Sociological Viewpoint

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Date:  2021-03-22

In analyzing perspectives from sociological aspect in-depth it deals with human life and social interactions among the society and social groups. Further, the concept examines social situations from different levels and viewpoints. In that, sociological viewpoint differs from other approaches by including a focus on self-consciousness and building awareness. As such, individuals interaction with the community or social group is often influenced by outward forces not in the area of individuals power. Additionally, unlike other social approaches towards solving social problems, the concept of sociology provides individuals with an understanding that reveals ones self-consciousness and acknowledging that the personal experiences faced are usually as a result of social structures and/or social forces.

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Thereby, some of social difficulties are considered significant and others are not due to the existence of the concept sociological perspective also known as social constructionism. That is, studies indicate some of societal places attract more attention in comparison to others, hence, these circumstances are not acknowledged as social problems unless the society categorizes them as niggling and their need for restoration. Therefore, social problems tend to gain their importance when they distress a huge number of persons and thus it demands their attention to correct perceived social disturbances.

In relation to the topic discussed drug and alcohol abuse. In accordance to the concept of social constructionism, the social problem is considered significant because it substantially affects many people within a society (Reckwitz, 2002). Drug and alcohol; abuse easily causes addiction to the users and thus they become emotionally, psychologically, and biologically attached to the alcohol abuse. Moreover, the social problem will tremendously affect their work environment and social normality as well. This eventually leads to increase in spending a lot of money in satisfying their addictive needs; search for new or creative ways to provide money for drug consumption; result to occurrence of health issues and may lead to death. Overall, drug and alcohol abuse has fatal effects on society especially when considering rising costs in the health care industry.

Statistics indicate that drug and alcohol abuse is increasingly trendy especially among the teenagers. This is due to the increase in many drug dealers, clubs, and incorporation of policies that favor drug and alcohol consumption. However, despite the rampant consumption of drugs and alcohol, the society can curb the situation by establishing research-based prevention programs that function to boost protective factors and eradicate or rather reduce risk influences for drug abuse. The programs should be designed in accordance to various ages and group settings such as indicated programs, selective programs, and universal programs.

Essentially, apart from social constructionism, sociological exhibits symbolic interactionist, functionalist, and conflict perspectives. The symbolic interactionist perspective analyses symbols and particulars of everyday life (Glazkov, 2016). According to this perspective, people attach meanings to symbols such as vows, wedding bands and the bridal cake. In relation to drug and alcohol abuse social problem the users may symbolize it as a way of fun in their leisure time and thus ignoring the consequences. Functional perspective refers to the facets of the society that contribute to the functioning of the society as a whole. This perspective analyses the various groups within the society such as the government, families, education and how these factors are socially interconnected. Thereby, it helps individuals understand how drug and alcohol abuse may affect these groups; for instance, college students may under perform in schools, usage of their pocket money to satisfy their need for alcohol, and causing distress within the family. Conflict perspective essentially studies the negativity and dynamic nature of the society. The perspective advocates for social changes and challenges status quo. In this case, conflict perspective assists sociologists understand the negativity that arises as a result of rampant drug and alcohol abuse.


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