The Story of Evolution Essay

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Date:  2022-03-30

The question of who we are and where we came from is a rhetoric question that has never received a reliable answer worth satisfying. Similarly, the evolution theories have always brought controversies since different archaeologists, and evolution theorists tend to come up with their suppositions guided by scientific proofs to make their points come clean. As much as there is also the biblical account of creation, it has always been a hot-button topic about which story and proof to pick or stick to the biblical concept of humankind. This paper seeks to analyze the comparison between Dr. Cheik Anta Diop's ideas about the origin of humanity in his video, the biblical story in Genesis chapter one and chapter one of Civilization Past and Present to come up with similarities, differences, and conclusion of the three stories.

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Regarding Dr. Cheik Anta Diop's video, the "origin of humankind started in the regions around Kenya Tanzania and Ethiopia." Cheik outlined that the reason why most Africans are black is that they were born in the "equatorial regions which was dry and given melanin to protect their skin" and that "first man had to be black." According to Dr. Cheik, "nature transformed man and brought about six specimens of humankind." His argument outlines that three of the six species which he failed to name never thought of traveling around the world thus retained their habitat hence maintaining their melanin. The fifth species did not have a forehead, and the brain inside was somehow different from the brain of man we know. The fifth man did not have anterior lobe like the homo sapiens which was unable to overcome nature.

On the other hand, Molony et al. (4) outline that "humans belong to the primate order that includes monkeys, lemurs, apes, and apes." However, "development occurred when the ape family split into several branches." The response to environmental pressures made some of the species to learn how to walk upright, had to grow long legs than arms and later used hands for grasping and not locomotion. The pre-human species continued to develop, had its skull to extend with some muscles at the back that "enabled the extension of the brain thus led to the development of Homo Sapiens the thinking man." The fossil remains support the idea of the existence of homo sapiens in Africa which concurs with the idea of Dr. Cheik that origin of man was in Africa. The challenges that humans face to their existence made the current changes that man has grown up to be.

The invention of tools has developed from the ancient times to present-day technology that employs the use of advanced tools. For that matter, "making and using tools is the first evidence that reasoning and ability to use tools was as a result of evolution" in a stage known as Paleolithic. Evolution is also seen among the Egyptians who turned to using weapons after the existence of wars during 1570-1090 B.B.E. on empires grew up. For that matter, the theory that environmental changes enhanced evolution still picks up the pieces. From the changes in the Egyptians' society and economy, it can be outlined that indeed, changes in economic behavior, social systems, and environment support the theory of evolution.

On the other hand, the Genesis story of creation outlines that God made all creatures stepwise starting with the earth, sun, moon, waters, plantations, fishes, animals and finally the man in his likeness and form. For that matter, it means that animals were not in the image of God and so, the biblical account of creation challenges the theories of evolution that connects humans from Apes. For instance, the statement, "And God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea..." shows that man was created in the likeness of God and unique from other creatures.


In conclusion, From the analysis of the stories, Dr. Cheik and Melony et al.'s stories show similarities in the scientific proofs of the skulls and the gradual developments, but it is not a guarantee that humans passed through the stages. For that matter, the Biblical account of creation still holds a more significant piece of the story of humanity, unlike the evolution stories.

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