Strategic Communication Plans Analysis

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In any company, a strategic communication plan plays a significant role in sharing a clear defined business message with all the participants in that organization, either internal or external. It is an intended communication process that looks at what each listener within the organization expects to hear from you. The critical role played by strategic communication plan is assisting both the employee and the client not only stays informed about the business, but also stayed involved as well (Austin & Pinkleton, 2000). In a company strategic communication analysis there several steps that are needed to be followed to ensure that the intended messaged is passed within and outside the enterprise. These steps include:

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Define company expected message-this is the message that the company needs to send out to the employees and customers during the strategic communication process. The message should be simple, short and understandable. The strategic communication plan can be used in situations like when the company needs to reinforce the existing idea; this helps the employee to connect with and support the business vision and mission statements (Austin & Pendleton, 2000).

Another one is when the business introduces change, the company will use strategic communication plan in communicating the problem and challenge and its solutions or adding new leaders, and lastly, when the business rebrands and gives the clients new impressions on what the company stands for.

Analyse the target audience it's critical for the company to analyse its target audience when communicating a problem or a business solution, this promotes the efficiency and clarity of the intended message.

Definition of the communication goals-here the company looked at the response from the target audience from the message the company sends out. For instance some strategic communication plan seeks to raise awareness and others aim in bringing change in the company's structure or change in behaviour among the staff or customers.

Business communication outlets-the organization to explore the communication outlets that it sees is vital for that particular audience. for example choosing a communication channel that the audience will connect with. The outlet should be the current outlet, fair regarding the budget and how effectively is to the public.

Creating a time frame in this step the organization desired on how they are going to share the message, and how long it is going to be shared in days, weeks or even months. Business people should note that the timeframe is tentative and the need to change it may occur as the process of implementing the company strategic plan is going on.

Create the way to get feedback the aim of all this process is to send a message and get the feedback. Feedback will ensure the sender of the message that his message was gotten clearly and understood.

Get approval- the adoption of draft strategic communication plan is done by the company leadership or the board members. Getting approval is important in removing any possible future challenges that may arise during the implementation of the strategic communication plan.

Implementation of the strategic communication plan- this is the last step it involves different organization department and staff. Organization should keep an eye to see how the message is being received and the feedback it is getting. In todays world, the CEO reputation matters to any business success and is the most vital business asset. The research shows the CEO reputation attributes to 50% of their company reputation.

CEO Engagement

Research indicates that the CEO reputation matters, to the business health and wellbeing. The challenge arises on how to build and manage it effectively. CEO reputation is clearly shaped and defined by both internal and external stakeholders perception. The perceptions on how the CEOs engagement can be maximized its use. The CEO involvement consists many activities from CEOs either internal or external communication and to their willingness of being accessible to the media. It is important to note that CEO engagement can be raised and strengthened using public participation. CEO during their engagement either internally or externally should keep their companies vision or mission statement at the forefront.

CEO visibility is also important in building the company reputation; there are several important external profile activities of the CEO to boost business reputation:

CEO needs to speak during industry or trade conference and be accessible to the media. Also, take a position on issues that affect the society at large and share his insight and trend to the general public.

According to research it has been seen that CEO visibility has a greater impact on company reputation than harming it. The reputation of the CEO can be further be built by being a good external communicator, take part in business forums where he wins awards for company or self and lastly through taking comfortable business interviews in news media.

Improving consolidated electronic company profile, CEO profile, and reputation within the industry

In a strategic communication analysis in a consolidated electric company, challenges are affecting the business profile, Chief executive officer Profile and the reputation within the industry. For business success, it is important to review these challenges and come up with a plan on how to improve them.

On how to improve the consolidated electronic profile, it is important for the company to do administration reorganization, where new blood comes to the management position and old folks retire but remain active in some supervisory roles. The leadership should build popular character by making transparency in leadership positions. The consolidated electronic company may build the reputation through adopting a business strategy of buying up small electronics specialized companies and bring them together to fill the market niche. Another strategy is through the use of corporate merger, where the company merge with the public owned electronic companies who have a good reputation; this will help in assuring the interest of the public and the investors hence promoting the status.

