The 'Power of Money' as Discussed in 'Raisin in the Sun' Essay

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Karl Max postulates that money essentially usurps the normal limits of human capabilities. The article further states that with money, everything in this world, has a price, nothing that money if offered indefinitely that it cannot buy (Max,03). The article further explores the challenges that are associated with the impact that money have had in ensuring that there is power in ensuring that the people will have anything that they desire and hence make them to be perceived as being powerful (Max,03). The author argues that it is neither about who a person is nor the capability that people have that determines the personality of a person. Under the guise of money, all these factors become irrelevant and that they are all perceived as being non issues as money is honored and by extension the people who own the money (Max,03).

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In the play 'Raisin the sun', it is important that one understands the characters all argue about the relevance of money as it is one that exposes the characters as people who are focused on ensuring that they go to all extents in ensuring that they go through all means possible to achieve this target. The Youngers family is one that is determined to get out of the murk that is life in a three-roomed house and all this comes to be true when they the cheque that has the potential of changing their lives finally arrives (Hansberry,144). This paper seeks to look at the impact that the money has had in exposing the characters in the play and the recognition that money has on the lives of the characters.

Money is sure one of the foolproof ways that ensure that the characters remain focused and in the process develop the themes that are predominantly discussed in the book. One of the ideas that have been explored in the book is the notion of the American dream. This is the idea that everyone has the potential and the right to attain something in this life, and it is hence the responsibility of every individual to work towards attaining these life choices.

The book exposes the ideas that every individual has a dream of attaining some sort of financial success and this can only be achieved through the acquisition of success that is either based in riches, love or fame (Hansberry,144). The American dream is hence one that aims to look into the fact that every person feels that they are entitled to look for happiness which can only be achieved through hard work.

In the Play, 'A Raisin in the Sun', the author portrays the struggles of an African-American family that is working hard in ensuring that they break out of the poverty line that has impeded them from being financially stable or rather from reaching on the American dream. The protagonist, Walter, exposes the passion and the commitment that the character has in his passion of breaking away from the throngs of poverty (Hansberry,145).

The book is one that helps the reader to have a perspective about the fact that it is true that with money, factors such as race, and discrimination based on the notion of poverty are all dependent on the issue of money. One would for instance, look at the fact that since the family got the money to buy a house in a neighborhood that is predominantly inhabited by whites is a factor that backs up the entire argument propagated by Karl Max. The white-dominated neighborhood is one that is arguably used to hint to the reader that it is a factual assumption that money is one that automatically leads to the people overlooking some of the issues that would be a deal breaker.

One of the most obvious indicators on the power that money has on the individual, is the fact that even the realtors who are obviously aware of the discontent and the discrimination that the whites have towards blacks, are willing to overlook all these. The allure for money drives the people to do things that are not obviously their way of doing things and would change all these preferences if the factors were not constant (Hansberry,144). The book looks at the fact that since Walter is one that is expected to look after the family, his incapacitation in matters that are related to money issues make it hard for him to be the breadwinner that he obviously aims to be.

It is hence an illuminating moment that exposes to the reader the challenges that financial crisis will have on a person as it is one that has even take away the masculinity and the power of the protagonist in ensuring that all his family members are all catered for daily (Fulililove, 12). It is hence important that one understands the fact that money has had an influence in ensuring that the people understand the impact that it can have on their lives.

Money has made it seem as if Walter has been stripped off his power as the head of the house given that even the wife contemplates on having an abortion despite being in what one would presume to be an arguably stable family (Hansberry,148). The argument that Ruth brings on illuminates to the reader that if they had the chance and enough resources, to look after the child, then such ideas would not even had been factors that would be in any way considered. Money hence has the ability to determine if a person lives or not and should they have a chance of living, it will influence the quality of life that one has in their lives.

