Summary of the Article: Impact of Gratitude of Resource Development and Emotional Well-being

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Date:  2021-03-26

The main idea of the article is the relation between gratitude and development of emotional well-being and the impacts of the same in the welfare of the society, additionally, the articles helps in explaining correlation gratitude and physical, psychological, cognitive and social resources that are crucial in the emotional development of the society. Moreover, there is the examination of the way gratitude relates to the positive emotions that trigger upward spirals towards emotional well-being. The hypothesis of the article is that gratitude can induce other positive emotions that help in mediating the emotional well-being of the society. In the study, the researchers used a total of 375 undergraduate students that were subjected to different conditions to help in elaborating on the effects of gratitude in the life of a person. The variables in this case were such as social support, beneficial psychological outcome, and adaptive coping abilities. The key findings from the research were that gratitude is very instrumental in influencing the emotions of a person that affects the well-being. The findings from the study were correlational and this is evident in the manner in which the moods dictate the degree of gratitude a person can offer and the extent of benefit the person can enjoy.

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The examination of the articles proves that there is a relation between gratitude and the well-being of the society and advices the society to develop gratitude in them and to enjoy the benefits of gratitude. In the third article, Gratitude: A Tool for Reducing Economic Impatience by David DeSteno, Ye Li, Leah Dickens, and Jennifer Lerner, there is the examination of the role of the human mind in discounting the value of delayed rewards that are related to the immediate ones. In this manner, the human mind is seen as an organ that drives the affective desires for the short-term gratification. The article also proves that sadness increase financial impatience and that being appreciative of the simple benefits helps in creating breakthrough in peoples lives. There is therefore the need to suppress emotions to ensure that people succeed and achieve their goals. This article relates to the previous articles the acknowledges the role of gratitude in promoting success in the society.


The effects of emotion in heightening the quality need to be acknowledged and ensure that the society acquire the necessary skills that would encourage them to appreciate their living conditions. The articles suggest that there is need for the population to change their thoughts to appreciate their lives and take part in the improvement of their living conditions. In this case, it is of great importance to accept one's situation and develop strategies that can enable them to improve without whining about the poor economic state and living conditions. Suppressing emotions is the main duty that the society needs to focus upon because the effects of gratitude differ from the more general positive state of happiness and that emotion reduces the level of impatience of a person when the parties are in pursuit of money.


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