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The American documentary by the title: The war Room released in 1993, and significant issues presented in the film rotates Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign for the presidency, challenging, George H.W. Bush. This documentary came after primary first of Bill Clinton in New Hampshire and then followed by the campaign held by Clinton in the Little Rock, Arkansas. The primary theme of this documentary concentrate of Clinton candidacy, however, it has carried the discussion on duty of James Carville, approaches used by Bill and George Stephanopoulos, Bill's communication manager. Revealing what was happening behind the scenes of the campaign enables audiences to analyze the potential causes that attributed to the success of Clinton against his George H.W.Bush. This documentary allows the viewer to view things from a broader perspective. Several major has been displayed in the film, which enables the audience witness allegations against Bill and the same proves the prevailing notion that politics is a dirty game. Example of an allegation that almost pulled down Clinton was the Gennifer Flower Scandal. However, despite those allegations, Clinton managed the winner. The War Room demonstrates the epitome campaign philosophy and the critical role performed by Clinton in 1992 to establish prosperous campaign

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The purpose of a campaign is to persuade the majority of the number, with the aim of winning. The campaign held by Clinton placed the concentration on convincing many citizens as possible with the goal of winning. Despite several allegations that he faced, he did not shift his attention but instead concentrate on his ultimate goal. For instance, as presented in the documentary, a significant scandal concerned the Gennifer Flowers Scandal; Gennifer was one of actress and a model in America, who come openly to expose her sexual encounter with the Governor of Arkansas, which took place for a period of not less than 12 months (Room, 1993). She went extra miles holding a press conference where she played tapes that had recordings of her and Clinton pursuing a secretive talk. Bill, on the other hand, he was not moved by the blackmail, he continued focusing more on what he was planning to do to the citizens (The War Room, 1993). His concern for the people's welfare, especially on the aspect of the country's economy, attracted many voters to his side, in spite of the allegations that have been aired at that period. An ideal example of how Bill illustrated he emphasizes on winning, is when he chose to go on ''60 minutes'' Bill on January 26th chose to respond to the accusation in 60 minutes speech (1992 Sex Scandal, 2016). He used an excellent approach to deny the accusation "I have acknowledged causing pain in my marriage," Bill told his CBS reporter (1992 Sex Scandal, 2016). Moreover, he admits his marriage is facing problems, but he disapproves of his secret affair with the flower girl. He adds that many marriage face problem but that should not be the ground to mount other allegations (1992 Sex Scandal, 2016). Bill wanted to keep his focus on the changes he planned on doing for the economy and for the American people. He distanced himself away from this topic, not avoiding it entirely, but moving on from the subject and not allowing it to affect his campaign goal. Many Democrats were very impressed on how Clinton handled this crisis and amazed by how he maintained himself through the accusations (1992 Sex Scandal, 2016), Clinton's focus on winning brought success to him in the long run.

The documentary further, acknowledges being information driven and independent gives a candidate an added advantage towards winning. The campaign held by Clinton was always ahead of his opponent to a point he did not George Bush define his boundaries, this led to people tamed it has '' A War Room'' (The 1992 Campaign, 1992). He applied extra energy to reach out to the voters, with the aim of finding out which approaches were more effective. Bill place into usage pop- culture magazines, televised town gatherings, and television show programmed at late night as a way of directly interacting with voters (The 1992 Campaign, 1992). Taking into consideration these approaches, the team would rule out after polls analysis to determine what works best and what works poorly. Clinton shows self- reliance when debating against his opponent. He believed that as long as they kept debating on the matter, George Bush would run out of ideas (The 1992 campaign, 1992). His confident on his plans and strategies that kept him going when experiencing hardship prove his self- governance. Also, he used portraits that he wanted his voters to identify him with; he also used morning dialogue to campaign for himself with a view he will meet different kinds of audience. James Carville, Clinton communication manager, was always on equipped and updated with very new information, he used to check new stories in the headlines and polls every time he gets chance (The War Room, 1993). This enabled Bill's campaign to be ahead and well- equipped for any shortcoming it will meet

Moreover, in a perfect campaign strategy how people related matters. Clinton made sure he maintains a close relationship with his supporters. In the documentary, Bill is seen utilizing her wife and her daughter to develop a rapport with the voters. Most of the political rallies, she carried along family, swaying towards his side sympathy votes. It gives him the sense of association with some of the families become of the ''Dad figure'' he built for himself (The War Room, 1993). Bill Clinton making appearances with his daughter shared common interests with younger audiences. The excellent rapport he developed with his audience proved that the relationships one establishes with other people could affect how the result of your race will turn out.


In conclusion, the ideal Campaign Philosophy is been well deputed in The War Room, and it acted a crucial position in Bill Clinton's campaign. His close relation and self - governing, data-driven geared toward his success. Furthermore, he chose not to concentrate on the allegation but rather, more of his ultimate goal, his drew his supporters closer. With lack of proper organization of his campaign, he could have been pinned down. The Ideal Campaign Philosophy was cleared appropriately illustrated in the documentary, with the central message emphasizing staying focus and keeping the target back in mind as the best campaign strategy.


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