Some of the neighbors of the Younger's family felt that the family was one that was farfetched and were borderline daydreams. It was, for example, inconceivable for the black people to dream about owning a home in a neighborhood that was predominantly inhabited by the white people. The other characters such as the neighbors felt that due to their nature, having such dreams was one of the sure ways that they were setting themselves up for disappointment (Hansberry,147). This notion was however changed when the Youngers managed to usurp by tapping on the influence that money has on the individuals.

One of the most parts of the American Dream is one that focuses on the need for the other races to be accepted by the whites while being financially stable. The family acknowledges that it is important that they first look for money, if they are in any way expected to attain the acceptance that they seek and the respect by the white community.

The representative of the Clybourne is for instance, one that insists on the need for the black people to respect the unspoken boundaries that will not only help them in acknowledging the need for the boundaries that are based on races but also in advancing the societal beliefs (Hansberry,145). Some of these beliefs are those that work directly for the white society as the blackmail that they use is one that ingrains in the minds of the people that it is important that one understands the power of money.

Despite the obvious displeasure of the white people inhabiting the same neighborhood as the blacks (Hansberry,147). Money plays a significant role in helping them to be insured against the obvious discrimination that would have taken place had they been broke. Money, however, has the power to protect them against such attitudes and the white society is left with the displeasure of having to live with people that they obviously feel that they do not belong to the community. Money has however insured them against all these arguments and they are hence left with the need for them to grapple with their discomfort and ultimately affirming the belief that with money, one has the potential to change even the things that one would consider to be inconceivable. The attempts to discourage the black family is one that borders on blackmail and the fact that the people need to acknowledge the importance that it holds about a particular concept.

The neighbors were at first not concerned with the inhabitants of the house but when they see the children getting mails from the mailman, then they come to try and discourage the Youngers from inhabiting it, as they argue that it is for their benefit that they are asking them to vacate the house and look for a friendlier environment (Hansberry,156). Such ideas are all meant to expose to the reader the importance of money to the people as without the money it is clear that the white people are not in any way interested in trying to understand the Youngers ( Lipsitz, 08). Money has however helped them to achieve this notion and enabled them to understand the belief that the people need to look at the ways that they can get money as it is one sure way that ensures that they are respected everywhere they go (Hansberry,151). Money is therefore arguably one of the most important characteristics as it ensures that every person has the chance to live the dream and the lives that they had anticipated.

Another way that the essay helps the reader to understand the appropriateness of the assumption that money has the power to give everyone and everything that they would ever conceive of is the life insurance check that they are all anticipating. Everyone has some preconceived notion of the possibilities that can come true from the check. Walter, for instance, sees the check as the ticket for one to get out of his boring routine, long hours and an impoverished life (Hansberry,144).

His dream is, however, one that surpasses logic and looks at the ways that would ensure that the people would stay in poverty. All the other characters see the inconsistencies that are associated with the enterprise that Walter preconceives to be one that will help them to get out of poverty (Hansberry,144). Walter, is, however, one who is bent on ignoring all these risks as long as it helps him to materialize his dreams.

Despite the playwright highlighting the importance of having dreams as every character has some and they all work towards ensuring that they are on the track exposes the ability of the money to come even in between people who share the same blood. Money has the power to break even some of the strongest alliances as we see in the book when the wife buys a house that they all desperately need at the expense of the dreams of Walter (Hansberry, 144). Beneatha is a character who is evidently interested in pursuing a medicine course as it is a sure way that one can get out of the murky waters of poverty (Hansberry,141). It is for instance, necessary that the people acknowledge that money is a factor that every person should be wary of as they are making deals.

The mother is one of the obvious characters that are meant to disparage the thought that one can change the influence that money has on an individual. She keeps on complaining about how the family is all focused on making money and all the other factors (Hansberry,144). When the cheque clears and they buy a house in the posh Clybourne, she goes on and moves on with them (Hansberry,178).


The above deductions from the playwright, all serve to ingrain the fact that everything in this world, has a price, nothing that money if offered indefinitely that it cannot buy and Under the guise of money, all these factors become irrelevant and that they are all perceived as being non issues as money is honored and by extension the people who own the money.

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