Succession Plan for Five Key Leadership Positions at Biotech

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Date:  2022-08-01

The aim of this report is to inform on the suitable candidates to occupy the five leadership positions within Biotech facility. The report starts by giving an overview of the succession plan of the Biotech facility. Also, in the report, the candidate will be matched with the position that he suites best and the reasons behind this selection based on the person's leadership competencies and those of the position he is to occupy. The final part of this entry will explain the significance of the report to the future of the facility.

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Succession planning forms the strategic plan for the continued relevance of Biotech facility in the market since it accommodates both the foreseen and unforeseen dangers. It safeguards the knowledge of the organization and sustains its operation and production activities. According to Fister Gale, (2013, para.2), mentorship, training and assignment of complex roles are the tents of an effective succession planning. This aspect is crucial for Biotech to fill the upcoming job vacancies with competent employees.

The four core values at the heart of Biotech facility include innovation, customer-centricity, sustainability and knowledge. In order to achieve these four factors, the leader should first meet his competencies. According to Comstock (2014), the leaders of this facility should uphold ethical standards in their professionalism which fosters creativity and achievement of the set goal via social influence, collaboration, and communication. The tenets of customer-centricity include social responsibility, communication with the customers, and customer service skills.

The succession planning of Biotech facility should match its vision and mission by availing these statements to incoming leaders (Goldsmith, 2014) and the manager of the corportation should comprehend and uphold the mission of the organization. New leaders taking up vacant positions within the organization should think strategically by accommodating the big picture. To successfully do so, they are required to have a positive and creative mind set and familiarize with the vision and culture of the firm when making decisions (Gilmore, 2007).

The success of Biotech lies in the fact that the facility's sustainability should be prioritized as the per leadership style of the manager in relation to both success and failure. To do this, the organization should consider employee inclusion. The spread of information within the facility should be done in a committed and continuous training characterized by strategic thinking (Giles 2016). The manager should oversee the training of the employees to ensure optimal transfer of competency skills. The customer takes a central ground in Biotech and the manager should be on the forefront to encourage effective communication between the customers and the employees as a way of promoting social responsibility.


After analysis of the future positions within the facility, the following are the recommendations of the most suitable candidature for each respective position basing on leadership capability.

Sales director, Saudi Arabia

The sales director will be charged with developing growth sales strategies, tactics, and action plans in order to meet the financial targets. To successful occupy this position; a candidate should uphold customer-centricity by talking with customers, being socially responsible as stipulated in the biotech company profile and upholding customer service (Leadership, n.d.). the person to fill this position is required to have cross-cultural communication skills, respect cultural diversity and bear a global mindset (SHRM, 2018). the most suitable candidate for this position is Rafael Medez since according to Carnwell and Stock (2014), he is accommodative of collaborative culture accommodates diverse cultures and commits himself to customer satisfaction. This outcome tallies with that postulated by kwintessntial, n.d and Commisceo Global, n.d. regarding respecting religious values, beliefs, ad customs and handling of low risk and low change-tolerant culture respectively.

Director of Research and Development

The role of the director of research and development is to oversee the research and development departments of the organization. In so doing, the firm will be able to realize its goals and objectives regarding research and development of new items and improving the already existing ones. According to Walsh (2018), an effective director is supposed to think critically and focus on attainment of the results. The most suitable candidate for this position will is Marg Simpson who according to Kirkpatrick and Locke (1991), exhibits motivation, sees challenges as opportunities to bring up creative solutions, and focuses on the long term criterion and makes future plans which according to the Biotech profile should align with the facility's goals and vision.. This particular candidate also demonstrates the need for innovation (Blanken, 2013).

VP of Headquarter Operations, Yonkers

The vice president of the operations manages the daily operations of the facility to champion for its growth. The vice president should have outstanding interpersonal skills, train the employee's ad to develop them (Poynter, 2012). This individual should also be able to think strategically (Walsh, 2014), maintain high discipline (CMOE, n.d.), and be ethical and integral in his ways (SHRM, 2018). The likely suitable candidate for this position is Mohammad Darvish who according to the Relational Leadership Model (2006), he encourages the motivation of the employees and their motivation as well. This particular attribute is in line with what Poynter (2012) states as being able to coach employees and develop them as well.

Executive Director, Chicago, Illinois

The executive director is regarded as the senior operating officer or manager of a company or organization. The person occupying this position is charged with the responsibility of working with the board of directors and restricts the operations within the allocated financial allocation. To comfortably be in this position the person should exercise sustainability ho according to Walsh (2018), the person should be able to work across boundaries, and result oriented and bears high ethical and moral standards (Giles, 2016). The most suitable candidate for this position is thus Jackie Johnson who according to Gandolfi and Stone (2017) follows a transformational style of leadership.

Director of Finance

The director of finance is charged with the responsibility of maximizing the return from invested financial assets by an organization. The person does so by establishing reporting systems, procedures and financial policies. To add to this, the director of the fiance should oversee general accounting, cost accounting, payroll and risk management, and accounts collection. Effective leadership and sustainability are the tenets for this particular position. from the list of available candidate, there is no individual with the required qualities to occupy this position and therefore, Biotech should look for the following qualities while outsourcing the suitable candidate; strong communication skills, and ethical conduct (The Outsourced Accountant, n.d.), have a conservative and prudent approach to finance (Rowe & Nejad, 2009) and think strategically (Walsh, 2014).


The recommendations are given above align the most suitable candidate for the available position basing on the identified skills and competencies for that role. All the other positions were matched with their respective candidate except for the director of finance who should be outsourced following the qualities outlined above. These recommendations will ensure the future success of the facility since the leaders have been selected with qualities aligning to the vision and mission of the corporation.


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