The Biological Impact of Drugs

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Date:  2021-03-06

Mind over matters teacher's guide is a brain neuroscience education series which was developed by the national institute of drug abuse to encourage the youths to learn about the biological impact of drugs on the brain and body. It has eight magazines which contain eight specific drugs. They include hallucinogen, stimulants, opiates, nicotine, inhalants, steroids, marijuana and methamphetamine. The magazine described the effects of each drug on the physiological system. It starts with the explanation of the body system. The brain comprises of three main parts, the cerebellum, the limbic, and the brainstem. These parts work in an interconnected manner to control the way our body works. While considering the limbic system, this part is compost of hippocampus and amygdala which is responsible for the memory and feelings. It is the part of the brain where the drugs have a lot effect and eventually leads to control of human behavior. It usually overrides the actions of cortex in the control of human behavior.

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It is evident that addicting drugs always activate the brain's pleasure circuits. Addiction is the pathological biological procedures and processes that alter the way our body and other parts of the brain function. To explain the consequence of addiction on the human operating system, we are supposed to examine the effects of drugs on neurotransmission. All drugs that cause addictions such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and opiates change the way the brain works by affecting the neurotransmission. The drugs such as LSD and heroin always copy the actions or effects of a natural transmitter. Besides, PCP prevents neurons messages from going through by blocking various receptors. The drugs like cocaine interfere with the molecules that are vital in transporting neurotransmitters back to the neurons that are producing them. The drugs such as marijuana change the brain messages that affect the sensory coordinations and perceptions. It thus causes and makes individuals perceive feelings and hear the stimuli differently and thus lowers the reflex action. Moreover, drugs like opiates contain three types of opiates receptors which are responsible for controlling different parts of the brain while others like methamphetamine influence the release of neurotransmitter in excess quantity are hence causing an imbalance in the body and brain functions. Therefore, the use of the drug for a long duration leads to addiction which is one of the long-lasting effects of drug abuse.

While providing services to the drug addict clients or patients, the information about the drug and drug abuse above will be of greater use for us all. It will help me to explain to them the impact of these drugs on the brain and body. For example, those who are suffering from marijuana addiction, I will explain to them how the use marijuana affects the brain structure by influencing and controlling five senses, memory, emotions, and judgments. Besides, those who are addicted from the use of opiates will be advised on how the use of that drug can bring a lot of effects and alters the functions of cerebellum parts of the brain and eventually produces analgesic effects. The knowledge of the hallucinogens and inhalants will enable me to guide the clients in a professional manner and explain to them how drugs influence behavior, affects the brain structure and physiology. They will be aware of the neuroscience concepts and the terminologies associated with inhalants and hallucinogens. Moreover, they will be aware of the visual misperceptions caused by the use of excess hallucinogen drugs.

Drug addiction is fatal, and the use of the articles will play a vital role in changing the behavior of youths and respective victims.

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