Many investors do not want to invest in a company owned by one family; the company should open for other shareholders to buy the business shares. This will boost the company profile. This new shareholders and directors should be the people with a good reputation and will not come and tarnish the company image. Also, the company should create a good image with the customer through royalty and production of the quality electronic product; this will improve the business profile basing on the number of retaining customers it has.

Communication of reduction in annual paid time off

Most organization faces a challenge when it comes to communicating reduction in annual paid time off to management and staff. But some time is needed for the business survival and to achieve its goal. Communication in an organization includes both formal and informal forms; it looks on the way the message is passed, across or up and down involving the managers and the employees (Belasen, 2000). In communication regarding the reduction of 20% lay off of the annual paid time off follows under the category of co-operating communication. Cooperate communication is the different ways the managers communicate to their employees either through official mail or newsletters. This form of communication always requires approval from the company leadership or board members (Belasen, 2000).

Its important for the consolidated electric company to review first about the payment policy, issues about litigation and to consider the interests of all the parties involved. Open and free communication should be encouraged, and should cut across all the level of management to the employees. The connection on reduction should be accessible and understandable for all the party involved. The time frame should be given to the staff and management that are going to be affected by the reduction, for the company to collect feedback and analyse it. And lastly the CEO and management to avail them to answer the burning question pertaining the issue.

The success objective of reducing the annual paid time by 20% to all the front line management, rank and file staff is to reduce customer costs on the electronic product. The amount of money used for payment of salary is greater than returns. Through the reduction of the headcount of employees the company will be able to reduce the cost; it incurs in paying staff and instead uses the money in rebranding and building its reputation. The success of this communication of reducing the 20% paid time off will be determined by the number of the employee who is willing to accept the terms and policy. If the number of the employees who are prepared to take is significant, it means they have seen the value and reason for the reduction. The success in reduction can be attributed to excellent communication at job place where all the party involved agree and the right channel to pass communication was used, and lastly the time sufficient period was given to the employee to give back their feedback.

Strategies for getting 40% additional fund and two staffs for the department

The consolidated electronic company is family owned; the company can get two other staffs from the family members. The two family members can be willingly volunteer or underemployed regarding payment. For additional 40% percent, the company should trade its share with stock brokers to increase its operating capital. Also, the company should invest a lot in sales and marketing department as a strategy to increase the sales volume (Hiebing& Cooper, 2004). For sale people since the brand is everything, the company should invest in branding consultant firms or outsource the service from the external service provider. Through doing this, the sale of the company will increase. Hence, the department will able to raise 40% fund.

Additional capital is needed to do rebranding of the company sales team, the branding of the sales team should be aligned with the company vision and mission statement (Hiebing& Cooper, 2004). Customers will be able to identify the business product from the competitors. Also, the additional funds can be used in the motivating sales team, through the introduction of transaction bonuses and commissions this will boost the morale of buying the team to sell a more electronic broad and bring business on board.

The additional capital will be used in fully acquiring the five companies that were not completely integrated; this will boost the business assets and leads to confidence development to the investors. Since the company needs the additional products promotion and advertisements, the money collected partly will be used in marketing to build the company image. This can be through endorsement by a public figure, celebrity or the use of mass media.

Relocation of the company requires capital, for the company to achieve this goal of moving from CA to Denver money is required for setting up the offices and paying business operating licenses. And lastly, the consolidated company have identified the benefits platform that internet marketing or e-marketing is providing, as one of the company goals is to adopt its use. Therefore, there is a need for the capital for installation of the internet equipment for the enterprise (Hiebing& Cooper, 2004).

Conclusion and recommendations

Strategic communication plan is essential to any business success; the way message is passed should be clearly and well understood procedure. The reputation of the company and CEO plays a significant role in ensuring the success of the enterprise...

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