The Female Dwarf in the Walters Art Museum. Essay Sample.

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Date:  2021-04-08

Walters Art Museum is an international museum that has several collections of sculptures that date from the pre-dynastic period of the Egyptian history to-date. Most of the sculptures were evacuated from Egypt since ancient Egypt was among the earliest nations to be under civilization due to their hieroglyphics language, their recording system of events and political organization.

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The female dwarf is a well-curved art found in the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore in Mary land. The sculpture was traditionally created among the Egyptians. It is dated to have existed back in the 4th millennium in the pre-dynastic period (Kozma 2556). The female dwarf is crafted out of creamy hippopotamus ivory and bone. Its measurements are; H: 27/16 x W:9/16 in (6.14x1.44x1.35cm). The nude image is placed on a white background make it outstanding in its position.

The female dwarf is represented wearing a lotus blossom on its large head that is a few centimeters long. The lotus is hollow with a ball inserted into it, which is continuous. The lotus is a common symbol used by Egypt historians. It is associated with a symbol of rebirth or the beginning of something great to the society. This symbol is associated with lotus flower that grows in ponds and other murky areas. The Lotus flower is said to be related to beauty, purity among several religions since, despite the areas that it grows it still flourishes, and one cannot fail to notice its outstanding look. Besides, the dwarf has short curly hair that goes round the face and the head to the neck leaving the ears uncovered. The eyes to the dwarf are wide open and have a small nose and mouth. The neck to the dwarf is broad and short that one may fail to notice it. The dwarf has short hands and limbs that are twisted and malformed. The hands are outwardly stretched to the thighs of the sculpture (Kozma 2259-2262). Besides, it has large round breasts and a deeply curved hole that marks the navel. The pubic area is represented by a curved triangle that has holes engraved on it. On to the back of the sculpture, there is a depression, right on top of the buttocks bringing out an apparent curve of the waste line to the sculpture. The curving has been placed on top of a stone tablet that is made of the same material as the sculpture.

The female dwarf is just a representation of the ancient Egyptian pre-dynastic period. Dwarfs were believed to have existed due to a breeding disease is known as achondroplasia among the royal families. The dwarfs ended up having high status in the ancient world despite their physical deformity. They were said to have been employed as jewelers, personal and animal attendees. Besides, the dwarfs were well re-known as entertainers, and it is for this reason that most of their sculptures are represented to having bent legs which indicate a position that they are dancing (Regine and Mattias 55). To-date, the Egyptian gods know as Bes and Ptah are usually represented using the dwarfs images. The picture of the female dwarf is just one among other five sculptures of dwarfs found in the Walters Museum. Other sculptures of the dwarfs represented in this museum include the dwarf entertainer, dwarf man holding a child, female and male dwarf and the gods; Ptah and Bes all made from hippopotamus ivory.

In comparison to the female dwarf is the Birch and Pine Tree NO.1 piece of art. Unlike the female dwarf, which is a sculpture, birch and pine is a form of painting that is dated back in 1925. The dimension to the portrait is represented in a size of width and height, while that of the sculpture is represented in depth, width, and height. Also, the statue is placed on a stone tablet, and it is possible to have a 3-dimension view of the work of art (Regine and Mattias 54). Although the birth and Pine has a close-up view, it is not possible to have a three dimension view since it is just a painting on a wall hanging. The female dwarf is dated back in the Before Christ period (B.C), while that latter is dated on After Death (A.D).

It is also possible to note that, the Birth and Pine is a modern form of American painting due to the different forms of artistic colors used and intimate portraits on it. However, as for the female sculpture, an ancient image that existed in Pre-3100-3500 BCE (Khozma 2561). However, just like the female dwarf, the art has been used for symbolism purposes in different contexts. They both symbolize arts of purity and beauty. The two distinct works of art are made out of pure materials making them easy to study and reflect. There is also a prevailing view of flowers and art in both of the arts. In the female dwarf, the lotus flower and the calyx are represented using the crown placed on the head of the dwarf.


Different works of art have been used to provide the artistic impression to viewers and other scholars. The sculptures and paintings displayed in the Walters Museum are important collections that are used as evidence in the study of the humans ancient society.

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