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The issue of having a transgender identity has come of age. Certain individuals in the society tend to be associated with both personalities of being male and female. In other words individuals who have transgender traits display a self-identity that does not in any way conform to conventional; notions of female or male gender. Individuals who portray these transgender like identities argue that it is not always prudent enough for the society to decide whether one should be male or female just by looking at their physical organs. They argue that one should be left to choose is own self-identity regardless of whether his or her physical identities portray him otherwise. In addition to that transgender persons feel the urge to change their physical bodies to what they feel inside. This is because they feel differentlyand are more inclined to their opposite gender than there actual gender. At times some people who portray this trait feel unhappy about what they feel inside and wish they could remain who they physically are. In addition to that, it has been proven that not everyone who is a Trans as they call it would love to change their status from boy to girl. This essay will focus on the issue and debate with regards to transgendarism. Similarly, it will analyze this issue and argue for or against the aforementioned topic of study. The text to be analyzed is Understanding transgendarism by the National Center for Transgender Equality.

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To start off, transgendarism is an issue of self-identity where one cannot distinguish him or herself accurately with reference to gender(Garloch, 1). Transgendarism always at most times lead to either a bisexual or homosexual life. This means that individuals who possess this trait either belong to the gay, lesbian or bisexual groups. Western countries are proving to support these types of persons that possess transgender traits. For example, in the United States of America, these persons have been welcomed to the society and many people are coming out of the closet to live their secret sexual lives. To give an example, Bruce Jenner recently did a surgery to change is male status to a female one and majority of Americans were okay with it(Wagmeister, 1). However, non-western countries in continents such as Africa shun the issue of transgendarism. Transgendarism does not have a place in majority of African societies and countries. The result is that these groups of persons live in self -denial and face the stigma of not being a normal human being as African societies would portray it.

The text Understanding transgendarismseeks to answer questions with regards to transgendarism and helps readers have an in depth comprehension of the aforesaid. The text seeks to answer the question that many statistical groups are or may be asking about the population of transsexuals. National Center for Transgender Equality does not give an accurate number but estimates that in every one percent of the population, at least one quarter is transsexuals. If this statistics is accurate then that would mean that many individuals in the world are transsexuals but they may or may not have realized there true self identities. Then again, this would mean that almost 79.5 million of Americans are transsexuals out of the estimated 318 million of the total population.

Similarly, the aforementioned text seeks to answer the question many individuals ask of why some people are transgender and what are the possible causes of it. The text gives a variety of theories to explain this question and provide an answer for the curious ones. The text highlights cultural difference as a possible cause for being transsexual. It gives an insight on how certain tribes view people and see six genders in them whereas some see two. In addition to that, it views the issue of transgender as subject to specific culture and how it views it. Second, the text highlights the biologists views that even though females have the XX chromosomes while male have XY chromosomes, there are instances when either may have XYY and XXY respectively. This can be discovered late since some may be born with XY chromosomes but become incapable of responding to testerone levels hence develop bodies with vaginas and breasts instead of testes and a penis. This are the group of persons considered intersex or transgender. As the text puts it, biological aspects may make one a transgender whether he or she is comfortable with it or not. This means that transgenderism in some instances is not always by choice but nature dictates it to be that way.

The text goes ahead and explains how medical theories could be the cause of transgendarism. According to the text, medical experts speculate that hormonal imbalances, fluctuations of hormones or use of certain drugs during the pregnancy period may lead to transgender conditions or intersex. Furthermore, it highlights that other research explain that there is connectivity between the structure of the brain and transgendarism. Hormonal balances vary in all human beings. Then again, it is evident from the text that certain medications during pregnancy would cause intersex or transgendarism. Societies that disregard transgendarism should ensure there pregnant women have the right and substitute medications in order to avoid drugs that are considered transgender prone.

As the text progresses, it states how other people are in belief that psychological factors are the sole reason for the existence of these group of persons. It explains that many people are always aware of their transgender traits right from a tender age. It states that many people have the feeling that transgendarism is an integral part for who they were born to be and embrace psychologically in their minds.

The text also seeks to answer a question most individuals would love to hear. Certain societies view Trans as having a state of mental illness hence their condition. The author in the text is against this mentality and answers that this has always just been a stereotype to many people but in actual sense it is not the truth. He asserts that transgender persons cannot be cured by treatment since it is not a sign of mental illness. Rather the author explains that transgender persons encounter an authentic and persistent difference between the assigned sex and comprehension of their own gender. In my opinion, Tran sexuality is not a mental illness that needs treatment. The society should understand that not in any way would transgendarism be a mental illness that can be cured or done away with just a mere counseling session.

In its third main question, the author of the text seeks to give a comprehensive answer on how transsexuals change their gender and what the process is like. The author refers to the guidelines set by the World Professional Association for Transgender health. The guidelines include a real experience whereby one lives as the target gender for a specific trail period. Similarly, one is encouraged to attend counseling sessions with a mental health professional. One is also encouraged to undergo hormone therapy. All this are aimed at answering the question on how one can change their gender. In my opinion, all this processes and ideas ought to be embraced by transsexuals who want to change their identities. Furthermore, the trail period mentioned would be important in accurately determining if that is the gender one would like to identify him or herself with forever.

Finally, the author of the text answers the question with regards to the costs incurred in the process of transitioning. The author states that the medical costs associated with transgendarism are always high and never covered by medical insurance. Hence many are incapable of affording transgendarism. The author explains how the social costs of transitioning are always full of prejudice. Due to the fact that discrimination of transgender persons is rampant, one may lose his or her source of income in the process of transitioning to a target identity. Similarly, transgender persons may not be able to get a job due to their status. This has impacted a lot to the family of transgender persons who are on the verge of identity change. On a positive note, transitioning of some transgender persons leads them into living normal lives and coming out of a miserable life of denial.

To conclude, the opinion about transgendarism has been misinterpreted for years. From the mental illness allegations and discrimination, I must say these groups of persons have heard a rough time dealing with the society and their identity. As a society we ought to understand these people since majority of them do not choose to be the way they are but nature is involved .

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