The Gantt Chart - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-18


The Gantt chart is an extremely useful tool when it comes to formulating and managing projects since it allows defining, in a graphic, practical and systematic way, the duration of the different activities that must be executed in order to successfully complete a project. determined project (Wilson 2003). The above Gantt chart is for a new product to be launched by Pepsi. The activities of the project are always shown vertically, while the times are represented horizontally. The Gantt Chart provides a visual perspective that facilitates the understanding of the project to be developed and allows efficiently ordering the activities required for the execution of the project (Wilson 2003). It also facilitates the control and supervision of processes and gives an estimate of the time that each activity will take individually and of the time it will take the execution of the project in its entirety.

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One of the most critical risks in using Gantt charts is that risks are not planned for. This means that the risk management plan has no place in the template of the Gantt Chart and, if it is to be contemplated, it will have to be done in the form of an addition. The Gantt conceives risks as a non-priority issue when in reality, it should be the opposite since they can even affect the viability of the project. This may result in losing the perspective of risk in a contextual framework, limiting the vision of the Project Management with the negative consequences that this may have for decision making. It also restricts access to information on risk to all project participants, who use the Gantt Chart as a tool for communication and data exchange.

A contingency plan is a management instrument that define the objectives, strategies and programs that guide the institutional activities for the prevention, risk reduction, emergency attention and rehabilitation in cases of disasters, allowing to diminish or minimize the damages, victims and losses that could occur as a result of natural, technological or industrial production phenomena, potentially harmful. All stakeholders should be involved in coming up with the project timelines (Virine & Trumper, 2017). The plan should be dynamic and all alternatives should be included in it to ensure that the project does not stall when an emergency strikes.


The leadership qualities that the project manager possesses are important in ensuring the successful completion of the project. Project managers should be charismatic. Rather than using the power that is given to him/her to manage a project, a good manager manages to make his/her team a true team of partners who strive for a single goal, to build and deliver results. Therefore, the leader always seeks to improve its abilities to mediate and help solve conflicts, overturn limiting beliefs and stimulate motivation. The leader knows that to give the best of themselves, professionals need to be emotionally involved with the project, they need to engage and believe in what they are producing. Therefore, driving and collaborating are verbs that are present in your daily life. A good project manager does not, but delegates and provides autonomy (Karen & Kathleen, 2017). A good project manager is one who has realized that it is not enough to issue information and impose resolutions. The leader makes communication with all parties involved (team, suppliers, customer) a two-way, a dialogue.


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