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Planning is an essential component of every business- social media campaigns are not an exemption (Blanchard, 2011). For instance, the social media platform provides an opportunity to connect with a variety of audiences with similar interests, goals, and passions. However, it is essential to note that organizations must take care of the content that they share across various social media platforms (Bik & Goldstein, 2013). For the #ZaraUS campaign, the campaign manager within the organization will be responsible for overseeing the marketing content, strategies, and approaches. The social media campaign will be aimed at raising awareness for the Zara brand within the United States.

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The campaign dubbed as #ZaraUS will be done on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. For instance, Instagram will provide a perfect platform for presenting the visual brand image since the organization has over 24.3 million followers on Instagram. The #ZaraUS campaign will use various fashion veterans such as Yasmin Warsame and Malgosia Bela, among others, to attract the attention of a wide array of Instagram followers.

The campaign will also use Facebook to post videos and photos of the latest brands to over 26.4 million followers. It is essential to note that by 2017, the Zara brand had attracted over 26.4 million followers (Bik & Goldstein, 2013). The content of the Facebook platform will showcase the photos of Zara’s new collections. The various clothes posted are expected to drive more engagement in terms of shares and likes. The organic posts are expected to achieve higher overall engagement compared to the promoted posts.

The campaign will also be done over the twitter platform, where there are over 1.3 million followers. As such, the twitter strategy is expected to enable conversation with the customers, thereby ensuring proactive response to their queries and concerns (Bik & Goldstein, 2013). There would be more than 50 tweets per day. Most of the twitter replies for the brand campaign will be made between 4 am, and 1 pm since this will also form the peak for brand mentions.

The brand intends to handle the various queries raised through apologies, request to direct messages as well as through directing them to the alternative customer care service @ZARA_Care. Most importantly, the new campaign dubbed the #ZaraUS will also adopt short videos on Youtube to introduce the new merchandise (Yeo et al., 2013). The new campaign will capitalize on content consistency with a high dependence on visual elements such as photo-oriented synchronized layout across various social platforms.

The visual content consistency is essential to brand recall. Therefore, maintaining the content uniformity and consistency is expected to help the customers in realizing their expectations. The posting frequency is also considered vital in building a new brand identity (Mondal, 2011). As such, the campaign shall use the one-fits-all approach regularly on several posts.

As such, the consistency of posting on Facebook and Instagram will be managed through posting at least once every day. The Zara campaign strategy will be mindful of the fact that for an organization to remain viable and relevant in the current business landscape, all brands must have a good social media strategy of marketing. The campaign will use images such as the ones presented below to market ZaraUS brand through the four marketing platforms i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Fig. 1 Facebook display of #ZaraUS Brands

Fig. 2 Instagram image of #ZaraUS dress


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