Unlock Your Strengths: Build a Productive and Fulfilling Life

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Date:  2023-03-20

Everybody has a unique combination of strength that range from talent, skill and knowledge. These strengths are instrumental in day-to-day life, especially in socialization with others, work and goal attainment (Gallup, n.d). Gallup added that understanding one's strengths and using them appropriately in life is transformational. More so, people who use their talent every time are more productive in work and more likely to have a productive life. Rath and Conchie (2008) identified three key aspects to becoming an effective leader: "Knowing your strengths, investing in others strength and having people with the right strengths in your team."

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I believe that knowing my strengths and weaknesses is vital so that to explore the talents and improve on the flaws. I therefore took the Cliftonstrenths strengths assessment and the following are the top five strengths identified: Empathy, responsibility, adaptability, learner and developer. On the power of empathy, I have a strong sense of wellbeing and feelings for others. Sometimes I even imagine myself in other people's lives, especially when they have problems. More so, I sometimes find myself putting the interests of other people before mine.

Secondly, I have a strength of responsibility. It is interesting how I take psychological ownership of what I say and the consequences that follow my actions. This strength has enabled me to remain committed to other leadership values like honesty and loyalty (Norwood, 2005). I am a person who follows through my commitments without compromise. The third strength of the report is adaptability. In this strength, I am very flexible and always ready to receive changes as they come. Am always optimistic of the changes that tomorrow may bring, and I welcome the uncertainty of the future day by day prepared to deal with the changes that it may bring. The world is dynamic, and so should I in order to be able to cope with the changes.

Besides, am also a developer; a person who sees the potential in other people and cultivates it to improve their lives. I recognize all the improvements made and compliment them as they occur. The Clifton strength assessment report also termed me as a learner (Gallup, n.d). I am always eager to learn from others and continuously improve my skills and attitudes. I have a great desire to learning and am excited by the learning process rather than the outcomes. In addition to the strengths mentioned above from the Clifton strength assessment, I also have leadership values that form a strong base for my leadership (Jackson, 2011). One of these values is Integrity. I am a trustworthy person led by ethics and courage. As such, I always fulfil other peoples and my expectations as well as keeping promises. The virtue that I hold is respect for others irrespective of the differences that we may hold. Additionally, I am humble person, and I treat everybody with respect and dignity. Besides am a very courageous person and I always act on behalf of the common good. Am ever ready to pay the price of standing against the adversity. All these aspects described identifies leadership as a calling as it comes from someone's desire to spend life doing a specific type of work, whether voluntary or with benefits.

Besides, when I shared my assessment results with close Professional friend of mine, he added that the results precisely describe who I am. He capitalized on the theme for empathy and described me as a person who leads from the heart. He added that I display all the traits identified by the assessment through my actions. However, the theme for consistency was missing in my list. I treat all people equally and have set clear rules that help me see people as equal human beings other than from their respective race, tribe, religion or according to their social class.


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