Voting in the United States of America

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Voting is a word outlined by the Merriam-Webster wordbook as an expression of opinion or preference. a thought acknowledged by all Americans, because it ought to, considering our many things regarding this country are determined by elections. All people in leadership positions are all voted upon by the overall population; and if not, they are decided by elected officials. The whole purpose of democracy is for each person to possess a say in what goes on, and when very few people in the country are voting, not everyones voice is being heard. And when not most are being heard, thats not a democracy. On polling day, voters will not only be able to choose their representatives in government for the next term, however they also usually have the flexibility to make a decision on measures like bond issues that allows the government to borrow money for building projects and alternative developments. And generally voters cast their ballots on social issues like permitting same-sex marriage or prohibition of smoking in restaurants and bars [Anneberg, 2016]

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Eligibility to vote in the U. S. is established both through the federal constitution and by state law. many constitutional amendments (the fifteenth, 19th, and twenty sixth specifically) require that voting rights cannot be flawed on account of race, color, previous condition of slavery, sex, or age for those above eighteen. So anyone who is eighteen years old and a citizen of the U.S. and meets the residency requirements of his or her state is allowed to vote in the US (Murrin, 2007).

Democracy is fairer since it lets the individuals living in a country decide who will to rule them. Alternative systems, like absolute monarchs, military dictatorships, theocracies, etc. rely on a small group or cabal of individuals, or an individual, or arbitrary strategies like hereditary birth for deciding who can rule, bypassing the wishes of the majority of the population. Voting is a superb method to establish legitimacy for a leader, or government in the present time. This can be because he or she will argue the right to being leader, on the grounds of being chosen by the individuals via an election. This enhances political stability. Democracy is a good way to guarantee a swift transition, when governments and leaders change (Owlcation, 2016). Where there is an absolute autocracy, or dictator, arguments will usually develop on who is the rightful successor, resulting in political strife and even warfare in some cases. Democratic systems are smart at guaranteeing openness and keeping a check on corruption. This is because rival political teams are perpetually trying to expose government mistakes and crimes. This level of responsibility does not exist in most one-party/autocratic systems, where criticism of the government is usually made very tough (Owlcation, 2016). The democratic system will act as a security valve for the dissatisfied. Voters recognize that they have a vote which the leader/government could change at future election, so that they are less likely to resort to riot, general strikes, or violent rebellion ("Pros and Cons of Democracy", 2016). Democratic governments are less likely resort to war. This is often because they typically would like the will of the people behind them, as opposed to a tyrant who will usually take his/her country to war on a whim. Democracy encourages a sense of belonging for its voters. They can participate absolutely in the political processes and feel a sense of possession.However there is an inclination towards short-termism. This is usually because leaders/governments are usually elected to serve over a selected length of time (typically around four or five years) and concerns over getting re-elected usually mean that they often dont look beyond future election. Some social, environmental and economic issues require lasting solutions, however ("Pros and Cons of Democracy", 2016). Additionally the tyranny of the majority could be a constant threat to minority teams, as a leader or government might only serve the interests of the largest social teams and ignore, or perhaps repress the rights of others. Some countries conjointly argue that their cultural history merely doesn't lend itself to democratic systems of government and that democracy ("Pros and Cons of Democracy", 2016). The Western idea has its roots in Ancient Greek and Roman European culture, and may not be suited to eastern and African countries. Democracy also can lead to unwieldy coalitions, or endless squabbling and political deadlock. Alternative political systems will find it easier to proceed in a unified direction. Its notable that ancient Rome achieved more beneath the autocratic Caesars than it did under democracy.

Kansans may register to vote or modify their registration information via the internet with a legitimate Kansas driving license or non-driver identification card. The deadline to register for votinge is the 21st day before any election. Counties are needed to post a citizen Rights and Responsibilities poster and notice to Voters at every place on polling day. Every county maintains a listing of the number of registered voters, and the secretary of state maintains a wide list. every county chooses its electoral system from a listing of apparatus certified by the secretary of state. a listing of what electoral system every county uses is kept by the secretary of state. All certified systems should meet the necessities of the national electoral system standards. Maps of national and state districts are also out there to make sure Kansans have all the data theu require regarding voting matters. I think these laws have helped promote voting in Kansas because they have brought the registration method nearer to the folks since folks ought to submit the applying forms wherever they live. also now folks in Kansas will register to vote or modify their registration on-line thus this makes it easier for them since they dont have to travel long distances to try and do that thus it is convenient. Again the deadline is appropriate and folks will do it last minute while not feeling that they have been latched out of the registration process. more so i believe the electoral system in Kansas is free and fair because the registration system is now more safe and secure and it is more reliable and therefore the voting process is probably going to be fair and free without fear of rigging.My registration process wasnt difficult. it was simple because I could do it on-line and therefore the steps for registration were simple and straightforward to follow. it was a very simple and secure method for me.California this month enacted a law which will automatically register folks to vote once they get or renew a driver's license or state identification card from the Department of motorized vehicles (DMV), following the example set by Oregon several months ago. conjointly the National voter Registration Act expressly directed states to allow citizen registration at automobile agencies and through mail-in procedures. With the passage of the Motor-Voter Act, the act of registering to vote became a trivial matter (Wolfinger, Rosenstone, & McIntosh, 1981). n the last twenty years, election officers have enacted a variety of different reforms designed to increase turnout by easing restrictions on the casting of ballots together with early balloting, the relaxing of rigorous absentee voting procedures, and universal voting-by-mail (VBM) in states like Oregon and, last, Colorado.

I personally dont suppose Kansas ought to reform its laws as a result of i feel the laws create it easier for registration and also safe for the entire balloting method. However, twenty two nations round the world make voting obligatory for its voters, usually starting at age eighteen. many of those countries are in Latin America with a handful permitting citizens to age out of compulsory voting by as early as age sixty five. These countries include; Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Congo, Costa Rica, land, Ecuador, Egypt, Greece, Honduras, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico, Nauru, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Singapore, Thailand, and Uruguay (Krasa and Polborn, n.d.).The benefits of mandatory voting is that it will increase voter turnout, it Broadens representation and Legitimacy, it Lessens the need for big Sums of cash in Campaigns, it Promotes Political Stability, it encourages Voters to better Educate Themselves and it leads to a lot of Serious Elections. however mandatory voter registration also Violates Freedom of choice, though it may compel the voters to teach themselves, there is additionally the chance that people who are honestly not interested are forced to vote. this might push folks to settle on candidates indiscriminately, forfeiting the aim of an election, it will Minimize Right to express religion, it is also Wrong it penalizes people who Refuse to Vote And it can also Increase law enforcement prices (connect U.S. 2016)I think the U.S. should require its citizens to vote because it is their right to vote and each citizen ought to exercise their freedom. additionally it ought to require its citizens to vote because by doing so there will be a good chance to vote in a leader who you think is more proper suited for a leadership position.


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