The T-Mobile Company - Evaluation Essay

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Date:  2022-06-19


T-Mobile is a telecommunications company with its headquarters in the United States. The company was founded by John W. Stanton under the name Voice Stream Wireless PCS but was later incorporated as T-Mobile US, Inc. in 2004. The Deutsche Telekom (DT) is the company's majority shareholder, and it operates with the mission of being a world leader in redefining the way in which consumers and businesses purchase wireless services by facilitating product and service innovations.

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The company operates internationally with a significant presence in Europe and the United States of America. It offers communication services to three categories of clients including branded postpaid customers, branded prepaid customers, and wholesale customers including a device trade-in program. T-Mobile also provides wireless telecommunication devices including handsets, tablets and their accessories (T-Mobile Media Contact, 2017). Some of the specific wireless services offered by T-Mobile include T-Mobile ONE plan that allows customers to make calls, text and a 4th generation long-term evolution data (LTE) and to tether a third-generation (3G) speeds (Trefis Team, 2018). Its other services are Just Upgrade My Phone (JUMP!). JUMP allows the customers a specific trade in rights to upgrade their devices. The company also provides various wireless devices such as handsets, tablets, and their accessories for sale. In 2017, T-Mobile now served over 71 million customers and employed approximately 51,000 employees.

In 2017 Nielsen ranked the company as leading in Customer Service Satisfaction based on its great corporate social responsibility standing including a focus on operating a sustainable business, exemplary commodities, upholding chain responsibility and fostering active relationship (T-Mobile Media Contact, 2017). Even though the company has recorded good financial returns with annual revenues of over $40 billion., the customers spent less on new devices such as the T-Mobile G1 resulting in a slight revenue decline in 2008 which is attributable to the economic recession. In 2018, T-Mobile and Sprint announced a $26.5 billion merger agreement which is a significant step in cementing its competitive advantage (Ciolli, 2018). Being a technology-based company, T-Mobile embraces the use of innovation in asset tracking and developing new programs. It invests heavily in fixed mobile convergence to offer cheap routing alternatives.


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