The Wright Brothers: Their True Greatness - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-20


The Wright brother Orville and Wilbur have impacted the world significantly through their invention of airplanes; they are the pioneers of the aviation industry where they came up with the first aircraft that was able to fly. In order to be able to come up with a plane that could be able to fly successfully, more efforts needed to be included as well as determination to become successful in completing the flight. No aircraft had been developed earlier. Hence there was no point office of reference that they could learn from whenever they deserved to be guided in solving challenges that they come across.

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The Wright brothers had the passion and the curiosity to create something that could be able to fly from one place to the other safely. The curiosity in aeronautics made them invest all their efforts and resources on the course that could facilitate their curiosity towards developing planes although they faced challenges (Jakab). The Wright brothers also relied on knowledge from other people that had tried to make planes earlier and improved the earlier. Curiosity played an important role in the success of the right brothers because they were ready to learn on how they could develop the skills they had and come up with a better object that could fly with stability. It's the power of curiosity that enabled the Wright brothers to be able to make the first flying plane because there were no other people at the time when there were no technologies in the world that could enable them to carry out research.

Having the interest in a particular thing is not enough to make one consider conducting further research and survey, the drive is important because it makes one keep on going even when they face challenges they are able to keep pursuing their dream and goal that they want to achieve (Jakab). When one lacks the drive, they are not able to keep going when challenges when they come up. There are times when one gets successful in one thing but later fail. In such scenarios, one can get demotivated, and they might be demotivated to stop working on the project that they had earlier stated.

The determination is another factor that is needed for anyone to succeed because it makes one remain focused on the goal until they achieve it. The Wright brothers were determined to accomplish every goal that they wanted to despite facing challenges (Jakab). The right brothers were determined that they would only stop working on the plane if the planes project was successful. They wanted to create their own company that they could use to manufacture planes for selling. They were frustrated many times, but they kept on working hard on the project without losing up until they become successful in the project of making the planes. They believed in themselves that they could finally become successful and start their own company of manufacturing the airplanes.

Believing in oneself is important because it gives one the confidence that they have the capability of achieving the goals that they have yet to achieve. Lack of confidence makes one give excuses that can affect the projects (Thompson). One needs to stay true to the project that they are engaged in so that they can deal with the challenges that they might be facing without losing hope and the focus that they will one day achieve the goal that they are aiming to achieve. There are also people that don't believe in your capacity to achieve their goals, and they might demotivate you to stop working on the project. Believing in yourself will enable one to deal with such people that might demotivate one to stop working on the project. Wright brothers believed in themselves because they were engaging in an activity that had not been done before by someone else before.

Imagination also played a role in the discovery of planes by the Wright brothers. Since no aircraft had been made before, the Wright brothers could only imagine how the plane could look like and the things that they needed to do in order to make the dream become a reality (Thompson). They would imagine things and then try to actualize whatever they have imagined in a tangible thing that is working. The challenge comes when one is implementing an idea, and there are certain aspects that they had not thought about earlier. In such scenario one is supposed to think critically on the challenges that they have gone through. It's challenging to solve such challenges because they might come up with new challenges that the inventor had never experienced before. In such situations, one needs to believe in him or herself that they can deal with the challenges that come up. Determination will also help to make the person keep on working hard to achieve the end goal that they have set.

Even when someone faces challenges and they don't have the persistence to keep trying to solve the challenges that they face (Thompson). The two brothers gave each other morale whenever they faced challenges, and this kept them going and dealing with the challenges. Whenever they could succeed in solving challenges, they could celebrate for the milestone. For instance, they celebrated the flight of their first aircraft that flew for only twelve seconds and was 120 feet above the ground. Their discovery changed the world by streamlining the travel industry.

The Wright brothers were persistence with their work without being discouraged even when their first flight took less time on the air. If they could have been discouraged, they would have lost the hope of being persistent that the aircraft that they were making could last for many hours in the air and travel for longer distances without stopping (Thompson). The continued to improve the plane that they had earlier created to enhance the capabilities and add new features that were not on the earlier aircraft. Improving the previous planes helped them in dealing with the challenges that they had faced earlier. Upgrading the former planes also ensured that they don't repeat the challenges that they had experienced earlier.


In conclusion, the Wright brothers continued with their hard work until they created a plane that was reliable when flying from point A to B. the efforts that they played back then and the knowledge that they acquired are still being used up to today. Their persistence and determination finally paid off after starting their own company of manufacturing airplanes.

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