The Inevitability of Automation - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-11-30


Automation is increasingly being used in all sectors where work processes can be automated; the increase in automation is because of advancement in technology. Machines replace the human hand in production through automation because they make the work efficient, reduce the production costs and improve the quality of the end product. The automation has raised the standards of living because people are able to get quality products. Many people are losing their jobs; as result automation, because the work done by many employees can be replaced with one machine that can handle the jobs better and efficiently more than the employees.

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The automation began in the eighteenth century when the people began to use tools to carry out various actions. The tools continued to be advanced as the man increased knowledge of how to do things (Betancourt 9). The automation becomes widespread during the industrial revolution when products began to be produced in large quantities. Industries were formed to produce the goods; hence they need to find a way to produce goods with fewer resources in terms of expenditure. The need for automation has increased to the extent that it's inevitable to automate processes for companies. Companies that have not automated their processes are unable to survive and compete with companies with automated processes.

Automation of processes has impacted the world to a greater extent both positively and negatively. Among the positive impacts of automation is that companies are able to increase productions since the machines that automate the processes at high speed are able to produce large quantities of products within a short period of time (Betancourt 9). The increase in units produced by the companies enables the company to increase the profit margin due to increased sales. The machines that replace the people produce goods that are of high quality than the goods that are produced by people. This improves the lives of the people because the goods provide better services to the people that use them.

The employees that are replaced by machines become jobless; hence automation increases the number of people with employees. Many people in the world had become jobless after they were replaced by machines when the companies that employed them automated (Baker, Bud, and Yongjun). The demand for jobs in the world is increasing while the number of the number of jobs available is decreasing as a result of automation. Companies are increasingly becoming automated because in order to be competitive with other companies that are automated and produce quality products. Companies also enjoy the economies of scale since they are able to produce large quantities of products with fewer resources and time. Automation in such incidences is inevitable since companies that are not automated will face challenges that will force them to close down.

The other impact of automation to society is that the people are beginning to change their perceptions in terms of choosing their career path. People are beginning to pursue careers where there is no automation in order to increase their chances of getting employment opportunities (Baker, Bud, and Yongjun). People are beginning to pursue careers that they will not have to compete with robots in doing work. People are worried about the increased usage of robots to perform various activities that can be done by robots once the processes are automated.

People need to change their strategies when it comes to coming up with strategies that will help them deal with the challenges that they are likely to face when searching for jobs. Students need to know the challenge of getting jobs while they are still a student to consider choosing careers that are well informed. The students can also be empowered to be able to offer better services more than the robots can offer. The machines require a human hand to run; therefore the students can major on controlling the robots. When the students are prepared for the uncertainties later in their life, then they will be ready to face the challenge that comes when they fail to secure jobs. The learners in school today will complete their studies at a time when technology will be used in all sectors. Hence, students can choose to study courses that are related to technology to offer support services. Technology related specialists will be in high demand to fix the challenges that will arise.

The students also need to aspire to become experts in their respective fields so that they should be considered because of the skills that they have. There is work that machines cannot do; hence students can concentrate on the areas that the robots cannot be deployed. The automation can only be done in areas where there is a repetition of work and the things done by the robots are not much complex. The robots that are used in automating the processes also need to be assisted while they are carrying out their work. The students should be encouraged to choose their careers wisely to avoid instances that they might be competing with machines in performing similar tasks.

Technology keeps on changing, and it changes the lives of the people and society at large. Opposing technology means that people don't want to transform their lives for the better (Betancourt). Opposing automation of processes means that the opposers don't want to access quality better products and services that improve the quality of their lives. Opposing technological changes will not help because there are some activities that are done by machines that cannot be done by human hand. The opposers should come up with a way of working with the machines.

The opposers can check the reasons why they are against the automation of processes in order to deal with the challenges that they feel are of concern. Identifying the challenges one might be able to come up with mitigation factors to deal with the challenge (Betancourt 5). Finding the solution to the challenges one is going through is the best way to deal with the challenge without any party being affected by the decision arrived at. The advantages of automation are more than the disadvantages. Opposing the automation of services means that companies should continue producing low-quality products and therefore there will be no improvement in the quality of life.


In conclusion, automation has transformed the production activities of many companies for the better by making processes streamlined and efficient. Companies are able to increase their revenues after the production processes are streamlined. The automation also comes with challenges that make people unhappy with it. Technologies keep on changing as it advances; therefore, companies need to integrate the technology in the process to produce quality products that are able to compete in the market.

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