Strategic Planning Process Consideration - Course Work Example

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Date:  2021-06-19

The College of Applied Medical Sciences in Saudi Arabia established six years ago. The college has a nursing department called KFU. The nursing department has been confined to a small number of students standing at 200 students due to resource constraints. The department has a limited number of faculty members ranging from an average of 30 faculty members. These faculty members have overstretched multi-tasking the roles of administrators and getting involved in research. The current faculty staff numbers fall below the bar requirement and thus resulting in a poor learning process and inadequate coverage of the curriculum. The process of sourcing for extra funding to address the capacity shortage in the department has been frustrated by the complex bureaucracy. Request for financial support has to go through numerous sophisticated administration channels resulting in delays in getting approvals. KFU requires a defined dynamic strategic plan to address the problem of low financing, staff shortage and quality of learning through adopting a proactive position to address opportunities and challenges faced by the department in the near and long term future.

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The strategic plan will address both long term and short term financial and staffing issues while exploring opportunities that the department can exploit to improve the quality of education. Growth is a primary goal for any educational institution (Perera, 2012). The strategic plan will focus on providing a fair remuneration to the staff to attract qualified and skilled staff. The increase in the quantity and quality of the staff will improve the institutional capacity to attract and admit more students. Online distance learning provides a perfect opportunity for the department to increase enrollment levels without an equivalent increase in staff members (University of California, 2013). The strategic plan will address financial sourcing to purchase and install the technology associated with this form of learning. Financing is critical to the success of any institution (Jafari, Maleki, Ravaghi, Sadeghifar & Tofighi, 2015). For the success of KPU, it is essential to address the bureaucracy associated with financing to position the department as proactive and flexible to changes. The strategic plan will explore options to seek autonomy in finance for the department through exploring external funding sources such as grants to fund research and operations.


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