Transport and Eco-Tourism in Belize - Essay Sample

Date:  2021-04-06 01:58:13
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What are the barriers to effective transportation between neighboring countries in Latin America? Write an essay on the impacts that interregional proposal like IRSA and PPP will have to the countries involved.

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Transport is a basic competency for economic development. Looking at Latin America, there are several different issues that undermine the establishment of quality and effective transport routes between countries. Some of the issues that the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean include, inefficient border systems, congestion ports, river crossing and railroad change-of-gauge. It is important to note that the implementation of an integrated transport system will significantly improve the economies of the countries in Latin America. With effective transport systems, the small communities in around urban centers stand a better chance of bringing their economies in orbit of larger metropolitan cities (Blouet & Blouet, 2015: p. 171). Although the transport routes in urban centers allow for access to different places, there are still issues like narrow streets, polluting trucks and the ever-expanding urban environments. The value of the transport system to a country is therefore grossly undermined economic development (McWilliams, 2015: Slide #5).

With the development of the countrys economy dependent on the transport systems in the region, the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have sought to implement two initiatives that will initiate an integrated, transport, communications and energy system. Some of the two most inclusive initiatives by Latin American countries are the Plan Puebla Panama (PPP) and the South American Regional Integration Initiative (IIRSA) (Blouet & Blouet, 2015: p. 178). The two initiatives were launched in the year 2000, by Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Surinam, Peru, Paraguay, Guyana, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and Bolivia. These countries hoped to develop an integrated transport system for the Latin America. The hope for the country was to allow for regional development and exploration of economic activities. Some of the direct benefits that the establishment of such a system would see in an Electricity Interconnection System for the countries in Central America.

Write a summary of possible transportation challenges your tourism proposal may encounter (Outdoor recreation).

Belize is known for the potential of its tourism sector. The country has beautiful scenery with over 60% of its land being virgin land, untouched by human settlement. The country also is rich in minerals, making it an interesting place to visit. In addition to this, the multi-cultural society makes for another interesting proponent of eco-tourism in the country. With all these different issues advancing ecotourism in Belize, there are certain barriers that undermine the optimum performance of the tourism sector. The countrys economy banks largely on the products and services that are sold in the tourism sector. Specifically, the coastal tourism sector accounts for 37 % of the total revenue from the countrys tourism sector. Looking at the transport issues in the coastal region, therefore, paints a better picture on barriers that undermine tourism.

Belize has a 150km long coastal strip; it, therefore, is important to consider the challenges that undermine transport in the coastal part of the country. For one, coastal erosion undermines the value of the ecosystems in the coast. In addition to this, there are different transport related issues that undermine quality transport in Belize. Some of these issues include the inaccessibility of the country by Air transport (Nuenninghoff, Lemay, Rogers & Martin, 2015: pg. 20). Tourist often has to spend day long transit outside the country. International flights to Latin America are scarce. The country also has a low population density and therefore low regard for paved roads. This deficiency in low roads does not inspire repeat business from tourists. Finally the countrys most valuable tourist attraction, the Caracol Mayan site is inaccessible almost completely by road (Nuenninghoff, Lemay, Rogers & Martin, 2015); pg. 21. These are some of the issues that present themselves in Belizes tourism sector.


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