How to Write a Research Paper in APA Format

How to Write a Research Paper in APA Format

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Different techniques of papers' styling are utilized for the unification of scholarly articles. It's comfortable to examine standardized documents. This APA style is one of the most widespread that students ought to employ in their assignments. It is widely applied for essays in:

  • medicine
  • finance
  • business
  • linguistics

Anyway, the answer to the "What is APA format for a research paper?" question is still unanswered. Scroll down below and discover detailed guidance for learners on how to compose a paper in APA format.

How to Write an APA Research Paper for College

For starters, you should know how to compose an analysis essay. The assignment's styling can be delayed. Students can always apply the American Psychological Association format for research papers. Down below, you'll find the milestones of an analysis article creation.

Pick Topic

In most cases, tutors assign a particular topic along with a task. However, if a topic isn't assigned, a student needs to select it wisely. The reviewed subject has to be narrowed to a special problem or event. Having a lack of thoughts, undergraduates surf the Internet to find research papers online and get assistance with their papers.

Search for Information

A thorough investigation is an essential component of these tasks. Students who don't know how to write a scholarly paper in APA format are obliged to gather a lot of data and analyze the observed problem. Undergraduates are free to explore different sources that imply:

  • textbooks;
  • articles;
  • notebooks.

Also, learners can ask their friends and interview experts to obtain useful information. However, these days, the Internet is the primary source of knowledge for learners. Google Scholar is a niche-leading platform that surf education materials only. It helps students find relevant knowledge from credible sources fast.

Create Thesis Statement and Outline

First of all, you should define and write down the foremost conception of your assignment. The thesis statement is a vital piece of the "How to do a research paper in APA format" instruction for learners. It is supposed to take one or two sentences. If you don't know how to develop it, feel free to use online generating tools or paper crafting assistance.

An outline of a research paper is a crucial part that helps improve the writing by building a plan. In a nutshell, it is a list of problems, arguments, and proofs that will be reviewed.

Write the First Draft

At this stage, a learner needs to start composing an analysis writing. According to the "How to type a research paper in APA format" guide, the article has to consist of three sections: introduction, paper body, and conclusion.

Don't focus on the article's excellence, composing the initial draft. It has to be organized and follow the central purpose only. Also, you have to add logical transitions.

Finalize and Proofread

It is crucial to examine the first draft after finishing it. Feel free to re-write some sentences to polish your writing. Also, it's necessary to proofread a paper thoroughly to eliminate any errors. Some students delegate this task to experts and get their assignment proofed by an experienced author.

How to Format an APA Research Paper

Writing a paper in APA format needs learners to make their writings match the standards. First of all, you should apply a special style to the entire text. Here is the list of formattings:

  • 1-inch side borders
  • double-spaced content
  • 0.5 inches indent
  • page number
  • Times New Roman 12pt. font

All these edits have to be applied to the entire text. In another way, you can download an APA research paper template on the Internet. You can also check the detailed requirements for your papers and their formatting at the official APA style site

Subject Lines

Due to the latest published guidance on how to write a paper in APA format for college, it is allowed to use five lines for a paper subject. The headline is to be centered and strong.

The second and third levels of subject lines are to be left-aligned and strong. The new text is required to begin on the next line and have an indent applied to the first line. Besides, the third level of subject lines is to be italic.

The fourth and fifth levels of headings are to be intended bold. Also, it should contain a period. The new text must start on the same line. Note, the fifth level heading is to be italicized.

Title Page

Every APA assignment is to have a dedicated sheet that must be formatted properly. It must include an article topic, a learner's name, and an affiliation. It's recommended to keep it concise. The ideal title consists of ten to twelve words. All the text is supposed to be centered on the first page of a research paper in APA.

Tables and Graphs

These days, a lot of styles can be applied to tables. However, there are some limitations in formatting tables in the APA style. In mere words, it's vital to keep the tables' design simple. The name is to be placed on a new row above or below a table. Numbers are to be bold. Also, it's prohibited to use vertical lines.

In-Text Citations

This type of quotation is added in an investigation article to show the origin of knowledge. The APA style's in-text quotations should consist of the author's surname and year of publishing. Also, it's allowed to specify a particular page or range of sheets.

Bibliography Page

If you don't understand how to format a research paper APA, you should pay thorough attention to the bibliography page. It is a distinctive sheet that must contain a centered, bold heading. The initial line of each source is left-aligned. However, the following lines should be 0.5 inches paragraphed. The APA reference must have the author's surname, date, headline, source. It's vital to follow the mentioned order. All the citations must be alphabetically sorted.

Helpful Writing Tips for Research Paper in APA

All students desire to compose their assignments faster. Also, they want every paper to match the outstanding quality. The tips below will help you boost your essay completing performance and increase a paper's quality.

Add Essay Hook

Don't be shy about supplementing your article with a hook to grab readers' attention. It can take a few sentences in the introduction paragraph. Feel free to share some statistics, an interesting fact, or a quotation. An essay hook can increase the level of readers' engagement.

Use Bibliography Generators

If you desire to save your time composing the bibliography page and creating in-text mentions, use online tools that generate citations in a few clicks. By using them, you will need to specify a source and choose the APA style. Such a tool will generate you an APA reference and quoting upon clicking a button. It is very convenient for learners who are short on time and need their paper to be performed as fast as possible.

Increase Performance

You can increase your performance by eliminating digital distractions. Put your smartphone into silence mode and install blocking software on your desktop.

Also, you can try freewriting. According to that writing practice, you should write anything that arises in your head for five minutes without any interruptions. If you can hardly do this, try using The Most Dangerous Writing App. This application erases the entire draft if a user stops typing.

Wrapping Up

There is nothing complicated to compose a research paper in APA format, especially if you have a thorough guide. Don't forget to bookmark the post to save guidance on how to write APA style research paper.