The Bright Happy Learning Day Care Company Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-06


Bright Happy Learning Daycare is a startup company that gives services on daycare to the residents of Bronx New York. The newly established daycare center caters for children from the age of three months to six years old. The services provided are secured and safe by providing parents with an excellent place where children can be able to be taken care of. Bright Happy Learning Daycare targets low class in the community. This forms a demographic comprising of less considered individuals.

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Bright Happy Learning Daycare aims in offering safe as well as secured care of all time. our concern is on personal attention to each child which is very important in providing quality experiences to the children. Moreover, adequate personnel's to be hired are the faculty target to ensure each child gets proper supervision in our care.


Bright Happy learning Daycare has a philosophy that it follows in its routine which includes.

1.Maintaining an untarnished reputation in the community.

2.Provide Quality care

3.Competitive and Affordable Pricing

4.Flexibility when it comes to time


The child care market is quite a competitive market. Though there are locally run and owned faculties, the largest is hosting up to 100 children. In our case, it's a locally run and maximum capacity of 20 children. Sunshine daycare has diversified in terms of pricing and customer services providence. They have employed the best employees and keep training the workers to produce the best services Bright Happy Learning Daycare


Due to the need for double income within any family or business, the couple needs to work together, therefore rising concerns and the need and demand of childcare. It to our concern that the couple upon attending their business and work, their children have to be taken care of. And that's where the faculties such as our Bright happy learning daycare comes in play to cater for both the middle- and low-class community in children caring activities.


We also offer variety of programs to parents. We offer comprehensive services form parent and their families. We offer child development education programs, we also offer health information as a resource for care giver to children. We offer bike, and climber where parent and children can properly interact with the day care services. "WITH US YOUR KID IS IN THE RIGHT HANDS


Since this is a low-class community daycare we offer of the program to children regardless of their financial background and social status we ensure that the children get the best out of the daycare. the daycare offers the following programs to children. The main program is to assist low-income families who are in great need of children care.

We offer activities that promote self-help, confidence, and independence to children.

There are well-arranged learning centers which allow children to move freely from area to area while they choose the activity they intend to do.

We also have gym serves like the climber, slides, bikes, mats and also balancing beams

There is the provision of very nutritious breakfast, afternoon lunch with snacks and cooks ready to serve.


Bright Happy Learning Daycare is much based in Bronx New York. The facility will be in an estimated area of 1500 sq. ft. The residential neighborhood environment is quiet. The yard is yet to be fully fenced to keep off wonderous. Moreover, the yard will be well furnished with entertainment equipment which is safe as well as the sandbox.

Bright Happy Learning Daycare has a focus on meeting the local demands for services that are concerning the child care services within the 12-mile radius. The intake of children is flexible either on a full-time basis or part-time depends on the client's requirements and offers.


Bright Happy Learning Daycare 0ffer staff services to children from the age of 3 months infants to 6 years old from both suburbs and the low-class quarter. Though major concerns shifted to the low-class community. The staff aim is to ensure they are not left out. Hours of operation start from 6.30AM to 7.30P.M. day of operation are from Monday to Friday. Staff programs include cooking, professional day care teacher an activity facilitator.

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