The Bible: Inspired by God or Not? - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-28


The debate whether the bible was inspired by God has elicited different views. Some believe that the bible was inspired by God due to several factors such as fulfilment of prophecies, infinite meaning of the scriptures, and its extreme honesty, while others issue equal opposition to the belief (Diaz, 2016). Some Objections such that the bible was written in a historical is primarily used to discredit God's influencing in the authorship of the holy book. Despite the objections, the bible was inspired by God due to it overwhelming fulfilment of prophecies, honesty, and infinite meaning of the scriptures.

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According to Branson (2016), God influenced the authorship of the bible because of there exist empirical evidence of fulfilment of prophecies, especially those concerning the birth of the Messiah. Notably, all the messianic prophecies in the Old testament came to pass with the birth of Jesus Christ (Diaz, 2016). For example, Isaiah 7:14 claimed that the Messiah would be a supernatural of a virgin, which was fulfilled when Jesus was conceived in the womb of virgin Mary by the holy spirit. Fulfillment of prophecies at different timelines shows that a supernatural being influenced the authorship.

Secondly, the bible was inspired by God because of the infinite meaning of the scriptures. In this case, the bible can be understood from many distinct perspectives to fit unique situations. Branson (2016) claims that the bible can be comprehended by children, adults, or illiterate people since each reading offers a different view and meaning. Therefore, I believe that the holy spirit is responsible for the infinite meanings to give people a chance to solve their problems and challenges using the scriptures. For example, a single verse can be used for consolation, giving hope, or even reassuring God's presence in individuals lives.

Thirdly, the extreme honesty in the bibles shows that was inspired by God. Conventionally, many legends and folklores about community heroes try to mask their bad and portray their bright side to create heroic characters. Nevertheless, the bible does not hide any shortcomings present in most of the heroes such as Moses, David, Abraham, or Solomon (Diaz, 2016). Most of the biblical heroes had personal relationships with God, yet most of them were punished because of their wrongdoings, which are evident in the bible. If the bible was just a mere documentation by human beings, some of the short comings of the biblical heroes would be hidden, which is not the case.

On the other hand, objections such as the prophecies were written after the events happened try to discredit the Lord's inspiration in the authorship. however, the claims are fallacious since the ancient scribers were excellent in record and date keeping. Secondly, opposes claim that Jesus was not the son of God; instead, he was a lunatic who read the bible and impersonated the messiah (Diaz, 2016). If Jesus was a lunatic and impersonator, why would such a person undergo the persecution for no reason? It is not in the nature of human beings to die or persevere pain for no gain (Diaz, 2016). The objectors realize that by discrediting Christ, they get an opportunity to refute the New Testament, which revolves around Christ and the Holy spirit.

Overall, the bible was inspired by God to help people live a righteous life and overcome their challenges. It is a book of hope, spiritual, and moral guidance, which reassures of God's plan for His people. The fulfillment of prophecies, integrity of the scriptures, and its infinite meaning proves that the scriptures were authored by God. People should seek the truth and guidance in the holy book as opposed to seeking its faults.

Reply to Jordan Philpott's Post

Jordan's post clearly outlines the why Christian believe that the bible was inspired by God. He outlines that the bible was inspired by a supernatural because the writings have accurate records. I agree with Jordan since the bible is chronologically arranged in such a way that it allows the reader to follow keenly as the events unfold without any confusion. Additionally, Jordan stated that the fulfilment of prophecies proved that the bible was inspired by God. The assertion is correct since most of the prophecies in the old testament came to pass. For example, the messianic prophesies and documentation of destruction of kingdoms such as Babylon were prophesied and fulfilled. The scenarios show that a supernatural was involved in the authorship of the holy book. On the other hand, Jordan precisely explains two objections that nonbelievers use to discredit God's involvement in the authorship. The critics claim that events were recorded after the events happened and that the bible was full of errors.

Reply to Kevin Dale's Post

Kevin acknowledges that biblical; skepticism has been in existence since the inception of the holy book. He shows that Christians have the duty to spread the gospels of Christ by helping others understand that the bible is a divine book authored by God. The writer vividly explains his three reasons why he believes that the bible was authored by God. Firstly, Kevin shows that God existed in the beginning of bible in Genesis 1:1 and he is mentioned throughout the book, confirming his influence. Secondly, the writer claimed that the bible was inspired by God since messianic prophecies stated by Isaiah more than 700 years before were fulfilled. Thirdly, he claims that no other religious book offers extraordinary explanations of Jesus Christ like the bible. The above three reasons have empirical evidence to support that God had influence in the bible's authorship. Nevertheless, the writer does not provide adequate examples of oppositions to the bible's authorship nor how he could confront the critics.


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