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In 19th of November eighteen sixty-three, President Lincoln conveyed a discourse at a devotion of officers' national burial ground in Gettysburg. It was later said to be the best speech in the history of America. The address was carefully crafted more than other presentations of that day. However, it arises to be the most influential and most excellent statements of the United States national purpose. In less than five minutes Mr. Lincoln was able to reiterate the principles of equality in human advocated by proclaimed civil war and declaration of independence which symbolize the preservation of the union divided by crisis and thus the birth of new freedom was to bring back real equality to everyone. Besides, he also redefined the civil war as a battle for the rule of human justice and association.

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Due to a battle that was in Gettysburg on first to third July 1863, the burial of Union soldiers from the battlefield started on 17th of October the same year (deGrasse Tyson, 891). The committee for the 19th November led by David Wills invited President Lincoln to attend, and he wrote him a letter asking him as the first in command of the country to formally set apart on the grounds with appropriate few remarks. The president's address book after the discourse of Edward Everett who later on entailed his copy of Gettysburg address in his book about the occasion.

Shortly after Everett delivered his remarks, President Lincoln was given a chance to speak. He spoke for only a few minutes, but his comments were appropriate as he summarized his view of the war in just ten sentences (Wineburg, 636). In his speech, he explained how the forefathers brought forth the continent a country that was conceived in liberty and thus all men in it should be treated equally. He also said that despite the nation was facing a great civil war, it must endure, and it is the reason he went to dedicate a cemetery for the fallen soldiers. All the brave men from the battlefield required a place to be buried as what they did could never be forgotten. His ended his speech saying that the nation will have a new birth of freedom which will include the government of the people for people will not perish from the earth.

Some of the language and themes used on the Gettysburg address were not new as President Lincoln in his message to Congress in July 1861 had referred America as a democratic country with a government of the people by the same persons. The identical features of the speech were his assertion that the statement of independence was the true expressions the founding fathers intended for the America and not the constitution. During that period many whites who owned slaves declared themselves to be true Americans saying that constitution does not prohibit slavery. It is the reasons Lincoln stated that all men were created equal and had equal rights.


In conclusion, the speech that President Lincoln gave during the commitment of officers' national burial ground in Gettysburg in nineteenth of November 1863 is known as Gettysburg Address. However, it happened to be the most significant statement in America advocating for equality to all citizens. The battle that was in Gettysburg from first to third of July 1863 leads to the death of many soldiers. David Wills who was the head committee of burial invited President Lincoln and asked him to give appropriate remarks for the event. Later on, he traveled and delivered a speech which ends up being the most important address in the history of America.

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