Summary, Crime Assessment, and Criminal Profiling

Paper Type:  Case study
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Wordcount:  635 Words
Date:  2022-07-01

Whenever there are crimes taking place there will be some people responsible for the same. It can be one person or a group of people who have some motive behind the same. It is critical to analyze and find out the clues that could lead to the ones responsible for the crime for them to be arrested and hence stop future crimes. At the same time when the ones behind the crime are arrested and jailed then justice will have prevailed. This paper will summarize a situation; carry out a crime assessment which will assist in the profiling of the criminal.

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Frank Timmons is one of the last children in a family of thirteen children where they did not get the kind of upbringing that is admirable. Their father was not only abusive, but he was also an alcoholic. Although he was strict, the household was mostly peaceful making it difficult to detect the problematic life that the children were going through. Their mother had a hands-off approach to the upbringing of the children leaving most of her responsibilities to the elderly children. Margaret is the one who was in charge of taking care of the younger children Frank Timmons included. Margaret had an unstable life that was characterized by an inability to maintain relationships and employment, and she had unsuccessfully attempted suicide several times. She is alleged to have sexually abused the ones under her care and was not far from her father in term of verbal abuse and alcoholism.

Frank's school life was not admirable either, and although he was good in sports he failed to garner enough credit to graduate which is believed due to the time that he spent fending for the family instead of studying. He was known to be excessively rough and had even served some time in jail together with his bother for raping and assaulting a woman. He was paroled and reunited with his family from where he picked up life from where he had left.

There were a series of crimes that took place after his release that were concentrated around his locality. These crimes were rising by the day, and m mostly involved the sexual assault of young girls and perpetrated with excessive brutality. There was a description of a light-skinned black man from the survivors. The said man purported to be homeless and had been involved in some crimes while wearing a Halloween mask to conceal self. Upon searching his premises, some implicating evidence in the form of a toy handgun and mask were found. He was linked to one such incident by DNA evidence where a pregnant woman got assaulted in a park.

The people known to him believe that he cannot be the one behind the given crimes and the police must have gotten the wrong person. The current friend talked about him being a nice person who attended mass on a weekly basis. His coworker sees him as an employee who had a high level of commitment in his workplace judging by him getting there earlier and staying late. His neighbor has known him to be a quiet, respectful person who does not bother with other people's businesses.

When one looks at Frank Timmons's upbringing, then he is most likely to be the person committing these crimes. He can be said to be angry with the society and is seeking to make it for what he went through. He has this never-ending need to revenge against the community while at the same time not wanting to be associated with the said crimes. What he is going through is nothing out of the ordinary according to him based on how he was raised. Frank Timmons had a motive, and there is overwhelming evidence indicating that he is the one behind the crimes.

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