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In this part of the assignment, the paper examines numerous training fields that are vital and considered for implementation in BOLDFlash Company. In particular, this section selects methods of training, examines the target audience of the training, describing the message intended to be relayed, as well as examining the possible success of communication in delivering the message and key steps required for the communication process.

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In the contemporary business world, there are three popular strategies of communication and collaboration. The key is determining and identifying the most effective and efficient methods for BODLFlash. The three methods of communication include written communication, verbal communication, and nonverbal communication. To identify the most effective method for the company, it is essential to consider the intended message (Wilson et al., 2017). The message intended is vital for identifying the most logical method considering the target audience who are focused on understanding the significance of communication.

For a starter, nonverbal communication is a typical type of communication that involves physical movement of the body, facial expression, and tonal variation. Body gestures include facial expressions, head to one side, head nodding, leaning, and direct eye contact among others, is regarded as an effective means of communicating a message. The entire conversation can take place without verbal communication, and the body movement can communicate and deliver a message effectively. Disruption of communication can happen anytime there is a mixed message or the body gestures also known as the non-verbal cues contrasts with the verbal cues (Wilson et al., 2017). Both verbal and non-verbal cues should be compatible and align during a conversation to enhance effective communication. Consequently, the audience would be able to understand and grasp the concept of the message delivered to avoid issues with communication. While communicating with someone, it is very difficult to understand whether the conversation is a serious or mixed message.

On the contrary, verbal communication involves the use of verbal cues and language to deliver the message. Verbal communication can happen either face-to-face conversation, or using a communication medium in technology such as phone communication, and other social media platforms. This is a personal communication strategy and should be used to establish interaction and foster management in the workplace, and society (Wilson et al., 2017). Body gestures or rather, non-verbal cues are essential in facilitating the understanding of the message communicated in verbal. Verbal communication is composed of two primary forms, which include crucial conversations, and storytelling. Storytelling articulates a communication type that establishes similar meanings and thoughts of individuals within the workplace. Stories are essential in clarifying and demonstrating the message by relating the story to the key message of the communication (Wilson et al., 2017). Crucial conversation, on the other hand, entails communications that are at high stake, which have different opinions and strong emotions such as an employee requesting a wage increase.

In the workplace, written communication is not only popular but also essential in numerous practices of the work. Written communication involves written scriptures, messages, emails, typed data, facts, figures, and representations among many more. A written communication articulates the key idea of the intended message. Instances of written communication in a business set up include text messages, emails, memos, learning materials, guidelines, evaluations, and reports among others (Larson et al., 2016).

BOLDFlash organization has an issue with written communication, which is an artifact I chose to analyze for the company. Written communication is a technical artifact of communication, which is likely to the most effective during the training, as well as benefit the entire company. The company has a problem with the written communications in the documents, reports, and memos among others. The written documents cannot meet the requirements of all departments of the company. In particular, the documented research produced by the R&D department portrays the evidence of a problem within the organization. The idea of a single department delivering multiple documented reports might result in false data and information to the other departments, which is likely to compromise the performance of other departments (Wilson et al., 2017). The written communication artifact entails a technical sheet and a description memo for a new product by the company. The figures are essential for users who must understand and be aware of the technical specs documented by the R&D department.

Managers of each department of the company will be the target audience for the training. The managers include the manufacturing manager, Kevin Cheng, Chip Bryant from the sales and marketing department, the product development manager Karl Melzer, and Kavita Patel, manager from the human resource department. The target audience is necessary for the training and should be very keen on the details to better manage and inspire the training in their respective teams. In this regard, the key message of the training will be communicated further to the employees and team members, since their number is manageable, understanding and grasping the training the message becomes easier (Larson et al., 2016). To enhance the success, growth, and development of the company, the employees and managers from all departments should be able to cooperate to achieve the common goal. In this regard, the communication between the managers should be seamless.

