The French Huissier as a Model for US Civil Procedure Reform

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Date:  2021-03-10

Law and reforms in any country form the backbone of its operations. It is through laws and reforms that a countrys judiciary remains healthy and in good shape. For a powerful country like America, this is not a debatable issue. This article focuses on number of issues in the legal system. It has however touched greatly on the importance of the hussier in the courts; It has also shed light on how the American legal system has come to acknowledge the use of the French huissiers. It is very surprising for the United States of America courts to use foreign laws from other countries and have them as reference in their judgments. The hussier has now become a very common component of the legal system of America.

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From the article a number of issues have come to my attention. I have come to understand the importance of the hussier in the legal system. The hussier is said to have a number of roles among them he is viewed as a member of a liberal profession their profession is not restricted; they are allowed to run their activities like a manager does with his company. He is also viewed as a legal representative his or her duties include ensuring order and organization in the court room during hearings under the authority of the judge, a judge may also consult a hussier in the instance were some clarity is required in regards to a matter that the judge cannot fully understand. The roles of the hussier are therefore diverse and the knowledge they have accrued in regards to legal matters is immense. What would the legal system be like if the hussier were not there? Would this article exist? How would America and the French be of help to each other and the knowledge acquired from this article? All this questions therefore shed light on the importance of the hussier.

This article brings my understanding to both the theoretical and practical situations. An example of a practical situation is the importance of foreign legal systems around the world. Countries are always in the front line to help other countries when trouble arises as a result of political, social or religious differences. African countries are often in problems majorly political problems, developed countries often come to their rescue and help them in resolving the problem. This is usually possible if only foreign legal systems are well known and adhered to. Foreign legal systems are therefore very important when it comes to interactions between countries. (Summer 2010) it is necessary to recognize foreign legal systems in order for the United States to meet treaty obligations and address cross border issues.

The need for the judiciary to have new employees has also caught my attention. I think that with the current situation globally and the pace at which crimes are taking place, it has led to the increase in the number of cases in the courts. This is weighing down the judiciary and at such making the credibility of the judiciary in most countries to be questioned. The ratio of clients to employees greatly varies and is unrealistic. To avoid the pile up of files and cases, workers should be employed to help relieve the overworked employees. The question I ask myself is, all this going to help the judiciary, will it bring more of positive change than negative change or will it make the situation worse. With the help of the master and the special master America was of the thought that with the current situations this will help in relieving the judges especially with the back log of work. The master has become a very important person in the judiciary his roles that have become more pronounced and at times change I can only imagine how it will be in the future.

As I conclude it is important for us to realize the importance of the key players in the judiciary. I can proudly say that this article has not only made my understanding of the roles of the master and hussier better but has also increased my interest in the field. I would really love to be a key player in the judiciary and take up the position of the hussier. The necessity to learn on foreign legal systems has also been core in this article; countries that have working foreign legal systems are likely to have better relations with other countries compared to those that do not have foreign legal systems. It is with a lot of confidence that I say that the judiciary in America is only going to get better as time goes on. A lot of work has to be done and the hussier and master have to keep the fire burning by executing their roles as is required of them.

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