The Reunification of Korea

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Date:  2021-05-14

There are two ways that would potentially achieve reunification between the two countries: either one of the regimes collapses allowing for a reunification move or building strong, fact-based reconciliation structures for implementation in both countries. North Korea cannot cooperate to reunification strategies without levels of violence. The only way to force these strategies on the Northerners is to wait for their anticipated collapse. After that, peace-keeping forces can be deployed to the North and engage the people of North Korea in a referendum to decide whether they would like a reunification. This would provide the people of North Korea with a valid choice whether they would like to become one as was the case before, or remain as an independent people. As the situation stands, the separation for this long period may see the people accept the latter.

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Although many would like for the reunification to take place, there are profound effects that would come with it, both negative and positive. It will affect Korea's economic success and political stability. The two countries were being governed by different political leaders, not to mention different political systems. Confusion could arise when trying to determine who will eventually lead Korea as a united country. This anarchy and violence could in turn affect China's Southern border. Not forgetting loss of lives and property. In terms of financial costs, costs would arise to quell Northern resistances to the reunification process. Moreover, insurgents may be open to using hidden nuclear weaponry in the country as a means of responding to forced reunification attempts, posing worldwide dangers to participating countries. Many will be left in fear and despair because they know that those nuclear weapons could be used against their children, their relatives or their friends.

The reunification might, however, also lead to positive results. It would welcome peace and harmony not only between the two countries, but also with the United States and other surrounding countries. Research has shown that the reunification of Korea might lead to the Seventh largest country with good economic growth due to availability of resources. This positive change will allow the surrounding countries to venture in possible business opportunities in Korea.

In conclusion, the reunification of the two countries presents positive as well as negative prospects for them. It therefore becomes an analysis of the advantages against the disadvantages as well as investigating the planned strategies for the reunification process should the two countries decide to move forward with their plans. South Korea is not willing to be connected to a dictatorial regime while North Korea is ready to hold on to power no matter how much it hurts. The differences between them over 60 years of separation has become tremendous and the reunification strategies have become a fairy tale to the young generations.


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