Essay Sample on Request Meeting With Mr. Dobbs & Mr. Stevens to Address Employee Concerns

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Date:  2023-02-27

I am writing this letter to you to request a meeting with you, Mr. Dobbs, and the administrator of your facility Mr. Bill Stevens to address some complaints raised by some of the employees there. There are concerns within the quarters of your workforce that Mr. Stevens makes remarks that upset people and they deem that such comments go against their cultures (Augustin & Rubino, 2014). I do not agree with your response to the concerns raised to you by the Director of nurses, Mrs. Alice Gonzalez. It is paramount to know how to manage a diverse workforce and to deal with their different backgrounds.

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Managing a diverse workforce requires the management to create inclusive policies and practices that would make everyone a part of the organization. The management has to ensure that it has exercises and procedures in place that cover everyone and not to favor others or discriminate based on their backgrounds such as race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or even political inclination. It is the responsibility of the policymakers to impact policies and practices that include everyone within the organization. Also, they should be willing to take feedback from their employees and make administrative decisions based on them.

There are allegations towards Mr. Steven that he gets offended and worked up upon receiving a complaint or feedback from the employees, especially about his dealings with them (Augustin & Rubino, 2014). Also, there should be effective communication within the organization to facilitate conveyance of the firm's ambitions, goals, and policies as well. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, it is the responsibility of the management to ensure that all the employees understand procedure, policies, safety rules, and other relevant information.

For effective management of a diverse workforce, we also have to talk about encouraging interactions within the organization, so that an environment of appreciation and respect can sprout. No matter their backgrounds, it is the work of the management to encourage all employees to collaborate with those who are different. Such collaborations will promote teamwork and will result in improved performance. Instead of creating an environment of anxiety and fear of losing a position, creating a culture of empathy and forgiveness is essential in diverse organizations (Augustin & Rubino, 2014). Similar to any process within any organization, there are difficulties with diversity and inclusion. Leaders must step up the plate and admit their mistakes and encourage others to do the same when they offend others.

Playing down concerns by junior employees does not make it bright; but makes the situation even harder (Augustin & Rubino, 2014). Admitting to mistakes,when they seem insignificant implies concern, humility and sets an excellent example for the rest. Finally, on managing these differences within your organization, it is essential to effectively connect with the employees and find out what motivates and offends them. People want a leader who listens to them, and who can share with them. Keeping your office out of bounds creates a boundary between the management and the employees and it can be disastrous.

Our meeting will be the perfect avenue to learn more about dealing with the above issues and more, and one which you should purpose to attend without fail. We will address the questions from your employees and how to make amends in the future. I will also ring you to ascertain that you have this letter.

I look forward to meeting with you in two weeks and discuss more.




Augustin, F., & Rubino, L. (2014). I Don't Want to Get Fired, But. (pp. 1-8). Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC.

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