Top Management Ethical Leadership: Impact on Firm Performance

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Date:  2023-02-09

Shin, Y., Sung, S. Y., Choi, J. N., & Kim, M. S. (2015). Top management ethical leadership and firm performance: Mediating role of moral and procedural justice climate. Journal of Business Ethics, 129(1), 43-57.doi:10551-014-2144-5

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Shin, Sung, Choi, and Kim, (2015) draws on his research the concept of leadership and management to an excellent performance of the business. As the idea of management and ethical leadership are on the horizon in numerous organizations, are left behind on the concept of moral leadership. Based on the theoretical institution, ethical management leadership promotes an organization's outcome to help increase the productivity and efficiency of the organization.

Shin et al., uses several theoretical concepts as well as data analysis obtained from more than 47 Korean industries to back up the claims. The conceptual framework is tested different form multi-sources which features different data collection methods such as observation interviews and questioners to gather data.

Despite the extensive research conducted in the article, Shin et al. fail to include the effectiveness of global ethical leadership, as part of the driving factors that have contributed to the growth of businesses. However, the assessment and focus are only conducted on a handful of selected companies. This limits the credibility of the article.

Renz, D. O., & Herman, R. D. (Eds.). (2016). The Jossey-Bass handbook of nonprofit leadership and management. John Wiley & Sons.

Dr. Renz, a professor of management and a researcher of organization governance management, assesses the concept of non-profit management and leadership. Through evaluating the entire book in five different chapters, the idea of control and how it has evolved in the non-profit organization is well described as well as the associated challenges to the matter. Both social and legislative institutions have significantly reshaped the history of non-profitable organizations which is simultaneously affecting the overall management practices.

Abzug succinctly elaborates on the complexity of the history of the non-profit organization. As compare to Shin, et al., analysis of the concept of ethical leadership, Dr. Renz elaborates on the essence of ethical leadership reshaping non-profitable organizations. Herman utilizes current sources and methods of research to diversify the study. In conclusion, the book has widely expanded my knowledge in understanding the role of other external institutions on the concept of management.

Bolden, R. (2016). Leadership, management, and organizational development. In Gower handbook of leadership and management development (pp. 143-158). Routledge.doi:10.4324/978131558570318

Richard Bolden, a dedicated researcher in the concept of management decision-making and assessment of factors that leads to excellent management decision making, elaborates on the idea of leadership and reflection. The concept of leadership is essential in determining the performance and inspiration of workers in the organization, which affects production.

Bolden elaborates on different techniques that are used by managers to shape the agender, and actions of what they want to be implemented. As a result, managers are to be blamed for the failures encountered in the process. Furthermore, the concept of strategic management plays a critical part in the fundamental role of planning and structural organization.

In a nutshell, the essence of the book is tailored in providing general education regarding the concept of management. Through this, the outline and impact of administration are well elaborated in the book with different supporting evidence.

Al-Ali, A. A., Singh, S. K., Al-Nahyan, M., & Sohal, A. S. (2017). Change management through leadership: the mediating role of organizational culture. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 25(4), 723-739.doi:10.1108/IJOA-01-2017-1117

The article specifies the influence of leadership change in corporate culture, as well as managing change, to help evaluate practices in public-sector firms that are based in the United Arab Emirates. The article uses empirical test in evaluating and justifying a hypothesis designed in a confirmatory factor. Structural modeling was also initiated in the data which was collected from a broader scope of middle-managers representing different industries of public sector organization.

Based on the findings, change-oriented leadership was determined to be one of the highly effective models of leadership that have direct effects on planned changes in an organization. However, this form of leadership has little significant on already proposed changes in an organization.

In the bottom line, the article gives basic understanding and essence of leadership changes in an organization. This helps increase production and cooperation of workers.

Kumar, A., Sah, B., Singh, A. R., Deng, Y., He, X., Kumar, P., & Bansal, R. C. (2017). A review of multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) towards sustainable renewable energy development. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 69, 596-609.doi:10.1016/j.rser.2016.11.191In the current era of rapid development, planning has been an essential aspect of the success of any organization. However, this is becoming more complex as the involvement of several benchmarks, such as environmental, economic, and social issues become rampant.

Kumar et al. outlines that the topological layout of many urban communities affects the concept of planning and decision making. In such a scenario, decision analysis played a critical part in designing and implementing decisions based on different criteria and gathered objectives.

