Trump's Acceptance Speech Analysis

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The forthcoming general election has seen a significant number of candidates openly show their interest in leading Federal America. However, so far only Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seem noticeable in this race. Donald Trump is representing the Republicans, and Hillary Clinton is vying with the conservative party. Trump was presented with the official nomination ticket of the Republican Party on 21st July 2016 after vigorously campaigning and presenting appealing strategies to his party affiliates. On that same day, Trump addressed his audience in a very emotional speech as an acknowledgment of his newly acquired position as the Republican candidate of choice.

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In the official Republican Party acceptance speech, Donald Trump showed that his target audience is all the American people considering his let's unite America theme. Nonetheless, the poor, immigrants, conservatives, the LGBTQ society, and the Republicans were the most targeted groups. In these groups, Trump either promised to develop usefully or negatively impacting strategies that he would impose on them after becoming president. Donald Trumps main idea during the acceptance speech was making America a country that respected and dwelt on oneness again. While this statement is seen as old, it is essential in appealing to the target audience and structuring a great campaign in all of American history.

For instance, in his opening remarks of the acceptance speech, Trump said Friends, delegates, and fellow Americans: I humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States. (Politico Staff 1). These remarks depict an individual who is trying to identify closely to his supporters. By refereeing to the audience as Friends and my fellow Americans Trump is trying to woo the audience by indicating that they share close relations. It further implies that getting the emotional attention of the audience is thriving Trumps campaigning strategies.

Donald Trumps speech comprised at least 76 plans laid out plans that he used to appeal to his audience and all other American voters. However, only a few are recognizable due to the level of conceptual ability they have on each American despite their social classes or political ideologies. The first ideology is the elimination of crime. From Trumps view homicides and crimes have continuously risen in America for the past 25 years. Using analytical data, Donald showed Americans the alarming decline in security for the last few decades. Also, Trump used the crime theme to demonstrate the extent to which law enforcers have been murdered in their line of duty and promise to lower these rates and protect all Americans.

At some instance, Trump said Together, we will lead our party back to the White House, and we will lead our country back to safety, prosperity, and peace We will be a country of generosity and warmth (Politico 1). From these words, it is apparent that Trump is trying to portray America as the nation that is deep crises of security, economic doldrums, and poor international relations. This portrays the opponent (the Democrats) as failures, who have only taken the country into the deep mystery. It follows that in order to reclaim the countrys former glory, the public is left with no other choice but to vote for Trump who will help America become great again.

One way of appealing to people emotionally is to invoke their feelings and make them feel nostalgic. Trump effectively used this strategy when came up with the slogan Let us make America great again. Trump observes that Convention occurs at a moment of crisis for our nation. The attacks on our police and the terrorism in our cities threaten our very way of life (POLITICO 2). Trump insinuates that the country was not experiencing such crises before the Democrats assumed the presidency. By trying to point out many flaws of the current system of governance, Trump is trying to make the public long for the days America was great. Trump alleges that any politician who cannot steer the country out of these crises is not fit enough to lead the country.

The immigration issue is another core idea that of Donald Trump outlined in his acceptance speech. The Republican candidate presented his intention to deport back all immigrants for the threat they pose to Americas security. Moreover, his speech claims that due to increased immigration more Americans do not have jobs due to the readily available and cheap labor provided by these people. Donald Trumps speech also presented his promise to awaken the failing American economy. From Trumps analysis, the unemployment rate in America is alarming, and only those in power can be blamed for increasingly undertaking strategies that are detrimental in providing Latinos and Black Americans with jobs. Moreover, Trump claims that more people have been fired from their jobs a process that has led to low household incomes and an economically unstable country. For that reason more families are now enrolled in food stamps as the taxation rates continue to increase each year, leaving America as the highest levied economy in the world. His other theme is improving foreign policies. Through this platform, Trump intends to regulate business practices between America and other states like Iran and Libya as certain activities undertaken on behalf of America are risky, costly, and unprofitable to the country.

