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As the management of our prestigious company, we acknowledge that the formation of a union organization is a matter of high urgency as requested by employees. Moreover, employees have the right of deciding the kind of environment that best suits their working interest, with regards to union organizations. Despite requiring the formation of union organizations, employees need to ensure they have the knowledge of potential benefits and imminent risks concerning the decision of venturing into unionization campaigns. To shed light on the meaning of union campaigns, the management has assumed the responsibility to emancipate the employees about the unionized and union-free work environment. All the staff members in our organizations are free to engage in activities which will not hinder their ability to make rational decisions concerning the elections when undertaking the union campaigns. In the event where there is outright practices which leads to prejudice and bias, influencing the staff members cast their votes in favor of a particular individual is noted, the employer will be held responsible and punished accordingly. Punishment of unruly employers influencing elections is stipulated under the Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) Act (AFL-CIO, 2017).

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The unionization of the working environment has potential benefits to the staff members who keep to carry out their respective duties diligently. For instance, some of the potential benefits include an increase in salaries, increased profits in terms of allowances and insurance, and among others. However, unionization does not have total influence in an organization, since these institutions will continue relying on continuity of production and enterprise. Companies usually use the technique to ensure their strategic goals are fulfilled, as supported by the changes in their management and overall structure. Therefore, it is significant to have in mind various policies devised in the unionization of the working environment can influence dissatisfaction when undertaking the respective duties. That is in spite of the increased efforts of the staff members to conduct increased campaigns for their working environment to be unionized. Dissatisfaction in the work environment leads to numerous losses for the organization. That is because the unionized working environment is usually characterized by increased instances of the downing of work tools, low employee throughput, and overall decreased employee turnover.

Benchmarking with similar organization practicing unionization of their work environment is an essential factor to consider, to learn about the future implications associated with union formation. Many working environments are increasingly becoming unionized because of the potential benefits that the union group provide to the employees (Anderson, 2018). Some of the obvious benefits associated with unions include; representation during legal suits with regards to labor disputes, championing for retired employees' pension plans, and among other associated potential employees' welfare. All the staff members, however, should acknowledge the fact that being a member of the union organization is not an outright end of the challenges being faced in the working environment. Problems are part of the working environment, and through them, we learn to become a better version of ourselves. Moreover, the absence of a union in the working environment, that is, non-unionized, does not in any way jeopardize the functioning of the organization in general. For instance, the staff members can still communicate with the managing board and voice their concerns for the betterment of the working environment. That includes raising concerns about an increase in wages, allowances, and among other packages, which will encourage diligent work. Moreover, the presence of union organizations only work to increase the complexity of negotiations; hence a lot of time is wasted. Additionally, there are instances whereby the employee may want to be a member of a particular union voluntary, and the union fees will still be paid. The fee is usually paid to the union organization through a check-off system; hence the unionized working environment dictates the final amount of pay reaching the employee. Not being in a union organization will ensure the employee enjoy all their hard earn income (Anderson, 2018).

Permitted and Prohibited Practices During the Campaign

The management of a business organization usually campaigns against the unionized working environment, due to various hindrances the unions have on their activities. For instance, with the presence of union organization, the process of employment termination by human resource management would take long. Therefore, the company does not spend much time in dealing with such issues but instead focus on business continuity. Thus, the business organization is permitted to practice such a campaign, by trying to influence the staff members to desist from an unionized working environment for their benefit.

There are instances in which the activities by the management may be prohibited as it negatively influences employees' voluntary choice. During such cases, the business organization is at liberty to submit dispute resolution request to appropriate authorities for assistance. Disputes usually arise between the business organization and the unions. Therefore, proper resolution is met when an independent tribunal takes charge to settle the issue.


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