Kumar et al. analyses the essence of gathering and choosing the right decision for a given problem. This is achieved through the assessment and determining the most effective choice. In many cases, managers are forced to make critical decisions that affect their business performance.

Kwakkel, J. H., Haasnoot, M., & Walker, W. E. (2016). Comparing robust decision-making and dynamic adaptive policy pathways for model-based decision support under deep uncertainty. Environmental Modelling & Software, 86, 168-183.doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2016.09.017The increased growth of the business world is highly becoming complex due to imperfect decision-making process. Kwakkel, Haasnoot, and Walker (2016) assesses different decision-making models under uncertainty substantiate, which is the most convenient model in uncertain situations. In many cases, the two models of decision-making are not compared and contrasted to give their real contribution to unpredictable circumstances.

Kwakkel et al. observed that Robust decision-making offers better insights to determine situations under which a problem occurs. More so, this helps in making trade-offs transparency in discovering the solution. Managers have a better understanding of the best approaches to use while making effective decision-making. The source provides real-life situations where a robust decision-making model may be useful in tight cases.

Sun, B., Ma, W., & Zhao, H. (2016). An approach to emergency decision making based on decision-theoretic rough set over two universes. Soft Computing, 20(9), 3617-3628.doi:10.1007/s00500015-17216

Sun, Ma, and Zhao elaborate on the essence of emergency decision making and how it can be used to achieve maximum control of the situation. In many cases, emergency management is used in an unusual situation to develop proper management. Sun et al., uses a rough theoretical set that is based on two universe approaches for attaining a maximum solution to the emergency. This is achieved through the use of a Bayesian technique as the primary decision-making approach.

The article highly utilizes the Bayesian technique to analyze the suitable methods in decision-making technique. The report is essential to managers who operate under tight situations. As a result, the concept can be applied in several business situations while using gathered information to make the right decision.

Strantzali, E., & Aravossis, K. (2016). Decision making in renewable energy investments: A review. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 55, 885-898.doi:10.1016/j.rser.2015.11.021Decision-making is a continuous process that is widely used in business operation. This requires different models to ensure that the right approach is used. Never the less, there are different criteria such as technical, environmental, governmental legislation, and technology that limits decision making.

Strantzali and Aravossis use similar concepts highlighted by different related articles on the idea of rural-urban community in structuring effective decisions. The assessment and data analysis of the demographics was one of the determining factors that are used for statistic decision making.

The article can be used to give different managerial approaches to decision making concepts based on various assessment techniques. Through the utilization of data gathering skills and assessments, the article portrays a strategic idea that data gathering can be vital in decision making.

Noe, R. A., Hollenbeck, J. R., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P. M. (2017). Human resource management: Gaining a competitive advantage. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.

Human resource management has been a widely debated topic regarding the effectiveness of the growth of an organization. Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, and Wright dictate how effective human resource management has contributed to the adequate performance of firms. This is widely achieved through strategic planning. As a result, this helps to recruit and develop productive employee retaining mechanisms to hold back employees.

The article uses real-life examples to picture how human resource management plays a vital role in organization development. Moreover, the report uses reliable sources back up their analysis. The source is useful for any organization experiencing human resource challenges. This helps to evaluate, and develop suitable practices to manage employees and resources. In a nutshell, the article has changed my perspective regarding the need for effective human resource management.

Wrench, J. (2016). Diversity management and discrimination: Immigrants and ethnic minorities in the EU. Routledge. organizations become more globalized, the issue of cultural diversity has posed a significant challenge to management. This has affected the organization productivity, especially where cultural diversity is not highly practiced. However, Wrench openly debates on lack of proper cultural diversity in an organization and the threat that may lead to reduced corporate responsibilities.

The article is centered on the concept of cultural diversity to promote globalization. However, traces of decision making are percent to ensure that managers chose the right decision regarding cultural diversity. In conclusion, the article is best suitable for managers who are willing to operate in a multi-cultural organization to help them determine the effectiveness of better cultural diversity.

Karim, A. S., Zaki, A. R., & Mubeen, H. (2019). Managing workforce diversity in multicultural organizations: some observations. Journal of European Studies (02589680), 35(1).

As the businesses operate in a diverse global environment, it becomes complex to meet the objectives of a firm due to increased workforce diversity. Managers need to factor out the internal workforce as a way of managing workers in this environment. In this article, Karim, Zaki, and Mubeen use imperial assessment techniques to determine the productive output of different departments and their effort in meeting the organizational objectives.

The article assesses workers as individuals rather than their respective de...

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