Trumps well-articulated address showed that he believes that his target audience recognizes the insecurity and struggles that America is undergoing. Moreover, he believes that his audience understands the atrocities that the recent government has committed both in trade and foreign policies and uses this weakness to trample on the success of the other candidates by citing their weaknesses and incompetence. Donald Trumps presidential campaigns are sometimes characterized by constant yelling and insulting remarks. However, during his acceptance speech, Trump appealing rehearsed his speech to instill confidence in his supporters that his intention of protecting Americans is real. By promising to protect the targeted LGBTQ family, Trump shows that he champions for equality and each of his followers will benefit extensively. From his address, Trump vows to uphold security and prevent further terror attacks on misinformed foreigners whose ideologies are hateful and destructive to the American fraternity.

The Republican presidential candidate used immense techniques and strategies to appeal to his audience during the acceptance speech. First, Trumps address is delivered with a lot of emotions. Emotional speakers use classical rhetoric to win the souls of their listeners. That is why his speeches are overwhelmed with a lot of noise without any factual arguments. With this technique, it was easier for Trump to tell the people the most absurd things about other countries and blame the other running candidates for a failed nation while he maintains his cool and clean conscience. As a way of invoking anger and hate feelings towards Hillary Clinton from the audience, Trump said. This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction, and weakness. (POLITICO STAFF 3). From this utterance, Trump is trying to portray Hillary Clinton in a negative way, which is one way of appealing to the audience through emotional strategy.

Moreover, his mastered rhetoric ability persuasively appealed to his supporters to evaluate ideas through his opinion. Using his well-rehearsed classic rhetoric, Trump easily grabbed the attention of his audience and ensured that whatever he said was retained in his mind. As a result, more supporters are milling at Donalds side as his rhetorical ability has managed to change and control their thinking. For that reason, using rhetoric in the acceptance address painted Trump as a powerful inspirational motivator who exposed the worst in his followers and not the best. Moreover, the emotional aspect of his speech delivery has managed to exhibit Trump as a trustworthy and acceptable candidate whose strategies are essential for an economically unstable America. In politics, a candidate who uses high-intensity language during hard times develops the trust of his or her voters as they deem this person as emotionally aware and inclusive.

Another reliable technique that Trump uses is the truthful hyperbole. Using this strategy, Trump showed his bravery to address all issues in black and white for all the American people to see. Moreover, his technique allowed him to create fantasies in his followers through exciting them by using huge talks of spectacular greatness. That is why the audience ceases to see the exaggerated lies in his speech and instead see the vehemence of character in their nominated candidate. Notably, using truthful hyperbole can relay his emotions, especially those of anger and pity which are portrayed in his supporters thus a pact is initiated once the voters recognize that the candidate relates to their feelings.

For instance, Trump alleges that his administration will be the best and that the current economy of United States is a disaster. This is an example of hyperbole that is dominant in Trumps campaigning strategies. By promising the audience that his administration will be the best ever, Trump is trying to exaggerate and overstate his success since success is determined by various factors. Trumps use of Hyperbole to get the attention of the audience is also highlighted in Trumps allegations about unemployment rates in U.S. Reports released in 2016 indicate that unemployment rates have decreased from 7.9% to 4.9% since Obama took over in 2009. However, Trump dismisses those figures by saying, "Don't believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9 and 5 percent unemployment. The number's probably 28, 29, as high as 35. In fact, I even heard recently 42 percent (Daily Kos 2). This was a form of truth hyperbole in Trumps speech.

In essence, Donald Trumps emotionally charged acceptance speech is greatly attributed to the increased popularity that all the American voters are accruing the Republican Party. His target audience is diverse as it encompasses every detail of the American population inclusive of race, sexual affiliation, or political ideologies. His theme to unite Americans easily integrates with other plans like improving the economy; foreign policies, deporting immigrants, and wiping away crime were all promised to the Americans once Trump becomes president. Moreover, Trump believes that his followers are aware of the problems facing America thus the need to vote in a capable president. For that reason, he expects people, especially those of the LGBTQ family to believe him alongside other groups as his presidency will benefit them greatly.

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