The issue affecting the company’s performance is the conflict between the departments for power and superiority within the company. In addition to this, the conflicts are also triggered by internal competition, which brings the idea of wage parity in the workplace (Larson et al., 2016). The managers should first learn to get along and interact positively to promote the performance and productivity of the company. The training would involve eye interaction and the managers should be able to grasp the key message from the training session. Relating the issue with the artifact chosen, written communication is an effective strategy to curb the conflicts and improve the communication and interaction between the departments (Larson et al., 2016). A vital example of written communication is the use of email, text messages, and social media platforms such as Facebook. All these are effective and crucial platforms that can guarantee effective communication between the employees. Emails are effective while sending the same message to multiple users. It is also essential in making video meetings, where several people can meet and discuss the company’s issues in the emails no matter how far they are from each other.

The training has only one purpose of communicating the key message to the target audience. The key message to be delivered is “work as a team, achieve a common goal” which portrays that working together as a team is effective and efficient. The message also articulates that working as a team would have a common result for the company’s success. The message tends to enlighten the managers that the performance of a single department is not enough to promote the company’s performance and productivity (Larson et al., 2016). Indeed, the failure of a single department brings down the productivity and the performance of the company. In my opinion, the message is crucial to enhance interaction, and internal communication between the departments to compel all the departments to establish teamwork, which should achieve a common goal for the organization. Effective communication is essential for any business practice. Communication ensures that every function of the company is regularly addressed. Communication enhances interaction in the workplace, encourages teamwork within the workplace, as well as strengthening the relationships within a workplace (Wilson et al., 2017).

The change might take time to be effective in the company since the change cannot be immediate. The message is precise and should be communicated to the target audience to attract change. Training fewer people is much more effective to deliver the message appropriately. Upon the completion of the training, the managers should gain confidence in their strategies and returns to deliver the message to their respective teams. The training should effective while delivering the message. However, the change and impact of the message is much more complex and might take some time for the subjects to adapt and adjust to the change.

Adaptation Examples

In this part of the training, the document focuses on examining and evaluating the implementation of the training and change into the current system of the business. Issues regarding the modern communication practice of the organization attract and attention and call for action to resolve. Documents from all departments are reported and produced by the R&D department. Errors from the department can result in false information and data regarding a product or service of the company. Such information can be misleading to other departments. As a result, customers can be fooled into consumer products and services due to false information. Improving written communication would require a modification of the old system as a strategy to curb the issue.

A crucial component that can be useful in implementing the new system portrays the issues with the documented and written communication to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Concise writing influences the accuracy and enables direct communication with other employees. In this regard, the R&D department would not have the audacity to give false data and information in the writings. Concise writing is not necessarily short, it just reduces reading time and is simple tom read, understand, and interpret. As a result, the production and translation costs are curbed, while the department gets a better opportunity to give accurate information. Additionally, the amount of clutter and sentence structure issues are reduced using concise writing, giving a clear and comprehensive message (Wilson et al., 2017). The R&D department should employ a strategic tool known as P.O.W.E.R to produce quality, relevant, and valid information in the documents. The strategy stands for five stages represented by the letter P.O.W.E.R. The stages include Plan, Organize, Write, Edit, and Revise. The steps are crucial in every writing and results in quality writings.

The product description for the company is written in the memo attached to the artifact. The memo has substantial information regarding the products, which might be essential and necessary to the other departments. It is precisely the reason I am delivering the message of unity and working as a team within the workplace. The R&D department may disregard some vital details and information in the documents, which might mislead another department into making a mistake in their roles. The message emphasizes teamwork within the organization to better the performance and productivity of the company.

If the managers can take the training seriously and implement the message in their respective teams daily, then the change can take place and improve the interaction and communication within the workplace. In my opinion, I strongly believe that implementing the change and idea to BOLDFlash is the most effective approach and solution to this issue and all departments are likely to work towards achieving a common goal. The key to this change is the effective communication and interaction of empl...

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