Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized: Examining Health Hazards

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Date:  2023-01-25

Some countries have legalized the use of marijuana while others have been while others have refused due to the health hazards that are connected to its abuse.

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Thesis Statement: This paper discusses why marijuana is not permitted and why it should be legalized.


The proactive compound in marijuana has been linked to health related issues

Psychoactive chemical known as delta -9-tetrahydrocannabinol found in the buds and leaves of the plant

The Chemical component affects the brain functions

Why Marijuana Should be Legalized

The government has inadequate powers to ensure that people adhere to marijuana laws.

People argue that prohibiting marijuana use contradicts the human rights to freedom.

Also people argue that the government does not know what works well for individuals and what does not

The enforcement of marijuana laws has an aspect of racial discrimination

Cases related to marijuana show instances of racial discrimination through prosecution and profiling.

Legalizing weed will enhance equality and freedom

Enforcing marijuana laws is expensive

The government spends more than 7.7 billion dollars

The money can be spent for other development projects such as education and infrastructural improvements.

The cruelty in arrest and imprisonment of the users has left most families jobless and without breadwinners

The re more than 700,000 arrests made every year in the USA for cases related to marijuana

Most of them are parents and their homes turn into despair and hopelessness

Most prisoners turn to mafias when they spend time in prisons and form underground mafias.

The mafias turn into rebellion.

Legalizing use of marijuana will crack the rebel group

Marijuana taxes can increase the government revenue.

Since it has many users, legalization can enhance the growth of economies.

Legalization of marijuana will enable the government to stop the enforcing agencies that have made little progress in the fight against marijuana.

Marijuana has medicinal value to the human body.

It induces sleep and increases appetite.

There is no evidence of death related to marijuana


Marijuana use is unstoppable.

The concerned agencies can only control the use of marijuana by providing awareness on its health effects.

The laws available cannot contain the number of user and therefore, marijuana should be legalized.

Part B

Definition of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing involves presenting ideas of different authors using different words and structures of sentences. Writers must ensure that they write the sentences using their own words the writer must acknowledge the authors' ideas by citing the source after paraphrasing the original work (Goodwin 1).

The difference between Paraphrasing and Quoting

Writers may paraphrase or quote words to incorporate their work the author's ideas. Paraphrasing involves putting passage of an author into different words and changing the structure of the sentences. However, the writer should not add quotation marks However, in quoting; the researcher uses the words used by the author including the grammar, punctuation marks and spellings. The write must put quotations around the words to help the reader to know the begging and the end of the quote. Moreover, when using quotes, one must acknowledge the author (Goodwin 1).

The Importance of Providing Attribution after Conveying the Research Materials into Different Words

When we use another person's ideas and we fail to provide attribution we practice plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered as a form of stealing and frauding intellectual materials. Citation enables writers to acknowledge that the ideas they present belong specified authors. Plagiarism is considered as a form of dishonesty and infringement of ethics in the world of academics. Many institutions warm academicians against plagiarized and provide severe punishments to the culprits. Editors reject manuscripts that are plagiarized.

Question 5

The paraphrased passage in question 6 the paragraph has not been plagiarized. This is because the writer has used completely different words that derive e the same meaning with the original sentences. Additionally, the writer has acknowledged the source of the words.

Question 6

However, in the sixth question, the secondary adaption part has been plagiarized. The writer has changed the meaning of the original passage. Additionally, the writer has only reworded the ideas from the original text without citation. The writer has committed Mosaic plagiarism. According to Jawal (1), mosaic plagiarism occurs when a writer mixes his own words with another author's ideas. In the passage, the writer does not cite the source of his ideas.

Question 7

The passage in question 7 has been plagiarized. This is because the writer write has provided the citations. However, the writer has appropriately changed the structure and words of the ideas of the original work of the author.

Question 8

In question8 the passage has not been properly written and attributed. The writer has not quoted the words that have been copied from the original passage. Additionally, there are no citations on the copied words on the paragraph.

Question 9: Paraphrase the following paragraph

The Use of Anabolic Steroids in Sports

Women's bodies normally produce only a tiny amount of testosterone. The huge increase in testosterone these women received let them develop muscles much bigger than women typically can, even during intense weight training. Upper-body muscle mass generally translates into improved swimming times, and these women showed dramatically improved performance. The Chinese women's swim team in the Los Angeles Olympics tried the same strategy. Again, their upper body mass increased, and swimming times decreased.

Application of Anabolic Steroids in Athletes

Women have a small biological capacity to secrete testosterone. Insertion of testosterone hormones enhanced muscle development, bigger than it would have been during the gym sessions. The large muscles have improved the performance of the sportswomen especially those who practice in the swimming. The strategy is evident among the Chinese women swimming team who did not only enlarge their muscles but also, increased the swimming speed. (Kiesbye,2007).

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