Visual Data Exploration Essay

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Date:  2022-05-15


The feature helps in the Exploration of all the available data. It helps the researcher in the discovery of new data patterns thereby creating rich graphics and share intuitions. The feature, therefore, makes it easy use specific tools because they are easy-to-use.

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Easy Analytics

The natural analytics feature places the world's most significant data analytics in people's hands, and the company reaps the rewards. It enables researchers to establish most essential metrics, expand the analytics culture and provide information beyond descriptive analytics.

Interactive Reporting and Dashboards

The feature allows the business person to satisfy all the users. It is possible through some sub-features that enables the individual to do the analysis by himself, keep the governance alive and enjoy the freedom that comes with self-analysis of data.


The collaboration feature helps the users place both analytics and BI tools at the point where people do the work, exchange both insights and ideas. Most important is that it fosters arrangement for healthier commercial choices.


Data Preparation

The package plays a significant role in data preparation. It provides a platform and means of sorting information and categorizing them for more comfortable use. In many cases, it helps in sorting the raw information collected from the field. Researchers, therefore, may use the package to streamline their data before analyzing them.

Predictive Analytics

After preparing, sorting a streamlining the data, the package can analyses the information and give predictions. Meteorologists can use the package to provide future weather predictions based on the information they collected over a period.

Data Visualization

Visualization of data involves the detailed examination of information. The package through the preparation and analytics makes it possible for researchers to visualize the data in different perspectives.


All the aspects of data preparation, Analytics and visualization are significant to sectors dealing in big data. Additionally, the package also acts as a data industry because of the processes through which the information goes.


The concept of creating self-driven machines with the capacity to operate autonomously started during the classical times. However, but research regarding the functionality and possible uses of robots failed to substantially develop until the rapid technological advancements of the 20th century (Miller, 2013). Historically, people often assume that at one point, robots will be able to copy the actions of humans and be able to carry out duties in a human-like fashion. In the present society, robotics is a rapidly developing field majorly because of the advancing technology. Robots in their various kinds serve different functions both domestically and commercially. Moreover, many robots curry out tasks that are more dangerous to humans. Such features include recovering bombs, mines and discovering shipwrecks. If the robots' A.I. becomes self-aware, it is only predictable that they can take over the world. The gentle nature of the robots is only visible because of their independent nature and the inability to be self-aware (Pugh, 2013). If the robots can connect to each other and communicate to each other, their destructive nature may come out. It is only necessary for researcher's to examine this possibility and come up with necessary interventions (Linderoth, 2013. The best intervention would be to monitor the robots' A.I. and to determine if they are capable of communicating with each other without human command. Human must, therefore, control such communications if existent.


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