Symbolism Analysis in the Goodfellas Movie. Movie Review Example.

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Date:  2021-06-17

The Film industry is developing movies that transform our minds and emotion, making us moved and have to rethink about different aspects of life. I choose to discuss the film "Goodfellas" directed by Martin Scorsese, every scene of the movie is still fresh in my mind yet I watched together with my family a couple of years ago. Even after watching it, people in our house still continued to discuss some of the scenes that they found to be interesting. GoodFellas is the American crime film that was produced in1990 which adapted the 1986 non-fiction book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi who was also the co-writer of the screenplay with Scorsese. This film is the narration of the rise and fall of Henry Hill who is the mob associate together with his friend between the period of 1955 to 1980. The following essay will focus on discussing the major symbolic part of the film.

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Horrible Eye Shadow and Big Hair

Karen does not concern herself with the shaded manner that Henry comes at home with bacon since she looks beyond it. The only aspect she cannot turn back and take a look at is that big hair, which is a membership symbol of the Mob Wives Club. "They had bad skin and wore too much makeup, Karen said while she was in horror while looking around the room at the hostess party belonging to Mickey. "I mean, they didn't look very good. They look beat up, and the stuff they wore was thrown together and cheap: a lot of pantsuits and double knits." As soon as the camera moves about the room, viewers are shown what Karen is observing: horrible eyeshadow, massive coifs, tacky clothes on everyone. The mob wives all appear to be similar, while the solely unattractive appearance is a symbol of their position: as mothers, wives, and as important supporting family players. Whereas the symbolization of sartorial gives Karen her desires of barfing in her handbag, as the movie continues, her hair grows more, while the clothes become gaudier. The more she becomes entangled into the family, the more she engages into their glitziness.

Glorious Food.

Mangia! In Goodfellas, there is a connection between the family and food more compared to the string of Salim. It doesn't matter if the characters are either preparing the meal together or feasting on the final product, food is shown as a symbol of the strong bond among the family members. Although Henry together with his crew get themselves locked up, dinner remains to be the same event. These guys are true brothers in both Slammer and even marinara. Likewise, when Michael comes visiting, Henry prepares a big meal in his honor and gives Michael with stirring the sauce. Tommy's daring mother was available too. As soon as Henry, Tommy, and Jimmy stop by the house to snag a shovel at her house, she demanded upon flogging up a middle-of-the-night meal, creating for them the culinary offer that they cannot decline, even if they are at the center interring the dead body. As for the stone-cold killers, food is love.

If digging out is how relationships are sustained in Goodfellas, instances that the food is AWOL are vital also. Taking the occasion when Henry took Janice out, it is not for dinner but for drinks.

That chick is not family. There is possibility he will set her up in the apartment, though he is not going to bake her a lasagna. It is seen that; the food is not present at the dinner when Henry meets Jimmy.

Freeze Frames

Freeze Frames shots are among the prominent visual trick that Scorsese used in the film to stop the action of the vital points in Henry's life. Examples:

Henry flees away after setting light to some cars

Whipping from Henrys father

Staring down at Henry's face into the trunk at what is left of Billy Batts, asserting, "As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster."

With the use of freezing frames, the viewer is aware of what Henry remembers as a significant time of his life, directing our attention to them while grounding us more tightly in his point of view.

The Tracking Shots saw Round the World'

The commonly heard anecdote You can't really understand somebody until you walk a mile in their shoes"? It is most remembered one among the two of the Goodfellas remembered moving images attached to Henry's affluent wingtips. It involves the two big tracking shots in the movie, where Henry presents the crew as soon as Henry takes Karen for a first solo date at the Copacabana.

In the shot at the introduction point, the camera tracks around the restaurant while Henry was meeting and greeting characters with several nicknames compared to the college fraternity. Freddy No Nose, Jimmy Two Times, the entire gang is present. They also make eye contact with the camera together with the sound off for the roll call, allowing the audience to understand precisely what Henry experiences every time he meets his creatively named friends.


The producer of the film Goodfellas has taken necessary techniques that will ensure the movie is interesting and memorable. Both the camera and the characters have made an outstanding presentation on creating symbolism in different scenes and Freeze Frames shots. The film has gained greatest recognition around the world and won more than thirty awards since it was released. The essay has clearly depicted the film as the most interesting film thanks to the producer and the cast that were involved.

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