Voter ID Laws

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In the United States, Voter ID laws have been in operation within thirty three states. In the federal level, there was an Act of parliament formulated in 2002 called, Help America Vote Act that demanded for a voter ID in undertaking for participation in all federal election for individuals registered by mail or ones that did not provide driving license or even the last four digits of their Social Security Number matching against the current government record. This matter was highly controversial since 1999 when the state of Virginia tried to execute photo ID as one of the ultimate requirement. These issues created a sense of controversy since it had been associated with sidelining many people from participating in national election. However, while the issue was faced with considerable resistance, the legislations were formulated as an effort to promote election integrity while at the same time placing some burden on the pool of voters (Cohen, 54). Photo ID requirement however acts as a discriminatory practice against minority groups that are unlikely to have photo identities.

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The ACORN came to public domain when conservatives in US attacked it. It stands for Association of Community Organization for Reforms Now. The media had been avoiding to cover long and complex campaigns but prefer time limited news such as demonstration and lawsuits. When ACORN perpetrated huge demonstrations, the media was highly unlikely to find importance in such but only features false reports on frauds existing in the process of voter registration campaigns. AORN made significant achievement in mobilizing voters in the ballot initiatives towards the realization of minimum wages. This mechanism was responsible for strengthening the voter registration drive perpetrated by ACORN. ACORN worked hand in hand with SEIU towards the standardization of the regional minimum wage which was a victorious attempt that leaped significant benefits in the 2006 general elections in US through the materialization of increased federal minimum wage (Landsberg, 42). However, the operations of the two were more skewed to increasing government expenditure which eventually caused increased pressure on tax payers particularly, after 2006 general elections.

NDAA / Patriot Act Second Amendment

In the initial stages of combats on terror, the US president George Bush ended enacting the Patriot Act. This Act permitted the government to spy off it citizens to monitor their activities towards discerning if terror suspects are included in the larger citizenry. This Act resulted into changes within the law enforcement that allowed security agencies to search financial records and phones for information that would facilitate the tracking and arrest of terror suspects. This Act was however characterized a very controversial issue involving its authorization of detention for the non-US citizens. Subsequently, the immigrants who were suspected of causing terror had been legally defined for detention without trial till the end of war on terror (McGuire 25). While this law increased vigilance and perpetrated high vigor in the moderation of security issues, it resulted to several instances of victimization of alien citizens in US. This was contrary to the provision of the human rights processes.

In 2012, President Barrack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act after the congress had passed it. This Act is progressively passed each year aimed at monitoring budgetary processes for the US department of defense. This Act simply details monetary calls for the defense department passed every year. With the passage of the 2012 Act, the bill changed and the resultant legislation could be perceived as an extension of Patriot Act. Consequently, the indefinite detention is now applicable to US citizens as well. With these legislations in place, individuals suspected of perpetrating terror may be detained without trial. However, the US is very famous on assertions that anyone is innocent till proven guilty. Consequently, this law is upsetting when exercised on the American people with majority being unaware of its provisions. The two laws are eminently perceived as unconstitutional (Levinson 98). However, despite its negligence on the course of justice, the law has been credited with providing considerable restraints to terror due to its stern measures to address the problem though it remains principally unconstitutional.

Agenda 21

This is a comprehensive action plan that has been taken on a global scale from the United Nation systems, major groups as well as governments of independent states in all areas that human impacts the environment. Through the Agenda 21, the statement of principles on sustainable forest management and the Rio declarations that focus on environment and development have been adopted by about 180 countries participating in the United Nations Conference on environment and Development (UNCED) that was held in Brazil in the year 1992. This mechanism has a political dimension and influence that has been adopted by member states. The principles adopted in this process were firmly confirmed in Johannesburg in 2002 during the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Krehbiel 51-52). The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the main agency charged with the responsibility of executing policies in the country.

