Video Analysis Essay on "$ 100 to the Winners of an Unfair Race"

Paper Type:  Movie review
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  617 Words
Date:  2022-12-09


A video entitled "$ 100 to the Winners of an Unfair Race" by Andrew Kingsmore is a depiction of what life is. The video depicts how people live because of their background as well as showing how equal opportunity in life brings fairness. The video shows how the realization of equal opportunities leads to fairness in the race of life. Using the video, Kingsmore tries to illustrate how the life we live is not because of our actions and decisions but rather by what others did and decided. Therefore, as seen in this critical analysis, life is a fair race if people only realize that opportunity for success if given to all in spite of the varying backgrounds.

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First of all, life is a fair race because though the life we live is the effect of actions and decisions made by other people, we have an opportunity to strive for a better future. The steps made by other people like our parents are not a determinant of our success. We have a chance to overcome our circumstances through hard work and determination. As seen from the video begins, the coach is telling his learners to move ahead two steps if statements some apply to them (Kingsmore, 2019). Some of the comments made by the trainer are having access to free education, having an assurance of the next meal, and having parents still married. The statements made by the coach do not apply to some students who seem not moving forward. As the race began, everyone had an equal opportunity to win $ 100 (Kingsmore, 2019). Personal decisions and actions are the best tools to equalize the varying situations of life. Therefore, life is fair because everybody has a chance to make a difference in spite of the differences in backgrounds.

There should be no excuses for one not to succeed as life offers an equal chance for all people to achieve their dreams. We should not have excuses like the kind of the parents we have as such mindsets only pull us back in the race of life. Instead of having excuses and complains we need to change our mindsets by taking actions and decisions that improve our lives. Actions like working hard in studies and nurturing of our talents lead to a better future. As seen from the video, although the racers began from different positions, they all had an equal chance to win the race (Kingsmore, 2019). What makes a difference is the realization of our capability to overcome the obstacles. From the video, we note that some competitors from behind put a lot of efforts and were among the first ones to the finish line (Kingsmore, 2019). As a result, we ought to stop using excuses and complains, but instead, we need to realize our capability to succeed by taking actions and decision that leads to overcoming the challenges we encounter in pursuit of our dreams.


Conclusively, from the critical analysis above, it is evident that life is not unfair. Life is fair because everyone has an opportunity to succeed. The type of actions and decisions made determines the kind of future we live. As a result, people ought to realize their capability to change their lives for better. Excuses and complains are not a solution to obstacles encountered in the attempts of attaining success. As learned from the video, in spite of different positions at the beginning of the race, all competitors had an equal chance to choose the pace to the finish line. Therefore, life is fair because it offers an equal opportunity for all to succeed.


Kingsmore, A. (2019). $100 to the winners of an unfair race. Retrieved from

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