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Date:  2022-06-19

The society is a composition of many aspects or relations of social problems, whereby the law has to take its course to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of all persons. The law, especially in regions such as the United States, is focused on keeping injustices off from the society, for the sole purpose of protecting the masses. Besides, it also focuses on the transformation of an offender into a good citizen or person in the society. All the same, the society is a constitution of the many social control problems, which occur for some reasons. Social injustice is one of the social control problems, which the social experiences in a diversity of circumstances, with distinct subjects or players being involved in the whole case.

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From the arguments laid along by Laverick (2016), justice has been termed as a concept that indissolubly links to peoples senses as a society, of their rights, duties, and obligations to one another. Laverick (2016) has further claimed that when the society recognizes social injustice, such a scenario tends to derive its origin from the perspicacity that an individual or a group in the society has botched on onus to another. Thus, from the arguments by Laverick (2016), it is evident this social problem does exist, and the law has strived for many decades to have it handled. The bonuses, responsibilities, and privileges thriving among people in the society tend to change over time, and justice will always be defined in relation to the constitution of the collective moral mores.

Laverick (2016) has additionally indicated that social problem does exist in the society, as people have a free will, making them conclude making bad and evil decisions, which are unjust to other persons in the society. These kinds of evil decisions are grounded on selfish gains, or an individual has been brainwashed that their unjust verdicts are based on serving a broader good or has the capability of providing payback for a past-avowed injustice. In addition to this,

Laverick (2016) has termed that a society that has injustice is not easy to have a perception, meaning that injustice thrives for justice to have it nullified. This explains why the law plays a fundamental role in matters to do with injustices in the society.

The society has a composition of people thinking in different lines, and what might be an injustice to an individual, might be justice to another. This further defines why the law has to chip in and expound on who deserves justice and on what foundation. According to Bufacchi (2012), one of the common occurrences indicating the existence of social injustice in the society comprises of sexism, whereby women have been for quite a while, been considered inferior to men, due to their gender. This case is evident in workplaces, politics, and even at homes. However, for the past couple of decades, with a review and implementation of new laws, women were granted the right to vote, and this marked a real new transformation, whereby women also began a new revolution to venture into other spheres of the society including politics, medicine, education, science, and business management among other relations.

Besides, some victims have been subject to racism, whereby they have been handled unequally, due to the condition or the color of their skin. Beckett & Sasson (2004) have termed racism as a social injustice, which the law has to chip in and have it brought under control. There have been many cases and occurrences; there have been cases reported, whereby some individuals handle others in an unfair manner or even murder each other, just because the latter has a different skin color from the former. In work done by Levy & Sidel (2013), it indicates that there were occurrences of the black student being subjected to heavy, harsh, and frequent punishments for misbehaving, compared to their white colleagues. This had to call the need for the law to intervene, to have this kind of social injustice, which had taken roots in the society brought to a halt. Though not completely, but there has been a great positive transformation witnessed as far as this social injustice problem is concerned.

Furthermore, the classism is another aspect of a social problem, which had and still makes some people to be treated worse on the grounds of their perceived or real social-economic class (Bufacchi, 2012). Those who have been victims are cases of evidence as far as this social injustice is concerned. For instance, initially, there were many instances reported, whereby some poor persons were sent to prison, because they were unable to afford bails, or because their counterparts had more power in terms of money, social class, and economic influence. In this case, the latter had more impact on the justice systems, and more attention and consideration was accorded to them compared to the persons from low socio-economic class.

Though social injustice is a tenet of social problems that thrive in the society, some people have always found themselves being victims of circumstances. Initially, before the laws could be amended with the focus on developing a better society, many studies have indicated that many people used to be subjected to some social injustices, as afore-discussed. However, the law has changed and has been made more rigid, and is taking its right roots in handling this kind of social injustices with fair justice being accorded to felons causing discomfort to the lives of other people living in the society.

As far as social injustice is concerned, Laverick (2016) has indicated that positive transitions and transformations have been done in legal systems. Laverick (2016) has further indicated that the systems in place comprise of the constitution, laws, and regulations. Besides, there have been many reforms as far as social injustice issues are concerned, focused on creating a good society for every individual to survive. Though it can be argued that social injustice has completely come to a nullification point, the law has tightened, and those found contacting injustice operations for other thriving in the society have been held accountable. Thus, from the current condition of the social injustice, it the existing laws are taking good care of it.

With consideration of the core typology of social control, the legal tenet is most effective, considering that individuals have diverse ways of thinking, and each person considers his/her operations as just, yet they are an injustice to another person. In conclusion, social injustice is one of the social problems, which for quite a while the law has strived hard to have it brought under control. Though not an easy social problem to handle, much have been done, including amendment of the law, as aforementioned, and creation of awareness to the people. House and community policing has been accepted as a way to have social injustice eliminated. In this case, therefore, there has been a focus on social injustice as one of the social control problems, which the social experiences in a diversity of circumstances, with distinct subjects or players being involved in the whole case.


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