First and Furious Drones

The US and the globe have been experiencing a fast growing technology in the drones production which has seen the invention of drones that are highly motivated by modest technology. Subsequently, almost anyone can now navigate their respective small flying machines. The United States Federal Aviation Administration has been projecting a total of about 600,000 drones to be traded in the American market in 2016. Although this production and use has been motivated by pleasure and scenery matters, it has had certain political dimensions in the sense that the fast and furious drones have also been invented into the market with considerable focus to enhancing aerial attacks and effectively addressing the countrys security threats that has been a major challenge in recent times. For the country to remain steadfast in its approach to ensuring crucial emphasis to safe and secure skies, the country has encouraged the innovations in the drones market which is characterized with inventions such as the first professional Drone Racing League commonly referred to as First person View (FPV) (Edling, 31). Different innovations have therefore been prompted by the demand for enhanced security provisions that are critical in maintaining the countrys sovereign identity. The main controversy in these innovations however is the use that Drones have been put into. For instance, majority of the fast furious drones have been used in sporting activities thus, exposure to civilian uses as opposed to security operations.


NSA standards for National Security Agency of the US are an intelligence organization of the government. The main responsibility of the agency is monitoring, collecting and processing of data pertaining to foreign intelligence and signals intelligence. The agency is also charged with the responsibility of protecting the US from foreign invasion. The agency mainly depends on electronic data collection methods but it is authorized to achieve its mission via active clandestine approach that is physically manipulated electronic systems. This aspect is attributable to possible loss of credibility and may also engage in sabotage by virtue of subversive software (Bradley 78). Besides, NSA also exists in other countries through political good will in the world in a bid to enhance its intelligence collection through close surveillance, breaking and wiretapping.


The ISIS group presents one of the terror networks from the east that has been terrorizing the many regions worldwide including posing significant threats to the security of US. This group poses a significant political headache to the US as little is known about the group. It presents a hermit kingdom but little is known about its organization since few people have accessed this hub and returned safe. Besides, Baghdad has also spoken in media only one time in history. However, the Islamic State has been propagating futile propagandas through videos and encyclicals. The group always hungers for genocides thus, pose a major security threat to the entire main target region where US is one of the main susceptible region to the ISIS attacks as a result of its invasion of their territories in Iraq (Sundquist 57). The US has been trailing the ISIS fighter in Iraq as a mechanism of developing important intelligence about the working profile of the Islamic State through the current and past US counterterrorism mechanisms.

Mandatory Vaccines

Aspects of medical tyranny have been a major trending issue in America. In Florida, there has been drilling of a legislation regarding seeking to restrict federal funding to the state without a demand for each public school students necessarily being vaccinated as per the prescription of Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. The legislation is perceived relatively controversial as a mechanism of blackmailing states to abandon vaccination exemptions currently in place. This would probably create a sense of disjoint in the process of execution as it leaves members of the public with zero options to vaccines that have been previously of importance to them. The mandatory vaccines would demand that all citizens born in American get a minimum of 184 jabs. This idea has therefore sparked a critical political debate on the ethical fate of the process or intervention.

Section 2: Theories of Government

There are many categories of theories of governments. The political theory of socialism is credited with producing communism. German Philosopher called Karl Marx is regarded as the founder of communism. He is credited with writing the communist manifesto in the year 1848 which was later credited with inspiring the formation of communist party. Communism is also referred to as Marxism. Marx in his perspective believed that true utopian societies must be characterized with stateless and classless status. His main idea of this perception is that a society should free lower class from abject poverty impacts and provide the poor with a chance to fight back. This assertion is taken at a political angle to create a sense of service to the electorates in order to alleviate poverty. To liberate lower classes therefore, Marx asserted that governments should exercise control over all means of production in order to facilitate a healthy competition (Martinez 66). Nonetheless, this proves very difficult in the contemporary societies compared to past times in history.

Republic theory presents a set of ideologies where individuals become citizens within states as republic as opposed to either dictatorship or monarchy where people have the popular sovereignty. Majority of countries worldwide are republics since they have no monarchy system. Monarchy refers to a form of government that encompasses a high sovereignty through nominal terms of one individual ruling till their death or otherwise, abdication. This form of government is often dictatorial in the sense that the ruler does not take the sense and perception of majority but rather their own convictions on the land regarding the status of their territories and beyond (Lecy & David et al. 34).

The totalitarianism forms of governments involve the rules by individuals through dictatorship. The government in this case control all life forms and activities in the country with little to no freedom of action and expression. Totalitarianism form of government therefore theoretically allows the...

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