Sexual Response Cycle According To Masters and Johnson

Date:  2021-04-01 09:24:02
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When female and male are seen from the perspective of sexuality, it is true to say that there as many differences as similarities to these two genders. In the procedure of sexual stimulation, men are turned on by different things and so are the women. Skin, for example, being the largest sexual appendage in the body, not every part of it that is touched can bring about that sexual arousal. There are areas in the skin which are more sensitive, and they differ depending on if someone is a man or a woman.

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Masters and Johnson find the best way of discussing the sexual response cycle by dividing it into several phases. The first phase is the enthusiasm phase where there are two sexual organs involved and which differ from males to females. In males, the organ involved here is the penis, and it is during this stage that males experience erection of the penis. Females on the other hand experience expansion and thickening of the vaginal walls. During this phase, there are some of the things that happen to both the males and females which are common. Both of the two parties may experience increased blood pressure as well as the heart beat increasing. Their nipples also may stiffen, and myotonia is increasing.

Plateau phase being the second phase also involves so many activities that are entirely different from males and females. In men, there is a change in color of their glans. The testes rise to prepare for ejaculation, and even some men release Cowpers gland secretion. In females, the vagina expands more on the inside and in their case; it is the uterus which rises. The labia minora changes color in females thus bringing the difference since in men it is the glanses which change color. Men do not last longer in this phase compared to female. The common thing to both men and women in this phase is their blood pressure, and the heartbeat rate is the same.

Least but not last is the orgasmic phase. In this phase, the internal sphincter of the bladder contract so as to help in avoiding nostalgic ejaculation. Relaxation of internal sphincter of the bladder later helps in the thrust of semen. It is, therefore, clear that the orgasm of men involves two actions and that is the contraction and relaxation of the internal sphincter of the bladder. In females, their orgasm depends on the rhythmic contractions of vaginal walls as well as the anal sphincter and the womb.

The last phase is post arousal phase and is referred to as resolution phase. Both male and female go back to their normal way, and that is before they were aroused sexually. The difference between the two in this phase comes in when men are unable to experience another orgasm soon. It is called a refractory period which lasts for a short period of young males and more time usually hours or days in old males. Females do not experience such and can have more orgasm before going back to the pre-arousal state.

In conclusion, partners need to understand each other to help achieve their satisfaction. The skin matters and every individual is stimulated differently despite being different from men to women it still differs even among the individuals of the same gender. Masters and Johnson have helped in enlightening people by telling the difference and the similarities that exist between men and women when it comes to sexual response cycle.

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