so that you have enough motivation. Don't forget about the strong thesis and find the key points with the most important suggestions.

You will have to give arguments, so try to focus on something really important and relevant. Support each of your statements with facts or links. Another valuable piece of advice concerns the choice of sources that will help you evaluate the author's opinion or provide counterarguments. Usually, at least five reliable sources are required.

Be sure to follow the standard structure of such paper. If you have something to write about, you can add extra sections and paragraphs, but the minimum basis is necessary. Usually, students need to dispute or confirm the author's claims. But you don't have to be unfounded. Build on the evidence you find and gather enough proof. Then your words will have value.

Criticism is always welcome, especially if you are writing an article review. Focus on those issues that were not described by the author or find key contradictions. This will add value to your judgment.

But the most important and valuable piece of advice is self-improvement. What does it mean? Your paper should not contain grammatical, logical, or punctuation errors. Follow the style and formatting. Don't forget about the quotes and evidence you are about to add. If you take all these tips into account, you will certainly get a high grade.