Synthesis Essay about Casinos

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Date:  2021-03-11

A study conducted in different communities in the United States confirmed that there are various economic advantages that are related to the establishment of casinos. The outcomes provided material evidence associated with the importance of gambling in the gaming industry. The study also shows that there is an increased job provision, and most of these opportunities are directly connected to the introduction of casinos. According to these findings, the minorities take most of the opportunities provided by the casinos. Females also factored well in the study where they held a large percent.

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Although Fahrenkopf, the author of this research results did not mention any community, the casinos are great state fund provision tools. The money from the casinos has incredibly impacted the states budget. The study also shows that the communities where casinos have dominated have had significant growth.

Another study was conducted in criticism of the Fahrenkopf study. The contradicting research suggested that there is no need to evaluate the socioeconomic possessions of gambling because the effects are widely centered on unreliable evidence and dependable provable data on these effects do no not exist. The author of this new investigation found no primary data in Fahrenkopts study that would proof that both negative and positive effects are difficult to enumerate on a microeconomic source. When the study does not state the features of the gambling business, it tends to provide detailed statistics to support arguments for casinos and the economic growth that has been said to accompany them.

A study conducted in 11 communities in Washington showed that there are several advantages of gambling to the economic growth. The findings of the study carried out in Washington indicated that revenues collected from gambling have increased the standard of living of the residents of these communities. Matt Reisner in his report shows that there is a high rise of earnings per home as well as the percentage of people working in the areas of study. In the areas where gambling is legalized, members had and continue to apply it as revenue sources to fund their social and health services.

There is a claim that revenues obtained from casinos help the people to move ahead of nonrenewable sources of income like fishing. Through this, they have been able to start economic diversification. A good example is the Tulalip, which has funded the people of Quil Ceda Village and has managed to set up a shopping area. Apart from these, gambling has contributed to the rise of community projects. The study claims that in places like Washington, the revenue collected from gambling is approximately one billion per year. It asserts that non-tribal, private casinos established in Washington would seriously affect the economic growth of tribal gaming that is slowly starting to turn the people around. Due to this, some casinos will only benefit some people in that community whereas tribal gambling revenues will benefit the entire community.

Gambling can be viewed as a source of entertainment. In the North America, for example, gambling is obtainable in numerous forms like buying raffle tickets, staking on sporting events and going to permitted casinos. Although this could be the case, gambling can also be seen as an addiction same to that of alcohol or drugs. The statistics about youths and gambling from the national council on problem gambling clearly shows that the age bracket that is mostly affected by gambling is between eighteen to twenty-one in North America which shows that many young people are finding their ways to gamble. Research shows that a high percentage of youth will develop desires to gamble which might result in addiction.

Many people are not aware that gambling can lead to addiction as most of them are aware of addiction to drugs or alcohol. Casino addiction has become a major mental disorder for some people. Neurobiology research shows that addiction to casinos can cause the same reaction in the body as drugs or alcohol since they are all channeled through the mesolimbic dopamine system in the brain. Chemicals found in drugs and alcohol triggers the discharge of endogenous opioids in the system which emulates more prevailing possessions than morphine. It is the same case when a person wins much cash. He/she is excited, and the release of the same chemicals into the system takes place causing addiction. The body fights the chemical by producing naltrexone, which is a chemical, used to resist the reaction.

In investigating the connection of addictions, there is a comparison between gambling and chemical addictions. The main dominant characteristic of the two is acceptance and withdrawal. There is an acceptance build up by the gambler where he/she needs more and more of it to participate in the activity.

Gambling addiction to the youths is mostly accelerated by the fact that their bodies are not mature. They do not require many repetitions of the production of the endogenous opioids so that naltrexone blocks triggers and builds up a tolerance. Teenagers take few months to be addicted before a tolerance of the addiction is produced.

Essay outline


The economic benefits of gambling show that it has impacted a lot in the development part of the economy, and it has more positive effects than the negative ones.

The benefits of starting casinos

Starting casinos have created many job opportunities and raising the standard of living of those practicing it.

The argument about the importance of gambling.

There are controversies among various scholars that gambling has contributed to socioeconomic growth.

How gambling leads to addiction

Casinos have resulted in gambling addiction among the young people, and it affects their system.


Gambling has many effects not only on the economy part of it but also to individuals who are practicing it.

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